The 10 Sexiest Male Jobs that Impress Women Easily

Do you have certain standards when it comes to a man’s job? Turns out the sexiest male jobs that impress women aren’t what you think!

sexiest male jobs

Dating is hard. Whether it’s the color of a man’s hair, his overall attitude, sexual abilities, or his job, women are after a certain thing. *Funny enough, it seems like women are either at one end of the spectrum, or the complete opposite when it comes to standards with men. Either they’re notoriously picky, or anything goes!*

And when it comes to a working man, turns out women are attracted to a certain type of job and recent studies show it’s definitely not what you think it’s going to be!

Men, get your thinking caps on because we’re looking at the jobs as of this year that are most likely to impress your lady-love. It seems a new survey done by auction dating website *they have something for everything now, don’t they?* has revealed the most appealing men’s jobs in the eyes of women and the results have people up in arms! [Read: 10 weird dating websites for those with unusual tastes]

The sexiest male jobs that impress women easily

The survey was done by polling the men using the website’s service and polling which job descriptions got the men the most dates. Hmm… Wonder if they took their pictures into consideration? I digress. In no particular order, here is the list of some of the most desirable male jobs.

#1 Engineer

There is nothing sexier than a man who designs, creates, innovates, and explores for a living. Put simply, engineers are downright sexy. Um, hello? Engineers created the rovers that landed on Mars. Do you want to go to Mars? Date an engineer!

Okay, okay, it probably doesn’t work like that. But hey, he’ll always be able to fix your computer, phone, and tablet. When it comes to millennial dating, that’s called a keeper. Oh yeah, and the $80+ grand a year salary doesn’t hurt either. Right, ladies? [Read: 25 signs and qualities in a man that make him a great boyfriend]

#2 Architect

Put simply, architects design buildings and they’re pretty much better at math than you could ever hope or wish to be. So what makes architects so sexy? Again, it’s the brain usage we women love to see. A male architect means not only is he creative and stylish, he’s also completely committed to his project. Architects make anywhere from $40-100+ grand a year, coming in with an average of $79,000 yearly. Not too shabby.

#3 Marketer

With their jobs literally involving finding ways to attract people to their product, it’s no wonder marketers are in with the ladies! Not to mention with the rise of online marketing, there has literally never been a better time to work in some form of PR!

While you definitely won’t be bumping shoes with Don Draper in this decade, you’re sure to make a pretty penny. It’s estimated that the average salary of a marketer is $133,000+ yearly. [Read: 7 things to know before you date a guy with a Type A personality]

#4 Financial Advisor

Financial planners are little helpers, aren’t they? The literal job of financial planners is to help people decide what they want from life, and then go after it. Well, in a nutshell that’s what they do. There’s also all of that money business to get into, but… details, details. The average salary of a financial advisor comes in at $50,000 a year.

#5 Real Estate Developers

Real estate developers buy up land and then create real estate deals to fill said land with pretty buildings! This job involves plenty of creativity, control, and development. All things ladies like in relationships, and real estate developers can make anywhere from $50-80,000 yearly.

#6 Doctor

Alright, finally this list is starting to make some sense. Doctors are sexy because they help people, they are literally trained to have good bedside manners *Read: Charming!* and make a fantastic living at $120-200,000+ a year. Score!

The only downside to your fantasy hubby doctor’s career? You’ll rarely have him home! Indeed, physicians are rarely found at home, and depending on their specialty, they may be on the job anywhere from 60-70+ hours a week. In fact, a study by CBS News polled physicians asking if they would choose their same medical specialty if they knew the hours and work involved, and only 44% said yes!

#7 CEO

Above doctor and lawyer, the #1 sexiest job that impresses women came in at a CEO. Why? Undeniably, it all comes back to the sexy quality that comes from a man in power who wears a suit. Plus, there is something especially sexy about an entrepreneur who is so passionate about his job that he went and conquered a company. On average, a CEO can make anywhere from $50 thousand a year, to several million a year! [Read: 30 characteristics in a man that make him a true Alpha]

Notable mentions

So, with utter outrage for some of the sexy fellahs left out of this list, we decided to pull a “notable mentions” section with one final thought. Based on this new list, it is clear that some women may find men in power to be a sexy thing, but in the end, what is sexy about a man’s job is the amount of passion he has for it. Now… onto the honorable mentions.

#1 Human rights workers. Isn’t the very idea behind marching for human rights the reason that women find “men in uniform” so sexy? Putting one’s needs above your own? Men fighting for others and striving to save the world little by little is a definite “YES” in our books.

#2 FIREMEN. Forgive that capitals, but many women were shocked and appalled by the lack of sexy men in uniform that made their way onto this list, especially the risk-taking, damsel and kitty saving firemen! It could be argued that women may not be as into dating men who put their lives in danger on the daily, but isn’t that what makes it so sexy? A man helping others at the expense of himself is exactly what classifies as brave and sexy.

#3 Veterinarian. This option actually made the list for what profession men found sexy in women, but strangely, didn’t make the man’s list. What is sexier than a man who’s devoted his professional career to helping adorable, helpless animals? [Read: The dating stereotypes of women in a man’s mind]

Some sexiest male jobs that impress women that we left out of the list? Software developer, lawyer, and business consultant.

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These jobs may be sounding pretty sexy, but remember one important thing: It isn’t the job that makes a man sexy, it’s his attitude towards the woman he loves. If you would turn down the man of your dreams just because he didn’t have a dream job, you’d be crazy!

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