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196 Fun & Deep Relationship Questions to Test Your Couple Compatibility

Are you mind-readers or do you need to get to know each other a little more? These relationship questions will help you understand each other better.  

Deep Relationship Questions

A relationship is all about compatibility. Opposites attract all the time, but too many opposites and no similarities won’t really help a relationship succeed. To find out where those similarities and differences are, you can ask each other searching relationship questions.

When you have small differences, it makes them cute. But when you have differences in your approach to life or your ethics about relationships, it’s definitely not good for romance.

One of you could compromise, but that’s not really an option for the long term, is it? [Read: 9 relationship stages that all couples go through]

The best relationship questions to test your compatibility and create better love

Have you been in a relationship with someone for around a year or so? In that case, these relationship questions will definitely help both of you test your compatibility and understand each other better.

And if you’re still in a new relationship, then go straight ahead and read 60 get-to-know-you questions in a new romance. It’ll help you with all the right questions to get off on a perfect new relationship start.

So, where to start? Sit down with your partner on a lazy Sunday afternoon, ask each other these relationship questions, and have an open mind.

To make it easier for your partner so they don’t assume any of these are trick questions, you answer first so they know your views too.

Don’t let any questions annoy you and don’t ever clam up or go on the defensive. Remember, the answers to these questions should be truthful and help both of you understand each other better.

And by the time you’re done with the relationship questions, you’d know more about each other and will also understand each other’s approach to life too. [Read: How to be a happy couple that’s envied by all other couples]

1. What is the ideal number of calls a couple should exchange in a day?

2. Would you compromise your happiness for the success of the relationship?

3. What’s your idea of a romantic vacation?

4. What’s the single most important thing for a relationship to be successful?

5. What would you define as cheating? [Read: Forgiving cheating and the game egos play]

6. If I cheated on you, would you ever forgive me?

7. Would you ever say sorry to me even if it wasn’t your fault?

8. Are you friends with any of your exes? [Read: Does your boyfriend speak to his ex all the time?]

9. How should finances be planned between a couple?

10. Do you think celebrating Valentine’s Day is corny?

11. What was your first impression of me?

12. Can you avoid flirting if someone attractive flirts with you when I’m not around?

13. Do you think romantic gifts have to be memorable or do they have to be useful?

14. How would you want to spend a special day with each other? [Read: 8 tips to have a great time when you travel as a couple]

15. What is the most special memory of us that you hold?

16. If I told you to jump off a tall cliff and tell you that you’ll land safely because there’s a net you can’t see yet, would you blindly trust me and jump?

17. Do you have to know all of my friends?

18. Do you think past relationship secrets should always be kept hidden?

19. Do you think confessions make a relationship stronger? [Read: Should you really ever confess to cheating?]

20. Is it fine for a partner to use the toilet with the door open?

21. After a breakup, would you ask for your gifts back/would you give back all the gifts?

22. Which love song best describes our relationship?

23. Describe the perfect man/woman that you would like to date.

24. In a relationship, what would make you feel happier – sharing or sacrificing? [Read: What is unconditional love really?]

25. Would you lie to make me happy and where would you draw the line?

26. What are some annoying habits of other couples that irritate you the most?

27. Who would you prefer as a partner, a good looking person or an extremely clever person?

28. How do you vent out your frustrations in a relationship? [Read: The right way to fight fair in a relationship]

29. When was the last time I appeared in your dreams?

30. If we went to a store to buy a couch and both of us liked different couches, would you still go with my pick?

31. Is sex about constantly pushing the boundaries or playing by the rules? [Read: Top 50 kinky ideas for a sexy relationship]

32. How often would you want to go out on a date with me in a month?

33. What is your biggest sexual turn off?

34. What do you find sexiest about a person of the opposite sex?

35. What’s your wildest sexual fantasy that you’d want to try with me? [Read: Top sexual fantasies for men and top sexual fantasies for women]

