27 Painful & Soul Crushing Signs Your Crush Doesn’t Like You Back

You are obsessed with this person and think about them day and night. But do they feel the same or not? Here are 27 signs your crush doesn’t like you.

signs your crush doesn't like you

When you’re young, having a crush can really cause you to suffer. The crush might even last for years. It could even be that your crush teases you and leads you on. But if you know the signs your crush doesn’t like you, then you can move on faster.

How to tell the signs your crush doesn’t like you

But, the point is, crushes can be painful. You spend a lot of your time fantasizing about them. Dreaming of the day when they’ll “wake up” and tell you that you’re the one. 

Do crushes usually work out? Sometimes, but sometimes no. And to be honest, maybe it’s for the best if they don’t. A relationship can’t work when you put someone else on a pedestal.

But right now, you probably don’t want to hear that. Right now, you want to know what’s going on with your crush and whether they’re into you as much as you’re into them. Well, unless they’ve told you how they feel, it’s time to do some detective work and look at the signs.

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You may be thinking, “there are no signs,” but oh, there are signs your crush doesn’t like you or does. You’re just not paying enough attention to them. So, it’s time you figured out what’s going on between you and your crush.

Once you read these signs, you can make a move or move on to someone else. If they don’t like you, there’s no point hanging around and waiting for them. It’s better to know now than later. [Read: 14 signs of attention-seeking behavior that masks their insecurity]

1. You feel it

Yes, you’ve been trying to ignore it, but when it comes to instinct, you should listen to it. If something inside of you is saying that they don’t like you, listen to it. Especially, if all these signs match as well.

You know when someone likes you and when someone doesn’t. Of course, no one wants to accept the bitter truth, but you know it.

2. They don’t try to talk to you

Some people are shy, but usually, if someone doesn’t try to make contact with you, they don’t like you.

If you’re always the one trying to talk with them, and they give you minimal attention, well, they’re not into you. If they were, they’d chase you as well. [Read: The quickest ways to know if your crush isn’t into you]

3. They don’t touch you

Physical touch is a huge indicator of whether someone likes you or not. Think about it, when you like someone, you try to touch them.

When you laugh, you touch their arm because you’re subconsciously trying to bond with them. If you don’t like someone, you’re not touching them with a 10-foot pole. See the difference?

4. They’re always busy

You’ve asked them to hang out a couple of times, but they always seem busy. If someone likes you, they’ll make time to see you no matter how busy they are. But if they’re so busy they can’t spend one hour of their day with you, they probably don’t like you.

5. They don’t listen to you when you talk

When you’re talking to them, you can see their eyes glaze over and their mind wander. This isn’t a sign of someone interested in you.

If someone likes you, they’ll be focused on every word you say. Instead, they’re struggling when it comes to focusing on you. [Read: How to talk to your crush and make them fall for you]

6. They are seeing other people

If someone you have a crush on is dating other people, well, that’s a pretty good sign they’re not interested in you. Of course, they could like you while dating someone else, but if it’s paired with these other signs, then that’s probably not the case.

7. They’re not jealous

If you’re talking to someone else or dating a new person, they’re not jealous. They actually do not react to your love life. And that’s not a good sign. When someone likes you, they get jealous of seeing you around other people or finding out you’re in a relationship.

8. They call you a “friend” 

Ah yes, the word that could slice. In any other circumstance, you’d be flattered to be called a friend, but in this case, no.

If they introduce you to other people as a friend or tell you that “you’re such a good friend,” well, you’re a friend. Nothing more. [Read: How to tell if your crush has friend-zoned you or is interested]

9 They don’t ask about your social life

If someone doesn’t care what you do on the weekends or who you hang out with, well, then how can they like you?

When someone likes you, they want to know everything you’re doing and who you’re hanging out with. But if they don’t care what you do, they don’t care about you.

10. They don’t remember the small stuff

You told them your favorite food is pizza or that you love going to the movies, but they never remember these things. They can’t seem to keep track of the things that are important to you. And that’s because those things aren’t important to them. If you were important and on their mind, they’d remember.

11. They don’t treat you differently

You can tell when someone likes you because they treat you differently from other people. Your opinion, your needs, they matter more to this person. But if you’re treated just like everyone else, it looks like you’re just a friend. [Read: 15 subtle signs that reveal if your crush likes you back too]

12. They’re not active on your social media

Some people like to observe and not engage in social media, but most of us are active. If this person never likes your posts, watches your stories, or comments on your photos, they’re not interested. If someone likes you, they’ll make sure you see them on social media.

