15 Strange and Unknown Facts About Divorce

Did you know that 40% of marriages end in divorce? That gives you only a 60% chance of success! Today, we’re looking at 15 strange facts about divorce.

facts about divorce

Statistically, the majority of couples signing final divorce papers are citing their reason for divorce as, “My mate is a cheating douchebag!” …Give or take the colorful language. But let’s be honest, there are hundreds of reasons that a couple may be headed to Splitsville, and not all of them are so black and white.

15 bizarre divorce facts

As if divorce isn’t already enough of a head game, we’re looking at 15 weird ways you may be setting your marriage up for failure, and some unreasonable statistics that’ll have you wanting to kick the crap out of science! These wacky facts will really leave you scratching your head.

#1 People suck at calling it quits—both offline and on. That’s right, according to a YourTango survey, 59% of participants say they’ve remained Facebook friends with their exes post-breakup. If you and your ex have a child together, then you may get a pass for staying Facebook friends–but otherwise, we say toss the online friendship! Keeping up to date with your ex’s Facebook woes *or worse, their hookups* will only make you want to jab your own eyes out. We like your eyes where they are, so let’s say it together: “Unfriend!” [Read: 12 reasons why the no contact rule is the best way forward]

#2 Gender roles play a huge part—but not in the way you think! Psychotherapist Bonnie Maslin, author of “The Angry Marriage,” listed couples with traditional gender roles as having the least risk of divorcing. Hear that, ladies? Get back in the kitchen if you want your marriage to work!

#3 Have divorced friends? You may soon join them! Apparently, people who are friends with divorced individuals are almost 150% more likely to get divorced themselves! At least according to Rose McDermott, author of *it’s a mouthful* “Breaking Up is Hard to Do, Unless Everyone Else Is Doing It Too: Social Network Effects on Divorce in a Longitudinal Sample.”

#4 Are you and your partner both non-smokers? You’d better hope so! Apparently, if only one of you smokes and the other does not, you’re 75-91% more likely to take a trip to the divorce lawyer’s office.

#5 Think you can leave your spouse for someone else and make it work?Every Day Kiss“ suggests that up to 75% of couples who marry as a result of an extra-marital affair will end up divorced! It’s no wonder they follow up by saying 80% of partners who divorced as a result of an extra-marital affair end up regretting their decision; multiple divorces wreak havoc emotionally and financially.

#6 Some states have significantly higher divorce rates. These U.S. States are as follows: Nevada, Arkansas, Idaho, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Wyoming, Alaska, and Kentucky. Maybe it’s something in the water? [Read: 10 deep questions you have to ask yourself before seeking a divorce]

#7 You know how your parents said their divorce wasn’t your fault? Better check your gender! According to a U.S. census with information stretching over 60 years, couples whose first child is female are more than 40% more likely to split. Apparently fathers feel more guilt over leaving a little boy fatherless than a little girl.

#8 Some states boast much lower divorce rates. The U.S. States are as follows: Hawaii *it’s too sunny to be miserable*, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and North Dakota.

#9 The more times you have been married, the more likely you are to get a divorce! So do yourself a favor before saying, “I do,” and make sure that when you pick your mate, they really are The One!

#10 You may end up remarrying your ex. In a study of 1,001 couples who got back together after splitting, 6% said they divorced and then remarried their ex! I wonder what presents are like at that wedding.

#11 Couples counseling really works: not all couples are doomed! That’s right. Even if your marriage seems like it’s heading for divorce, it isn’t necessarily the end. According to “First Things First,” for every 10 couples seeking a divorce, a whopping 7 are savable! What’s more, one infographic notes that half of couples who sought counseling showed consistent signs of improvement over the next 5 years and beyond.

So if you’re really considering leaving that once-special someone, why not try a little couples counseling first? Who knows? You may be laughing about the whole misunderstanding in years to come—or you may still be throwing darts at a cardboard cutout of your ex… either way, it’s worth a try! [Read: 10 reasons why divorce can be a damn good thing]

#12 Social media is opening up a whole new divorce ballgame. That’s right: couples who are obsessed with social media are more likely to get divorced. According to ABC News, 1/3 of all 2011 divorce filings contained the word “Facebook”—ick! [Read: 8 ways social media is killing your relationship right now]

#13 The 50/50 slammer—is it true? Many people say that the divorce rate is 50%, but this statistic is now thought to be inaccurate. In fact, one infographic suggests the number may more accurately sit at around 40%. Regardless, if you’re willing to work hard, your relationship doesn’t have to be over. Many people are discouraged by the whopping divorce rate, but consider this: although 50% *or 40%* of marriages end in divorce, 50% or 60% stay together—and those are good odds!

#14 Have a decades-old indiscretion you’re hiding? It might matter! After 36 years of marriage, 99 year old husband Antonio found out that his 96 year old Mrs. had an affair way back in the 1940’s. Upon finding out, he decided he was calling it quits! Would you be able to forgive after all of that time? [Read: 12 subtle signs you’re living in a loveless, unhappy marriage]

#15 In more than 55% of divorce cases, one person in the marriage had an “obsessive” porn addiction. Why should this contribute to divorce? One study suggests that continuous or obsessive viewing of pornography will increase your infidelity rate by more than 300%! Wanting to avoid divorce? Consider setting that ever-so-tempting laptop aside for a while.

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Now that you know what *not* to do in your marriage, according to these 15 strange divorce facts, why not make the most of marriage counseling and see if you can’t save that old flame? If not, never forget Oscar Wilde’s bittersweet yet chipper words: “Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.”

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