36. Would you feel insecure if I spent a lot of time at work?

37. Approximately, how many sexual partners have you had in the past?

38. If you were convinced that I was making a bad decision, what would you do about it?

39. Do you like babies/how many kids would you like to have someday?

40. When was the last time you disliked me?

41. If someone attractive exchanges glances with you at work, would you tell me about it?

42. What’s the craziest thing you’d be willing to do for me?

43. What kind of a parent do you think you’d be?

44. When do you think a person is ready for marriage? [Read: How to know if he’s ready for marriage]

45. What’s the one thing about me you’d like to change?

46. In an argument, whose side would you take, me or your mother?

47. Would you relocate for love? [Read: 25 relationship rules for successful love]

48. Would you be open to disclosing all your health issues to me all the time?

49. If you’re having a bad day, would you want me to leave you alone or spend time with you and cheer you up?

50. What’s more important, sexual chemistry or spending time together?

51. What is your relationship like with your parents?

52. What was your first relationship like? 

53. What is the best way to handle a disagreement? [Read: How to apologize and say sorry to a lover]

54. What are your dealbreakers for the future? 

55. How do you handle stress? 

56. Do you have any regrets? 

57. What does this relationship mean to you? 

58. Where do you see us going? 

59. Do you believe in soulmates? 

60. What TV couple do you think we’re most like and why? [Read: 15 relationship goals most couples have absolutely no idea about]

61. If you could change one thing about me, what would it be? 

62. What have you always wanted to tell me but haven’t for whatever reason? 

63. What embarrasses you the most?

64. What is your biggest fear? 

65. Do you struggle with self-confidence? 

66. How can I help when you’re upset? 

67. What does cheating entail? [Read: What is considered cheating these days and how to define your grey area?]

68. Do you have an advanced directive? 

69. Are you happy? 

70. How would you handle having a child with developmental issues?

71. How do you feel about my family?

72. Do you see marriage in our future?

73. Where do you see us in 20 years? [Read: The 9 stages of a relationship all couples have to go through in their lifetime]

74. When did you know you had real feelings for me?

75. What rules do you live by?

76. How important is your religion to you?

77. What about me worries you?

78. What do you think I struggle with the most in life?

79. What stresses me out?

80. How do you view your childhood?

81. Do you worry about our finances? [Read: How to talk about money with your partner without fighting about it]

82. What are your main priorities in life?

83. When was the last time you broke out of your comfort zone?

84. What do you think should be taught in schools but isn’t?

85. Are you ashamed of anything?

86. What’s on your bucket list? [Read: 20 things that should be on every couple’s bucket list]

87. What is a trait you dislike?

88. What are you most proud of yourself for?

89. What are you proud of me for?

90. Do you feel like you’ve missed out on anything?

91. Where do you feel the most comfortable?

92. Who in your life impacts you the most?

93. Is there anyone in your life you’d like to cut out?

94. What do you believe happens when you die?

95. Do you believe in God?

96. What is something you judge people for?

97. What do you wish you could do but can’t? [Read: How to be a good boyfriend – The 33 traits that make you the best ever]

98. What is something you’ve always been curious about?

99. If you could make one law, what would it be?

100. If money was no object, what would your dream job be?

101. Do you think you’re a trusting person?

102. What do you want to change about yourself *not looks*?

103. What is the healthiest part of your life?

104. What was your biggest mistake in life? [Read: How to stop making the same mistakes in a relationship and learn]

105. Do you think the world is progressing or regressing?

106. What is the worst part about being lied to?

107. Have you ever been cheated on?

108. Have you ever tried recreational drugs?

109. What is something you know will happen, but you are dreading it?

110. What is the hardest thing you’ve gone through?

111. Would you be open to couples’ therapy? [Read: How to have a good relationship that gets better with each passing day]

112. If we had kids, who would you want their godparents to be?

113. Do you think that you’re self-aware?

114. Is it hard for you to forgive? Do you tend to hold grudges?

115. What movie, book, or song hits closest to home for you?

116. Have you ever had a near-death experience?

117. How do you do your bit for the environment?

118. Do you think you follow or believe in stereotypes? [Read: 12 dating stereotypes of women in a man’s mind]

119. How do you practice anti-racism?

120. What celebrity do you look up to the most?

121. What news story during your life impacted you the most?

122. What is something expensive that’s worth the money?

123. What are some societal standards that you question?

124. What do you want to be remembered for?

125. What is something you were surprised to learn recently?

126. How do you feel about the justice system?

127. Who do you trust? [Read: 17 funny questions to get to know your partner better]

128. Who is someone most people like but you don’t?

129. When was the last time you cried and why?

130. Do you consider yourself to be open-minded?

131. What is a sign that warns you not to trust someone? [Read: How to get over trust issues in your relationship and move forward]

132. Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental illness? Or believe you suffer from one?