13. There’s no eye contact

When it comes to body language, eye contact is a huge indicator of someone’s feelings for you. When it comes to your crush, they don’t even look at you. That’s not a great sign. And if they do look at you, it doesn’t last long. They glance at you, blink, and look away. [Read: 13 subtle but very flirty eye contact tips to catch anyone’s eye from afar]

14. You have to reach out first

If you find that you are always the one who has to initiate contact with your crush, then that is a telling sign that they don’t like you back.

When we like someone, we want to talk to them. So, if they don’t care about communicating with you, then they don’t like you that much. [Read: How to stop texting someone when that’s all you want to do]

15. Their texts are short

Your crush might know that you like them. And if they don’t feel the same way, then they will purposefully send short texts even if you send long ones. Your crush is trying to tell you that they don’t like you over text.

16. They keep physical distance

If your crush senses that you like them, then they don’t want to give you the wrong impression that they like you back. So, they will avoid getting too close to you. They will sit at the opposite end of a table or stand as far away from you as they possibly can.

17. Doesn’t seem nervous around you

Usually, people are kind of nervous around people they like. It’s just an instinctual response for many. So if they seem normal – or even indifferent – around you that’s a good sign they don’t like you.

18. They take a long time to respond to your texts

Here is another big one of the big signs that your crush doesn’t like you over text. When we like someone, we want them to know. And one of those ways is responding immediately to texts, DMs and calls. So, if they are taking a long time to get back to you, then they are probably doing it on purpose. [Read: How to decode the texting behavior of guys when they’re into you]

19. Doesn’t compliment you

It’s not unusual for people to throw out friendly compliments like, “Hey, I like your hair today!” But if you find that random old ladies are complimenting you more than your crush, that is either because your crush doesn’t notice you, or they are purposely holding back because they don’t want to lead you on.

20. Not impressed by the things you do

If you tell your crush something great that you accomplished at work, they may seem unimpressed. They might congratulate you, but they won’t be very enthusiastic about it. It’s either because they couldn’t care less, or they have a hint that you’re trying to impress them.

21. Full of excuses

If you ever ask them to hang out with you – even if it’s casual like grabbing lunch or ice cream – they always have an excuse. Or if you ask why they took so long to text, they always come up with something lame. [Read: How to tell if a girl doesn’t like you – 25 signs she’s rejected you already]

22. Doesn’t share personal stuff with you

When someone wants to get to know you better and grow an emotional connection, they will share personal details of their life with you. But if you work with your crush and they only keep your conversations strictly professional, then you know they want to keep your relationship that way.

23. Doesn’t try to impress you

If you find that your crush is dressing like a slob around you or just tells you some unflattering things about themselves, then they are clearly not trying to impress you.

In fact, they could be trying to discourage you from liking them by showing their bad side.

24. Tries to avoid you

If you have mutual friends or go out with people from work, then they will try to sit on the opposite end of the table. It might seem obvious that they are trying to avoid sitting next to you or talking to you at all. [Read: Why won’t he ask me out? 27 reasons and how to get him to make a move]

25. Avoids meaningful conversations

Along the same lines, not only will they avoid telling you personal details, they will probably avoid any kind of meaningful or deep conversation. That’s because when you engage in that kind of dialogue, it builds a bond. And they want to stay away from that.

26. Doesn’t notice your absence

Maybe you work with your crush or go to school with them. And if you’ve been sick for a few days and absent, they won’t even notice. They might say, “Oh! You were gone? I hope you’re feeling better.” Or if you haven’t texted them for a while, it won’t even register on their radar.

27. Ignores your messages

This is another one of the hugest signs – probably the biggest – that your crush doesn’t like you over text.

If you find that you send them messages and they don’t even bother to respond to you, then you can be pretty sure that they have zero interest in you. [Read: Ignoring your texts on purpose – why people do it and what to do ASAP]

Why doesn’t my crush like me back?

Don’t take it personally. It has happened to all of us. And just because your crush doesn’t like you back doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you at all.

The only thing it means is that they don’t think you are a match. It doesn’t matter why. There could be any reason. It could be an age difference, personality type, power difference *like at work*, or a timing issue. It could literally be anything under the sun.

So the best advice we can give is to not obsess or overanalyze it. You’ll never know why unless you directly ask them. Even then, they probably won’t tell you the truth. [Read: Does he know I like him? 18 signs he knows you have a crush on him]

What to do if your crush doesn’t like you back

Honestly, you really have no choice but to accept it and move on with your life. You could try to change their mind, but it probably won’t work. And if you are too obvious about it, then it will really turn them off. Then you will have absolutely no chance of them liking you ever again. [Read: How to get a girl to like you again after she’s lost interest in you once]

So, try to find someone else to like. There is plenty of fish in the sea, so you don’t need to obsess over this one person. Do yourself a favor and stop agonizing over it. 

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After looking at the signs your crush doesn’t like you, what do you think? Don’t worry if they don’t. It’s best you know now so you can move on. 

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