How to Never Lose Your Sex Appeal: Master The Art of Je Ne Sais Quoi

When you have that je ne sais quois people love that sex appeal, and if you want to know how to never lose your sex appeal, here are some tips to follow.

how to never lose your sex appeal

The thing about sex appeal is that is changes as you age. This doesn’t mean you become less sexy but there are certain areas you’ll need to work harder or ease off in. Let’s start looking at how to never lose your sex appeal.

How to never lose your sex appeal

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but appearance, sadly, matters. I know, I know. You thought everyone loves you for who you are, and that’s true, but no one is going to approach you if you look like a serial killer. You get where I’m going with this?

People make judgments within the first 10 seconds of meeting someone new. This means, the minute you shake hands, they’ve already judged you. Sounds pretty harsh, right? But you do it too, so it is what it is.

Now that we’ve all accepted that fact, you also need to accept the fact that sex appeal matters. This doesn’t mean you need to wear layers of makeup and plump your lips up with injections of silicon. You want to feel sexy, and sexy doesn’t mean looking like a Kardashian. [Read: How to revamp and reveal the hot and sexy you]

It’s a great ego boost when the people around you find you sexy. It makes you feel good, you get positive attention, and it builds your confidence in knowing that you look good to yourself and others.

If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. So, buckle up and follow these tips if you want to learn how to never lose your sex appeal.

#1 Sex appeal changes with age. You’re not going pull off wearing a face full of blush for the rest of your life. In all honesty, they’ll be phases of your life where you’ll feel sexy not wearing a bra, and other times where you just want to wear high heels.

The important thing is that you don’t force yourself to stick to something that doesn’t make you feel sexy anymore. Things change and that’s okay. [Read: How to really be comfortable with who you are]

#2 It’s all about confidence. I know that you’re thinking you need to copy Kim Kardashian in order to look sexy, but you don’t need to. Listen, I don’t wear makeup, my hair is curly, and I don’t have a clue how to dress, but men and even women, always seem to comment about my sex appeal.

You know why? I’m confident in my skin. You can wear makeup, you can go natural, wear heels or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you love the skin you’re in, because it shows. [Read: 16 ways to build self-confidence and realize your worth]

 #3 Stay sexy for you. If you’re trying to impress some girl or guy, you’re going to notice that they’re going to become less attentive to you. That’s not what you want. You want them to think you’re sexy and the way to do this is by working on your sex appeal for you. You love your body, you love who you are, and you want people to admire it. So, if you choose to do something, do it for you.

#4 Show off your beloved assets. We all have a body part that we’re proud of whether it’s hips, lips, hands, or neck. Whatever body part you love the most, show it off. Since you’re confident about that specific body part, you’ll enjoy showing it off which brings out your sex appeal. Now, this doesn’t mean you show everything, keep a little mystery.

#5 Hygiene. Ah, yes, hygiene. Listen, in high school, this wasn’t my forte. I was lazy. I hated showering, and trust me, people don’t like that. You must remember that people have more than one sense. Yes, they’re visual, but they also use touch, taste, smell, and hear to determine what/who is sexy.

Now, you don’t have to swim in perfume/cologne *please, I beg you, don’t do it*, but you want to smell fresh and alluring. When it comes to learning how to never lose your sex appeal, you need to remember that a simple scent can easily boost anyone’s sex appeal. [Read: How to feel sexy and desirable all the time]

#6 Always work on yourself: inside and out. I know you think I’m going to tell you to work out, blah blah blah, and you should but it’s more than that. You need to work on you.

This means, eating healthy, educating yourself, taking on hobbies which are challenging. These things not only build your confidence but do wonders when you’re trying to increase your sex appeal. People like being around people who give a shit. [Read: How to find yourself when you feel like you’ve lost your way]

#7 Work on your posture. Most of us spend hours in front of the computer, slouching, and listen, that’s not helping anyone. Your posture probably sucks. Sorry, but I’m probably right.

If you’re not used to standing or sitting up straight, you better get practicing because openness shows sex appeal. Body posture can indicate someone’s romantic interests, and, well, isn’t that what you want?

#8 Just flirt. If you’re scared of losing your sex appeal, well, you need to flirt more. That’s right, you heard me. Listen, if you want to keep the sexual juices flowing, staying fresh on your flirting techniques will certainly give you a helping hand. It’ll boost your confidence, give you that sexual spark, and get you back on track. [Read: The art of seduction – 25 ways to smolder and ooze sex appeal]

#9 Don’t forget the color red. Ah yes, this is a sneaky trick you can use if you’re looking to boost your sex appeal. The color red actually boosts sex appeal. Now, do scientists know why? Nope, but the studies have shown that people dig the color red, it turns them on. If you’re not feeling super sexual that day, throw on a red dress or shirt and you’ll be fine.

#10 Don’t be so available. People like mystery, they like the unknown. Why do you think there are 300 seasons of Ghost Hunter? It’s all about trying to catch what may be there. If you want to keep your sex appeal intact, don’t act like everyone else.

Yes, you can be available to an extent, but you don’t need to go running to everyone’s phone call. Keep a little mystery. [Read: How to be mysterious without being too distant]

#11 Smile. Okay, you can be mysterious and still crack a smile. People that never smile are a little weird, and nothing is more human than a smile. Women and men who enjoy laughs and smiling, well, they’re sexy. People like being around them. If you want to be seen as sexy, lighten up and enjoy the moment in front of you.

[Read: 15 super-simple ways to keep yourself really sexy at any age]

Understanding how to never lose your sex appeal could be one of those things you’re gifted with, but for most of us, it takes work to get ourselves looking sexy and free.

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