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How to Manifest Love: The Steps to Draw In Your Best Love Life

There comes a time when you realize you’re ready for love. Learn how to manifest love and make sure you have the very best life has to offer you. 

how to manifest love

Let’s be honest, the dating pool can be a strange and disappointing place. Sometimes you meet someone you think is going to turn out to be amazing, but they end up being the total opposite. You waste your time, feel let down, and lose faith in the whole dating game. The longer this disappointing run goes on, the more likely you feel like giving up. What if I was to tell you that you can learn how to manifest love into your life, the right kind of love?

It’s true. It sounds like mystical magic and in some ways, you could argue that it is to a degree, but the universe wants to give you the love you deserve. All you need to do is believe it’s possible and put in a little work to help things along. 

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What does manifesting love mean?

The power of manifestation is real. There are many success stories to add weight to that statement. However, it’s not going to work for you if you don’t put your heart and soul into it and believe that it’s possible in the first place. That’s the first hurdle.

Many people simply can’t understand how this is going to work and assume that it’s a case of putting your faith into something that’s just not going to work for you.

My advice? Is there anything to lose in giving it a go? It can’t be worse than the string of disappointing dates you’ve had to endure so far!

So, what does manifesting love actually mean? 

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The definition of manifesting love

Manifesting love means asking the universe for the love you want, and explaining the qualities in that person that you would like to see.

It sounds like ordering food from a restaurant, but I can assure you it’s a little more in-depth than that! In order to manifest this love, you must do a little work. You can’t learn how to manifest love if you just ask and then sit and wait. There’s some leg work for you to do.

You need to reach a place that allows you to love yourself and know that you deserve the best and nothing less. You have to clear out your life of baggage and blockages to be able to welcome love into your life. Push aside any perceived ideas or expectations. By doing that, you’re creating the best possible foundation for love to come your way. 

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Is it possible to manifest someone to love you?

Many say it is. You must believe it’s true, otherwise the whole thing will be a waste of time. However, rather than focusing on trying to get someone to love you, why not focus on becoming the very best version of yourself that you can be, raising your standards and loving yourself?

By doing that, you’re more likely to attract someone into your life who reflects the high regard you hold yourself in.

You cannot force someone to love you, and you should never push or beg. You don’t need to! Remember, you’re wonderful as you are. If someone you like doesn’t see it, they’re not the right person for you. Learning how to manifest love really comes down to focusing on yourself and putting your faith in the universe with the rest of the situation. [Read: Why high expectations and aiming high always leads to way better results]

What is the Law of Attraction?

You’ll probably have heard of something called the Law of Attraction. This is basically when you clear your life of negative influences, you focus upon yourself, and you tell the universe what you want. Then, you use positive affirmations and visualization techniques to encourage the love you want to enter your life. 

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It is said that the Law of Attraction will bring you anything you ask for, as long as you’re specific and you clear out your life to welcome the abundance. The most important thing? Belief.

Yet again, there’s no point in trying to manifest love into your life if you don’t believe the process is going to work; the chances are that whoever is sent to you will be overlooked because you’re too busy being skeptical.  

How to manifest love – The 8 steps you MUST follow

If you’re keen to learn more about how to manifest love and use the Law of Attraction, you must be serious. If you’re sure, and you know that you’re ready to give it a try, let’s look at how to manifest love in a step by step manner. 

 #1 Know exactly what you want. When you tell the universe what you want, there’s no space for gray areas. You need to be specific. You can’t blame the universe if you ask for something with few details and don’t get exactly what you want! Give this some thought; in fact, sit down and brainstorm if it you need to. 

Develop a picture in your mind of what you want. I’m not talking about how the person will look, I’m talking about the experience you want and the qualities you want this person to have.

Do you want them to be kind? Have a good sense of humor? To be determined and motivated? Do you want a long-term relationship or something less serious? What exactly do you want? [Read: Do you want a partner or are you just feeling more lonely in life?]

#2 Tell the universe. There are no rules on how you’re going to get your message out there, but many people like to meditate on it. If you’re not a meditation fan, that’s fine; you can simply sit with your eyes closed for a short while, focusing on your breath to calm your mind.

Then, when you’re calm, relaxed and ready, tell the universe exactly what it is that you want. Don’t say “if you don’t mind”, or “if it’s not too much trouble,” be firm here. “I want,” that’s what you need to say!

#3 Believe that you will get what you ask for. This is the biggest crux of the issue here. When you learn how to manifest love, you must believe that it’s going to come your way.

It might not be tomorrow, but it will come your way. Your belief needs to be unshakable. Handily, the next steps will help you to develop that belief. [Read: How to build self-confidence and realize you’re worth it

#4 Use positive affirmations. When manifesting love, develop a positive attitude. This will ensure that you maintain that belief and keeps your focus on exactly what you want. Come up with an affirmation that you can really get on board with. Something like “I am ready to welcome love into my life” or “I am deserving of the love I have requested.” 

Write your affirmation down somewhere you can easily see it. Perhaps on your bathroom mirror or as your laptop screensaver, so you’re reminded of it regularly. Say it three times with meaning when you wake up in the morning, repeat it another three times at lunch time, and repeat it three times before bed.

The more you build up that positive attitude, the more you’ll raise your vibrations and increase the chances of the universe giving you want you want. You’ll also feel more upbeat and positive, which will bring more opportunities into your life generally. [Read: 27 powerful ways to focus on yourself and create your own sunshine]

#5 Use visualization. You also need to visualize what it’s going to be like when the universe delivers what you’ve asked for. All you need to do is sit down, close your eyes, and allow your mind to wander towards your perfect day dream.

Imagine the details as much as you can. The way it looks, the way it smells, the way it feels, the way you feel in yourself when you have what you want. Be as detailed as possible. The more you do this, the more you’ll attract your desires, and again, raise those vibrations to welcome your bounty. [Read: How to awaken your divine feminine and connect to your inner goddess

#6 Clear out your life and your surroundings to make space. Decluttering is an important part of learning how to manifest love, so get to clearing out! Clear out your physical space, such as your home and workplace.

Make sure that the free flow of energy can move around your home, by ensuring that windows aren’t cluttered, that there is nothing blocking the spaces that run from door to door, and that you focus upon natural elements as much as possible. 

Use plants around your home. You could also look at using crystals for manifesting too. Rose quartz is a great crystal to use, which can be dotted around your home. You could also keep some under your pillow too. If you want to take the use of crystals a step further, keep a piece of rose quartz in your left pocket, which is thought to attract love, both self-love and the other kind. 

#7 Practice gratitude daily. Keep a gratitude diary and write down one thing you’re grateful for every single day. Of course, if you can come up with more than one, that’s a bonus! Gratitude helps you to open your heart to love. It also boosts positivity, along with positive affirmations. [Read: When life isn’t all puppies and rainbows what are you thankful for?

#8 Take opportunities and open your life. When you learn how to manifest love into your life, you’ll soon realize that it’s not going to be delivered to your doorstep. It could come at any time, in any place.

To take advantage of that, help yourself out by opening your life up and taking invitations and opportunities that you might normally side-step. Start saying “yes” when you’re asked to go to parties, agreeing to new opportunities rather than fearing them.  

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Learning how to manifest love comes down to belief, but it also means learning to love yourself and knowing that you deserve the very best.

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