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Intercultural Relationships: 15 Things that Make Them So Magical

Researchers predict most people will engage only in intercultural relationships within the next hundred years. Here are 15 reasons why they’re right.

Intercultural Relationships

Although many people are still in the dark about what it truly takes to be in an intercultural relationships, most don’t care. As long as they get to be with the person they truly love.

That’s what’s so great about being in an intercultural relationship! No matter how much society, culture, and old traditions stand in the way, love always wins in the end.

What makes being in intercultural relationships difficult?

Even though most people don’t care who they end up with, if they are happy, there is still the issue of cultures clashing in the most inopportune moments.

When couples don’t prepare for these eventualities, they end up being blindsided by interference from their families, friends, and even their communities.

Some people still can’t accept when new people are added into their fold. The general idea should be to open up to people and not cut them off. Sadly, when you’re dealing with old people or closed-off communities, you can’t help but be dragged into a battle you didn’t necessarily know you were signing up for.

Why it’s awesome to be in an intercultural relationship…

Good thing there are bigger reasons for you to fight for your right to be in intercultural relationships. It’s not just about you and your partner anymore. It’s about everybody. [Read: 10 FYIs for dating someone from another culture]

#1 Sharing different types of food. With a new culture comes new recipes and culinary adventures. Even though there are hundreds of foreign delicacy restaurants popping up every day, you can still be surprised by traditional dishes you never knew existed.

#2 Extra holidays. A lot of cultures celebrate different holidays for various reasons. Many of those holidays are being integrated by other cultures in their countries, but it’s good to know there are some to add to your calendar.

#3 Discovering new customs. Some customs seem crazy to people of different cultures, but some are actually fun to follow. Weddings are a good example. Some cultures have parties that go on for a whole week.

Some customs are even designed to help those in need, like those which require you to participate in charitable activities. Others are just plain fun, like drinking in honor of a dead hero.

#4 Realizing some of our beliefs are similar. If you take a deeper look at some of the most widespread religions, you see they all point to one thing: doing good. Some extremists’ points of view are hard to digest, but you still see the good in everyone, regardless of their beliefs. This allows you to appreciate the beliefs you and your partner share. [Read: How to accept your differences for relationship success]

#5 Shopping with a new perspective. Your pantry will have a whole lot more food and your closets will require a little more space. Intercultural relationships foster a newfound appreciation for different cultural products.

It’s not about trying to identify with your partner’s culture. It’s a show of support to buy products influenced by each other’s culture. You’ll see the change once you redecorate and move in together.

#6 The parties. Integrating yourself into a new culture can be fun and exciting, especially when it involves having a party. Weddings, birthdays, christenings—intercultural parties during those kinds of events are sure to have lots of people, food, and music.

#7 Learning a new language. It’s not mandatory to learn the language of your lover’s culture, but most people opt to try it just for the sake of saying “I love you.” Even then, living with someone who speaks a different language easily influences your education. That’s why people in intercultural relationships learn new languages faster. They have their own personal tutor. [Read: 5 thoughts to remember about dating someone from another culture]

#8 More gift options. Having a partner from a different culture means you have more options for gifts. Don’t mistake it for racism and stereotyping. A lot of people are proud of their cultures, no matter where they were born. A gift signifying their heritage will be well-received and appreciated. Don’t worry about not finding the perfect gift—that’s what international shipping is for.

#9 Developing a new appreciation for perseverance and determination. It’s not easy being in an intercultural relationship, but that obstacle is exactly what makes you and your partner better people. You know it takes hard work to keep your relationship intact, especially with all the outside forces trying to pull you apart. [Read: 10 inconvenient truths about falling in love with someone from another culture]

#10 Multiple citizenships. Let’s admit that this is basically one of the best perks of being in an intercultural relationship. Bonus points for your kids, if you and your partner already sport dual citizenships. But don’t get married for the sake of a citizenship. It’s illegal, so you’re better off just being grateful you fell in love with someone from another culture.

#11 Traveling. There’s a chance that you and your partner want to explore each other’s roots and this is going to include a lot of traveling. If you and your partner aren’t yet exposed to your heritage, now is a great time to explore it. [Read: 9 reasons traveling is a great test of compatibility]

#12 Breaking stereotypes about each other’s culture. Stereotypes are more damaging than amusing. Yes, a lot of people laugh at the jokes. It’s high time we stop assuming the worst in each other’s cultures. Instead, try to find the good in everyone we meet.

When you and your partner are part of different cultures, it becomes easier to accept that we are not identified by our society. We are a new generation that aims to be equal, while still treasuring our heritage.

#13 Gaining knowledge about a whole new culture and its subcultures. Think of it as having more fuel for conversations. You’re not just finding out about a new world within your partner’s life. You are also in the position to share this knowledge with your family, friends, and community.

#14 You get to promote love and equality just by being with your favorite person. By accepting your intercultural relationship, you make a statement that you don’t care about cultural boundaries as long as you have mutual respect and affection for each other.

This is the most important message of love—not caring about superficial things, but caring about a person as a whole. [Read: Does true love exist? 10 signs that might make you a believer]

#15 Learning what it takes to overcome cultural boundaries. There is a huge lesson to be learned when you undertake something as progressive as an intercultural relationship. Sometimes you coast through life with nary a problem in sight. But in a world reborn with new ideals and beliefs, expect a few lashes you can’t ignore.

Your intercultural relationship means more than a few barbs from ignorant people. This is your life, your relationship, and your beliefs. Fight for them and know you will succeed in the end.

[Read: Cross cultural relationships: Common issues you’ll face]

Although intercultural relationships come with their fair share of obstacles, the pros far outweigh the cons. With some love and determination, you can have a successful intercultural relationship and break barriers and change worldviews. 

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