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Commitment in a Relationship: 27 Ways to Show It & Feel Secure in Love

In order to have a happy, healthy partnership, you will need to know how to show commitment in a relationship. It’s not difficult if you know how to do it.

how to show commitment in a relationship

Learning how to show commitment in a relationship is vital to any healthy relationship. But, what exactly is commitment?

Think of it as a form of guarantee a person looks for from a significant other. It is the mutual assurance that their significant other will be a part of their life in the future.

Additionally, commitment implies consistent effort into making the relationship work despite any challenges and giving unwavering affection through the years. Knowing that your partner is committed to you encourages them to invest their whole life in that relationship.

How to show commitment in a relationship and make your partner feel secure and loved

Commitment is a complex concept to understand at first. But as you progress in your relationship, you’ll find that there are simple ways to show commitment in your relationship.

1. Consistent attention, devotion, and loyalty

Attention, love, and loyalty serve as the lifeblood of a successful relationship. If you feel ready to spend the rest of your life with a person, learn how to sustain these three important aspects of the relationship.

Attention, devotion, and loyalty make the other person feel that they’re the only person you want by your side. By exhibiting these, you show your commitment. [Read: These healthy relationship expectations will define a good love life]

2. Cherish your relationship’s milestones

Acts of remembrance may seem so superficial, but small gestures such as celebrating your first date, your first argument, or your first purchase as a couple shows that you place high importance on the progress of your relationship.

In fact, these silly little celebrations may prove to be much more meaningful than your “anniversaries.” It shows you place great importance on those simple moments of your life as a couple. [Read: 25 love-filled ways to express your appreciation to someone you love]

3. Express your appreciation in new or creative ways

Long-term relationships always face complacency and dull moments. Gestures that swept your partner off their feet during the early years lose their effect as you continue to spend more time together.

If you’re wondering how to show commitment in a relationship and let your partner know that you’re determined to make things exciting and interesting, come up with fresh and creative ways to show your appreciation.

The key is to go out of your comfort zone. Surprise your partner in ways you have never tried before. This way you provide a concrete reminder of your commitment to making your partner feel special and loved. [Read: 67 sweet yet small romantic gestures that show love in the biggest ways]

4. A lot of constant quality time with your partner

One of the important foundations of a relationship is quality time spent together by both partners. It is normal to encounter new responsibilities that may take some of their time as your relationship matures, but what matters is allotting time to spend with your partner.

Make that time a permanent fixture of your schedule. It shows you prioritize your partner despite all the other activities that demand your time and attention.

5. Always work towards compromise

Conflict in a relationship is inevitable, and the way you deal with disagreements may make or break the relationship. All healthy and long-lasting relationships depend on the willingness of both partners to compromise.

If your solution to every problem is to threaten to leave or play a game of sorry to get what you want, then you are not committed to making the relationship work.

Compromise implies the ability to make concessions and that you consider your partner’s position above your selfish interests. [Read: Relationship arguments – 27 dos and don’ts to remember]

6. Show your willingness to sacrifice

Learning how to show commitment in a relationship is about learning to place your partner’s interests above your own, which is probably the ultimate gesture of love and commitment. Few people can easily give up their pride, hard work, or the ability to pursue their interests for the sake of their partner.

But, rest assured that if you do make sacrifices for the sake of your partner, they will recognize that you are committed to the relationship. [Read: 15 traits that set selfless love apart from selfish love]

7. Pay attention to details about your partner

Attention to detail translates directly to deep affection for your partner.

From common aspects such as the way they like their food cooked, the mix ratio of their favorite cocktail, the way they like to sleep, the kind of vacations they want, to serious ones such as signs of distress or emotional disturbance will help you interact and take care of them better.

8. Lose your pride

Pride is excess baggage in a relationship. It is often the cause of conflict and detrimental to effective communication between two partners.

Keep your pride in check to show you are committed to a relationship. Too much personal pride is a sign of selfishness. Selfishness is counterintuitive to commitment. [Read: Learn how to stop being selfish and hurting others unintentionally]

9. Learn your partner’s love language and express yours in those ways

People have different ways of expressing their love and affection. How your partner perceives a gesture as an act of love may be different from your perception. And, the way you express your love may be interpreted differently by your partner.

It is essential to learn what your partner’s love language is. Communicate your love in a language that your partner understands. Doing this shows commitment to understanding your partner.

10. Treat your partner as a part of your family

This begins on the day you introduce your significant other to your parents and family members. From there, you can include your partner in family gatherings and celebrations to let them experience what your family life is like.

