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Long Distance Pillows and Other Really Cool LDR Essentials

Long distance relationships are usually spent pining your time until you can see your love again. Using these essentials will help ease that hardship.


Sure, you signed up for the long distance relationship. You knew what you were getting into the moment you committed yourself to your partner. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy or that you hardly ever miss them. In fact, it means the opposite.
Those of you in long distance relationships probably miss your partner a heck of a lot more than people who know they’ll get to see their significant other in just a couple days. You never really get “used” to it like so many people think.
And maybe you never signed up for this type of relationship in the first place, but certain circumstances made it impossible for the two of you to live near each other. Either way, you’re feeling the pain of having to go long periods of time without being with the one person you really want to be with.
LDR Essentials that can help!
As tough as long distance relationships can be, there are so many new developments that have made it so much easier for those in these types of relationships. A phone call every night before bed is one way to get through the time you have to spend apart, but what about all of these better ways?
#1 Long distance pillows. One of the best ways to survive your long distance relationship is the newly developed long distance pillow, also known as “pillow talk.” This amazing invention is a pair of pillows that light up when the other is lying on it. So, when you lie down at night, you’ll know your lover is in bed if your pillow has turned on. It’s like sleeping next to them, only not. [Read: The most important survival tips for every LDR couple]
#2 Dual time zone watches. If you’re in an extreme situation, where the two of you are in completely different time zones, get a watch that has two time faces on it. This will allow you to always know what time it is wherever your significant other is. This comes in handy when you want to call them, but you’re not sure if they’re still at work or not. A quick check of your watch will help you out a lot.
#3 Apps that allow you to watch movies together. Surprisingly, there are a large number of apps you can use so that both of you can connect to a movie and watch it at the exact same time. You can even video chat while the movie is going on so it’ll be as if they’re really there. A couple of great examples are Gaze and Rabbit. They allow you to video chat and watch movies at the same time. [Read: 10 naughty games for long distance relationships]
#4 Countdown clocks. Sure, you can have a countdown timer app on your phone that tells you how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds until you actually get to lay eyes on your lover again, but you actually have to open that app to see it.
If you get an actual physical clock that displays the time, you’ll wake up each day and get to see that you’re one day closer to being in their arms again.
#5 Taptap wristband. This newer invention takes the idea of the long distance pillow to the next level. With this pair of wristbands, each of you wears one and whenever one person taps it, the other person will feel that tap as a vibration against their wrist.
This makes it really fun if the two of you create “tap codes.” You can use three taps to mean a certain thing, and so on. It’s a fun game and is super convenient if you want to send your partner encouragement before a big presentation, etc. [Read: Long distance relationships and the secrets to make it work for you]

#6 A journal. Some people find it kind of cheesy to use a notebook, but it’s actually really helpful. Even though you might spend your day texting or communicating with your significant other in some way or another, you don’t necessarily get to actually tell them everything, especially the small, day-to-day stuff.
Using a journal, you can write down your day, how you felt about it, and anything else you want them to know. At the end of the month, you both switch notebooks, read each other’s entries, and keep the process rolling. This allows you to be intimate in a unique way.
#7 Couple App. This is a unique app in the way that it connects you in so many different ways. You can message each other, share photos, have a dual calendar for dates, to-do lists, and even a thumb-kiss feature that makes your phone vibrate when the two of you are touching the same spot on your screens. [Read: Does absence make your heart grow fonder or does it just wander?]
#8 Clone-A-Willy. Yes, it’s actually exactly what it sounds like. Sex is a huge part of any relationship and just because your lover is nowhere close to you, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. For you ladies out there, have your man clone his willy!
This product is made to make an exact replica of his member, so you can use it as a sex toy and feel like he’s right there with you! It’s a perfect way to never feel bad about having alone time with yourself.
#9 A means to video chat. Whether it’s using Facetime on your iPhone, or chatting through Skype on any tablet device, video chatting is vital in maintaining your relationship. It allows you to have *sort of* face-to-face conversations and establishes an intimacy you just can’t get over a phone call. [Read: How to have steamy skype sex with your guy]
#10 Sex toys! Clone-A-Willy isn’t the only sex toy you can use to keep the heat in your long distance relationship. Both of you can use sex toys while getting intimate over the phone to make the act seem like it’s coming from the other person. So surprise your partner and buy them a toy you know they’ll love! [Read: The couples comprehensive guide to having long distance sex]
These 3 things are on the way!
More and more people are getting into long distance relationships, more so now than ever before, thanks to all the fantastic technology that can keep them connected. That means there are more developments every day that will aid in the survival of those couples. Including these:
#1 Hug shirt. When you’re wearing this hug shirt, your partner will actually be able to send you a “hug” and you’ll be able to feel it in some form.
#2 Vibrating underwear controlled by partner. This is going to be exactly as it sounds. Your significant other will be able to control different levels of vibrations in your underwear! Talk about an interesting day at work.
#3 Bluetooth-controlled “smart vibrator.” This vibrator will be controlled and sync up to your favorite erotic videos. Your partner will be able to choose a video, and the vibrator will connect with that video to give you an experience that matches what is happening on screen.
[Read: 13 signs you should end your long distance relationship right away!]
Long distant relationships don’t have to be that hard. With all of these awesome ways to stay connected, it’ll be like they’re right there with you!

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