133. How do you feel about homeopathic medicine?

134. How do you feel about social media?

135. How likely are you to trust what you read online?

136. Do you believe the government or corporations listen to us through our devices?

137. Do you believe in conspiracy theories?

138. What have been the biggest events in your life so far?

139. What is your biggest guilty pleasure? [Read: 33 guilty pleasures that are best kept a secret from everyone else!]

140. How do you feel about your body?

141. What is something you’re in denial about?

142. What event in your childhood has impacted you the most?

143. Which of your parents are you most like?

144. How have I impressed you?

145. Why do you think we work so well together?

146. What makes me sad? [Read: How well do you know me? 35 really fun questions for couples]

147. Do you think we depend on each other too much?

148. How important is it to take pictures?

149. Do you miss the way things were before we became obsessed with the internet?

150. Do you think we communicate well enough?

151. Are we adventurous enough?

152. What is the hardest part of being in a relationship?

153. What is the best part about being in a relationship?

154. What can you not forgive? [Read: How to forgive and forget – 24 thoughts to decide on the right step]

155. Do you think we are equal partners?

156. Do you think we have a good sex life?

157. Are you afraid of having kids?

158. What scares you the most about being a parent?

159. How important is sex in a relationship?

160. How did your last relationship end? [Read: The talking stage: What is it and how to progress to the next dating stage]

161. Who is a couple you look up to?

162. Are you a feminist?

163. Do you have a nemesis? Who?

164. How do you wish people would describe you?

165. Do you think others see you as you see yourself?

166. Do you trust me?

167. If you could give your younger self advice what would it be? [Read: 12 insightful lessons to help you have a better life]

168. Would you ever sign up for a reality TV show? Which one?

169. How do you describe me to other people?

170. What do you want us to accomplish together?

171. How much importance do you put on special occasions?

172. Have you been in love before me?

173. Do you have doubts about us?

174. Were you looking for a relationship when we met?

175. If one or both of us couldn’t have children biologically, what would you want to do?

176. What are your retirement goals?

177. How would you feel about your parents or mine living with us in the future?

178. How do you show love?

179. When do you feel loved by me? [Read: How to show affection in a relationship if it doesn’t come naturally to you]

180. What do you miss about your childhood?

181. What are your goals for this year?

182. Would you rather rewrite your past or know your future?

183. Where is a place that isn’t around anymore, but you wish it was?

184. How do you feel about cancel culture?

185. What do we have in common?

186. What is our biggest hurdle as a couple?

187. How important are gifts to you? [Read: The 25 sweetest romantic gestures for everyday life]

188. If you could fix any problem in the world what would it be?

189. What is something you think about every day?

190. Do you think I’ve changed since we met?

191. How have you changed in the last year?

192. Do you wish we were more romantic?

193. Do we surprise each other enough?

194. Is there something missing from our relationship? [Read: How to open up to someone you’re dating when you’re scared to be vulnerable]

195. Who do you miss most that isn’t around anymore?

196. What is something you are 100% sure of?

All of these relationship questions bond you and your partner in a new way and on a new level. We wouldn’t recommend simply sitting down and asking these questions in a list. Rather, pick the ones you want the answers to and which you are also prepared to answer. 

Be open and release all judgment. These relationship questions are a path for you to get to know each other better and strengthen your connection, not an excuse to judge or mock one another. 

[Read: The 30 most important relationship topics to talk about if you want to be happy]

These relationship questions may seem tricky to your partner at first, but as long as you answer first and help your partner open up, both of you would be able to learn from each other’s answers and develop a better relationship over time!

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