Making your partner an active part of your family life will make them feel welcome and as important to you as your family. This assures them of your confidence that they will receive your family’s approval. You open them to the possibility of actually becoming part of the family as well. [Read: 18 signs it’s time and ways to prepare your partner to meet your family]

11. Include your partner in your future plans

If your partner knows that they are present in the future you are planning, they will feel that you have decided to be a permanent part of their life.

It could be as simple as deciding to move to a place where your partner works, or even making career choices that will allow you to spend more time together.

12. Consider your partner when making important decisions

Giving your partner an active role in making important life decisions also reveals to your partner that you know how to show commitment in a relationship. By consulting with them or seeking their thoughts or opinions before making decisions, you show that you value their presence and say in your life.

It shows that you completely trust their influence on the outcome of your decisions whatever the result may be. [Read: What is commitment in a relationship and how to know if you have it]

13. Decide on important matters as a couple

One common example is the decision to move in together or to make purchases as a couple. It shows that you are prepared and interested in having a life together.

Start with simple decisions such as vacations or planning parties to give you the hang of it. In the long run, this teamwork practice will help you get used to a future life as a couple if you both decide to settle down. [Read: 30 must-follow relationship rules for happy love]

14. Build a home together

Building a home doesn’t simply mean moving in together. It also requires adjusting your lifestyle and changing the way you spend your time.

Make domestic life with your partner possible. Reaching this stage in your relationship only means that both partners are committed to spending their life together for good.

15. Put their needs first before your own

If you want to know how to show commitment in a relationship, then there is no room for selfishness. You have to put your partner’s needs at least equal to – if not before – your own.

You need to care about what they want and then act upon it. Stop being selfish and putting yourself first if you want a good partnership.

16. Put in a lot of effort

Relationships are like plants. If you don’t water a plant and take care of it, then it will die. Well, relationships are no different. They need to be tended to and nurtured.

So, you have to do nice things for your partner and put in a lot of effort to be supportive and loving. [Read: 17 signs of a supportive partner who encourages you and your goals]

17. Get to know people in your partner’s life

When you are in a committed relationship, then you merge lives with your partner. In other words, their friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else important in their life will have to be a part of yours too.

You can no longer live “separate” lives because when you are committed, you share everything – even the people in your life.

18. Work through conflicts effectively

When you’re serious about your partner, you will see yourself as a team. Instead of seeing them as the “enemy” when you have an argument, you work together as a couple and find solutions that are the best for both of you. You communicate well and can work through any conflict.

19. Be empathetic

If you want to know how to show commitment in a relationship, then you have to be empathetic. This means that you have to see any situation from your partner’s perspective.

Even if you don’t agree with them, you have to let them know that you are trying to see their point of view. [Read: How to show empathy and learn to understand someone else’s feelings]

20. Put your partner as a top priority

Sure, everyone’s lives are busy and they have a lot of commitments. So, because of this, everyone has to prioritize things and people in their lives. And in a committed relationship, each person will have their partner at the top of their priority list – no questions asked.

21. Openness and honesty

In a good, healthy relationship, there is no room for lies and deception. Instead, each person is open and honest with the other one. They don’t keep any secrets and are open books because they have nothing to hide.

22. Be a good listener

Listening is crucial to a healthy relationship. If someone doesn’t listen to what you’re saying, then it’s like being told that you’re not important to them.

So, if you really want to show commitment in a relationship, you need to learn to be a good listener. [Read: 19 ways on how to be a better listener in a relationship]

23. Become a reliable person

You need to be a person of your word. If you say you’re going to do something, then follow through and do it. You can’t be flakey and unpredictable. That is not a good way to show your partner that you are committed to them – it’s the opposite.

24. Compliment and praise your partner

Everyone likes to feel good about themselves, right? So, another way to show commitment in your relationship is to compliment and praise your partner. Tell them that you are proud of them and that they are sexy.

25. Celebrate holidays together

When two people are genuinely committed to one another, they always spend major holidays together. As much as possible, they also try to combine their families so they can all celebrate together. [Read: Should you spend the holidays together? Or is it too soon?]

26. Know everything about them

When a couple is in a relationship for a long time, they learn everything about them. They know their favorite food, if they went to their school dances, and how their childhood was. A committed couple knows everything about their partner. [Read: 60 deep and fun get to know you questions to peek into your partner’s soul]

27. Have deep conversations

Having deep conversations shows that you are bonding with your partner. Emotional bonding is crucial to a committed relationship. Share your innermost thoughts and secrets with your partner and encourage them to do the same. 

[Read: Committed relationship rules to make your love last a lifetime]

While chemistry serves at the beginning of a relationship, commitment makes it permanent. Learn how to show commitment in a relationship and make your partner feel secure and more loved. 

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