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Did Your Relationship Change During Quarantine for Better or Worse?

You thought being stuck in quarantine would do some good for your relationship, but now you wonder why your relationship changed during quarantine.

Relationship Changed During Quarantine

We’ve all struggled through this time of quarantine. Surprisingly, everyone in the world went through this together. This pandemic has changed many things in our world, but if your relationship changed during quarantine, how do you handle it?

My partner and I spent three months in quarantine together in our house. For most people, that sounds like a nightmare, and in the beginning, we definitely had our concerns. I mean, spending time with your partner is one thing. Spending 24/7 with your partner is something completely different. But once we found our routine and new groove, we actually did quite well in quarantine.

11 things to do if your relationship changed during quarantine

You might be finished with quarantine, but your relationship is different. It’s not what it once was. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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This could mean you haven’t grown together, but it could also show you the problems in your relationship. If your relationship has changed during quarantine, follow-up on it and see what’s going on between you two.

Is this a relationship you want to work on? Is it a relationship you even want to be in? There are hard questions to ask yourself, but they’re important ones. Not everyone came out stronger from quarantine.

#1 Take some time out. Okay, the quarantine is over, and you’re slowly getting back to your old routine. But don’t push the experience of quarantine to the back of your mind. Take some time out, do things on your own, and use the time to reflect on what happened and what you think about the relationship. [Read: Should we break up? The signs you might be past the point of no return]

#2 Your relationship is always changing. All relationships change throughout time. In this case, your relationship was forcefully put in a position you didn’t expect it to be in. If you think your relationship changed, well, remember that most relationships have changed during quarantine. It’s not something you can avoid.

#3 Understand there were external stresses. Your relationship wasn’t placed in a typical scenario. You were quarantined with your partner and unable to leave your home for days on end.

Plus, if you lost your job, you have the additional financial stress of that. So, your relationship was under a magnifying glass, and there were a lot of things *possibly ongoing* that were stressful. [Read: Could dealing with a pandemic bring you closer to your partner?]

#4 Talk to your partner. Maybe your experience in quarantine wasn’t the best one. But that doesn’t mean you throw in the towel and call it quits. It’s sad to see couples divorcing after being in quarantine. So, this is why communication is truly crucial in every relationship. Sit down and talk about the experience with your partner. [Read: How to avoid a covidivorce and keep your relationship going strong]

#5 Think about the issues you had. Of course, every couple argued during the quarantine. But what did you two argue about? What were the underlying issues? Those issues didn’t go away; they just settled below the surface. During quarantine, your issues were highlighted and now’s the chance to deal with them.

#6 Use your differences to empower the relationship. You probably noticed some huge differences between you and your partner. But those differences don’t mean you should break up. If anything, now’s the time to see those differences. Talk about how you can empower each other and make the relationship stronger. [Read: 25 must-follow relationship rules for successful love]

#7 Get intimate again. The quarantine was a lot for everyone. And though in the first week, everyone was catching up on sex, after a while, things settled down. Well, now is the time to reconnect with each other. Your routines are slowly coming back, and life is returning to normal. So, take this time to be intimate and bond.

#8 Talk about your needs. Maybe during quarantine, you realized your needs weren’t being met. Maybe you wanted more affection from your partner or more support when it comes to taking care of the children. Either way, express this to your partner and come up with a plan to help your needs be met.

#9 Talk to a professional with your partner. There’s no shame in therapy. It’s helped me change and become a better person. Therapy is something everyone should do, and if you’re able to do therapy with your partner, that’s even better. A therapist will help you get to the real issues in your relationship and give you the tools to improve things.

#10 Is this the change you want? This is an important question. Okay, your relationship changed, that’s fine. It was bound to happen. But is the change you want? More so, is this the change you’re willing to accept? If not, work with your partner to see if you can improve the relationship. [Read: How to show respect and love each other better]

#11 You’re not the only one in the relationship. Here’s the thing, your partner also quarantined with you. Maybe they feel that the relationship changed as well. This is why communication is really important. If you want to keep your relationship, understand it’s not a one-way street. Don’t assume you know how your partner feels.

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If you think your relationship changed during quarantine, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. What’s important is to talk about this with your partner.

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