What to Do When You’ve Sent a Sexy Text to Someone Else

Few things are more horrifying than realizing that you’ve sent a flirty text to the worst possible person. We’ll teach you how to recover from that!

what to do when you send a sexy text to someone else?

Naively, most of us tend to honestly believe that these mortifying stories could never actually happen to us, and they are in fact just stories we hear from our friends or laugh about in movies. Wrong! These things can happen to anyone, including you. A text going out to the wrong person is just a matter of a clumsy finger or a tapping on a name on your phone that’s just one millimeter off the mark. [Read: How to flirt with a guy through texting]

Just imagine the horror, the embarrassment and the mortification that will ensue when you carefully type out that sexual innuendo-filled text, only to find out that you’ve sent it to your Uncle Jimmy or the family doctor, or worse, to your ex. Yikes!

How to recover from sending a sexy text to the wrong person

Although there’s no way you can take back the text, you can save face by trying out these methods.

#1 Play dumb. With technology, it has been known that wires can get crossed, and whatever else. So if you ever find yourself accidentally sending a flirty text to the wrong person, such as your parents, or friend, what you need to do is act like you have absolutely NO clue what the heck they are talking about when they reply to your picture.

For example, if you get a text back that says something like “Um, what is this?” you simply reply saying “What are you talking about? What is what?” and then they will say something like “the picture you just sent me…” and you would then follow it with “What picture?” and it would probably continue on until they get tired of you answering their questions with questions.

#2 Breathe. The worst thing you can do is react to something before thinking. It’s like if you’ve ever been so angry about something, and you just start saying whatever is on your mind, before thinking about the consequences.

If you find yourself in this situation, the best and most important thing to do is to breathe. Take deep breaths, and don’t just start sending off tons more texts trying to explain yourself and what happened. It will only make you look worse. So calm down, and if they don’t reply or say anything, assume that it’s water under the bridge.

#3 Own it. Kim Kardashain owned up to her sex tape and now look where she is, making millions and doing whatever the heck she wants. It doesn’t matter if you like her or hate her, she at least owned up to the sex tape. When you own up to something you’ve done, no one can really say anything, because you are admitting that you’re the one to blame, and usually that’s all people really want.

So if you happen to send your flirty text to the wrong person, and you don’t want to wait and see what happens, you can simply just send another text saying something like “Oh my goodness, I am sorry for sending you that, I meant to send it to my man. Ha Ha!”

By reacting in this way, it shows you are confident with yourself, acknowledging the awkwardness of the situation, and making it less awkward by doing so. You and the unintended recipient will both be able to laugh it off.

#4 Let everyone know your phone has been stolen. This one really depends on how embarrassed you are, and depends on who you accidentally sent the text to. I mean it’s understandable to be extremely mortified, if you accidentally sent it to your boss or your guy’s mom. If you have to go to great lengths, one way to mend an accidental text is by letting everyone know you’re phone got stolen.

Start posting on your Facebook page that you no longer have your phone, because it was stolen. That way, whoever you sent the text to will more than likely think the person who stole your phone sent it, and not you. You will be off the hook! Please remember to NOT post your status updates about your stolen phone using your phone, because then you would look even more pathetic and definitely be much more embarrassed.

#5 Talk it out. Texting is a great form of communicating, if you don’t have to communicate a long story or discuss things in depth. It’s great to find out what time you need to be somewhere, or where you’re having dinner, but trying to text out an entire conversation about why you are torn between two guys or why you just sent a flirty text to the wrong person, is much more difficult.

So if you accidentally send your flirty text to the wrong person, instead of waiting for them to reply via text, pick up the phone and actually call them to explain the situation and what has just happened. By actually talking to them on the phone, and explaining the situation, they are far more likely to understand, and not judge you.

#6 Apologize. Another great way to handle sending a flirty text to the wrong person is to simply apologize and let them know that you really are sorry for inconveniencing them with a “not suitable for work” type of text message. At the end of the day, apologizing for something someone else might interpret as rude, will always work in your favor.

The most you can do whenever you do something wrong is apologize and see what happens. If they accept your apology, great, and if they don’t, then it’s got more to do with them, and much less to do with you. And to be honest, a flirty text in today’s world probably won’t even be that much of a shocker, if you want my honest opinion.

None of us want to send a flirty text or photo to someone other than the person we intend for that message to go to. But these things do happen. Just think about how many times you have accidentally butt-dialed the wrong person, or you have left your phone in your purse, only to find it called someone you didn’t want to call? It happens, and it’s part of the price we pay with using technology.

So just like butt dialing and calling the wrong people, sometimes we accidentally text the wrong people too. If you are one of those people who sends flirty text messages and photos to your man, then you need to understand that there is always that possibility of it ending up in the hands of someone else. [Read: 20 sexy texts to get a hot conversation started]

No matter what happens, if you accidentally send your flirtatious text or pics to the wrong person, use it as a lesson to be learned. Remind yourself that you never want to have this happen again, and maybe you’ll find yourself being more careful with technology.

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