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How to Be the Power Couple All Your Friends are Jealous Of

There’s always that one couple that seems to have it all together and are something of a vision. Find out how you can be that power couple.

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I think we can all agree we have a certain couple in our friend group that we envy. They seem to have it all together and know just how to act in public to ensure they’re seen in only the best light. They are the ultimate power couple.

It’s like they’re perfect! I even ogle at certain couples and wonder how in the hell they manage to be so powerful together. It’s like they’re a step above the rest of us. We all want to be in a relationship like theirs. Well, luckily, you can achieve power couple status!

The benefits of being a power couple

Not surprisingly, there are numerous benefits to being a power couple. This type of couple walk around with respect, get their way much easier, and they actually seem to have a healthier relationship than other couples, too.

The benefits don’t just end when they’re out and about either. The truth is, power couples tend to have a very strong foundation, and it explains how they are seen in that way. They have a happy relationship full of trust and love.

How to be the power couple all your friends are jealous of

If you’re tired of being jealous of a certain couple and would rather be your own version of a power couple, I have good news for you. You no longer have to walk around jealous of your friends, you can actually be the couple everyone is jealous of.

It may take some work and time before you’re seen as a power couple, but with these tips you’ll be able to earn that title for yourself. This is how you to become the power couple all your friends envy.

#1 Build a strong relationship. This is the very first step of being a power couple. It’s really difficult to fake having a strong relationship. If people sense you’re being fake with each other, it derails the entire idea that you’re a power couple.

You must build strong trust, have healthy communication, and be truly honest with your partner. Once you build a strong relationship you’ll be able to pass as a power couple easily. [Read: 17 secret ingredients to a happy, monogamous relationship]

#2 Support each other—always. No matter what your significant other does, give them your full support. Unless, of course, it’s illegal or immoral. Otherwise, support their every decision as if it was your own choice.

If you do this, people see how much you respect each other. When you visually respect each other’s choices no matter what, you gain respect. And being respected is the mark of a power couple.

#3 Never fight around your friends. Arguments happen in relationships. You’re not always going to agree with each other and fighting is actually healthy. However, you never want to let people see you fight with your significant other.

When other people see a couple arguing it immediately brings down their opinion of the relationship. Something that will NOT make you seem like a power couple. If you disagree in public, make the other person aware, but put your angst aside until you’re alone.

#4 Be understanding of the other person. Even if you have a mild disagreement in public or around your friends and it’s not heavy enough of a topic that you have to wait until you’re alone, banter respectively.

If you show you’re understanding of your partner other people see that you two can disagree and still come to an understanding. They will be jealous of this and put your relationship on a higher pedestal. [Read: Compromise in relationships: 12 tips to give without losing]

#5 Talk highly of your partner even when they’re not around. Never talk badly of your significant other. Even if they’re not around, you should always speak about them in a respectful and caring manner.

If you’re doing this even when they’re not around other people do this, too. The respect for you and your partner will be solidified even when the two of you aren’t together, making you seem like the power couple you’ve always been envious of.

#6 Keep it classy, folks. Don’t post inappropriate pictures on your social media accounts and don’t show an excessive amount of PDA. If you make other people feel uncomfortable about the two of you together it will definitely NOT make you seem like a power couple.

Instead, keep it classy. Post kid-friendly photos and don’t do anything more than hug in public. By having an air of class about the both of you, it increases the idea you’re a strong power couple. [Read: The secrets to being the happy couple that’s envied by all other couples]

#7 Treat each other as equals 100% of the time. You should never treat your significant other as if they’re below you, and they should never treat you as such, either. You have to be complete equals in order to maintain your power couple status.

Do you think Jay-Z goes around talking about how he’s better than Beyoncé? No! They are seen as an equal power couple because that is the way they treat each other. You should also never forget to treat OTHERS as an equal, as well. That type of respect for others does wonders in the eyes of them.

#8 Be humble about your relationship. Once you’ve established a kind of power couple reputation, other people may start saying that your relationship is “perfect” and start questioning you about it.

If you act like you’re perfect, people think that you’re full of yourself. You have to be humble about your successful relationship. Thank them and offer advice, but you should always make it known that NO relationship is perfect. Being relatable makes you a power couple.

#9 Keep your privacy. A lot of couples think it’s funny and even romantic to talk about their sex and personal lives. However, this is neither of those things. You always want to make sure you’re keeping your private life private.

Even if your friends beg you for details, don’t give in. Having an air of mystery and privacy heightens other’s respect for you, casting you as an even more powerful couple. [Read: Why social media is killing your relationship]

#10 Work together as an item. A true power couple never speaks in terms of “I” or “me” when talking about the future. They always include their partner because if you’re truly a power couple, you’re an item. Working together also shows others just how much you trust and support each other.

Always make sure you’re including your partner in everything you’re speaking of—unless it’s a specific personal question. This makes people truly see you as one item instead of two separate people—the true mark of a real power couple.

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Power couples are so sought after simply because they’re well-respected, happy, and seem to have their lives put together. If you want to be the envy of your friend group, these tips help transform you and your partner into a power couple.

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