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13 Signs You’re Addicted to Your Partner & Ways to Loosen Their Grip

A honeymoon phase is when we obsess over our partner. It looks like your honeymoon phase is over, but the signs you’re addicted to your partner are clear.

signs you're addicted to your partner

Do you suspect you have some signs you’re addicted to your partner? You feel that without them, you’re not able to continue doing anything. They can be far from perfect, even abusive and destructive in your relationship, yet you’re still next to them.

Well, before you take the next step, first evaluate the signs you’re addicted to your partner or not. [Read: 25 relationship rules that makes your love successful]

How to tell the signs you’re addicted to your partner

And don’t worry. You’re not the only one who’s been here. I remember when I first fell in love. I literally saw nothing else but him. Everything he did was amazing, and I swear I had thought he was just better than me in every way.

Of course, after a while, I started to notice the flaws. These flaws I couldn’t ignore, but I was still addicted to him. Even though I knew he wasn’t the one for me, I couldn’t imagine the thought of not being with him. Naturally, our relationship ended. Eventually, he turned out to be the addicted one once I distanced myself.

#1 You can’t enjoy your time without them. Maybe you’re out for brunch with friends or at a birthday party, but they decided to see their own friends or spend time alone at home.

You should be enjoying your time away from them, but without them by your side, you’re unhappy. If they’re your only source of happiness, this is a sign of addiction. [Read: How oxytocin can be toxic in a flawed relationship]

#2 All your money is spent on them. Savings? What savings? You spend every penny you have on them. Now it’s nice to help them out from time to time or to surprise them with a gift. If at the end of the month you have no money or you’re going into debt because of this, it’s a sign that you’re completely addicted to them and not thinking about your own needs. [Read: 7 secret signs that reveal a bad relationship]

#3 Their approval means everything. You ask them for their opinion about everything. If your partner doesn’t like the shoes you bought, you return them. If you want to eat sushi but they tell you it’s too fattening, you hate sushi. Their opinion isn’t something you take into consideration, you follow it as if it’s a law.

#4 You start fights for attention. You need your partner’s attention constantly. And the minute your partner isn’t giving you the attention, you pick a fight to bring their eyes back on you. Starting fake fights isn’t going to bring the relationship any closer together, but you will get the attention you wanted.

#5 You have a lot of sex and at the wrong time. Okay, I know you want to me say, there’s no such thing as a wrong time to have sex. But let’s be honest, you’re not going to have sex at your grandma’s funeral. I mean, you can, but it’s not appropriate. Sex is essential for a relationship, but if you engage in sexual activities in inappropriate settings, that’s a problem.

#6 They can do whatever they want. And you’ll do anything for them. When I mean anything, I mean anything. Your partner can do no wrong, and if someone tells you otherwise, you’ll stand by your partner and defend them until the death. This is just because you want them to love you more, but in reality, you lose your self-worth and dignity.

#7 You freak when your partner wants to break up. You literally go into a massive panic attack, unable to speak, just crying and sobbing. This is because your partner controls your mental stability. You fear the day your partner will want to dump you, and they use it to their advantage.

#8 You feel you can’t be happy without being with them. If you’re not in a relationship with them, you think that you can’t be happy. I felt like this in my relationship, and this was when I was addicted to him. I felt that I would never be able to find someone who made me feel this way. Without him, my life was over. [Read: How to understand the characteristics of a healthy relationship]

#9 Do you even have friends anymore? You devote every waking second on your partner. You hardly see, let alone talk to your friends anymore, and your family is always concerned about your well-being. Sure, you find it annoying, but they’re concerned for a reason. You push everyone away, and it is one of the signs you’re addicted to your partner.

#10 You can’t be alone. You’re terrified of being alone. It’s okay to feel this. Everyone is scared of loneliness. But this is different. You’re not scared of loneliness, you’re scared of being alone. This just means you need someone beside you. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t feel loneliness.

#11 You have the same habits and traits as them. This isn’t because you are twins. When addicted, you mimic them because you want them to like you.  You may not even like the same music or movies, but you do because you like them. This isn’t healthy. If they like you for you for then great. Eventually, the real you will show.

#12 You don’t do things for you. You used to take painting classes or have a movie night with your family every Thursday, but now that you have your new partner, you dropped everything. You don’t do anything you love to do anymore. This could be because they don’t share those interests or it could be because you can’t spend a moment away from them. [Read: Critical signs pointing to an unhealthy relationship]

#13 You break your own personal boundaries. Everyone has their own personal boundaries of what makes them feel comfortable and uncomfortable. We have these boundaries so that other people don’t cross your personal line. But when it comes to your partner, you allow them to cross all the lines even though you’re uncomfortable.

[Read: Understanding boundaries in dating and how far is too far]

You may be in denial now, but come on, are the signs you’re addicted to your partner basically describing you right now? It’s time to deal with your addiction.

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