How to Get Closer to Your Crush: 10 Strategic Moves You Must Master

Having a crush is both terrifying and exciting. The possibilities are endless! Not sure how to get closer to your crush? Read on!

how to get closer to your crush

The most exciting part of a crush is not knowing whether they like you back or not. You might think that sounds horrible—the uncertainty and all the what if’s. It’s actually the opposite. When you’re not sure what’s going to happen, there is a huge amount of hope and opportunity. And you just want to know how to get closer to your crush.

The only way to really get your definitive answer is to go for it and find out. If you’re short on courage and don’t want to come out with it and ask, there is another option. Get close to your crush and figure it out from there!

You should also subtly let them know that you’re crushing in their direction. In that case, they might make the whole thing easier and ask you out instead!

Of course, figuring out how to get closer to your crush is a question many people ask. It’s actually not that hard, but you need a little creative thinking. Let’s check out a few useful ways you might like to try. [Read: How to ask someone if they like you without embarrassing yourself]

How to get closer to your crush: 10 strategies that work like a charm

Before we begin, you might think that a few of these suggested ways of how to get closer to your crush ere on the side of stalker-ish. Bu that’s not the case! Subtlety is key. Don’t force a common interest, find a natural interest that you both like. If we say accidentally be at the same place, we don’t mean outside their house. You get the picture…

#1 Follow them on social media. It’s not hard to find someone on Facebook or Instagram nowadays. Asking to follow them isn’t an unusual request either. If they’ve met you once or twice, connecting on social media is the natural next step, whether crushing or not.

Don’t be afraid to send that friend or follow request. When they accept, try not to jump for joy!

Once they accept, don’t go through every single one of their photos and accidentally press ‘like’ on something from four years ago. That’s a tell tale sign that you’ve been going through their profile with a fine tooth comb and is not subtle at all!

Instead, find out what you need to find out, e.g. do they have a partner? Of course, you can also use their social media to find out where they’re going to be, e.g. if they post a status telling you they’re going to the game this weekend! [Read: How to play it cool, text your crush and win them over]

#2 Identify a common interest and connect. Do you both like gastronomy or football? Do you both like fashion? There must be something you have in common, and if there is literally nothing, that’s a sure sign that this union isn’t meant to be! Subtly work out what you have in common *social media is a good go-to for this*, and use it as a way to connect. This is one of the biggest and best tips when it comes to knowing how to get closer to your crush!

Start up a random conversation the next time you see them, such as ‘I went to this cute little wine bar at the weekend, it was really fun’, if you find that you both like wine. It can be that simple. [Read: How to get your crush to notice you and like you back]

#3 Strike up conversations. It might sound obvious, but actually starting a conversation is a way to get close to the person you’ve been crushing on! You can stare at them all you like, but that’s just going to freak them out and then they’re more likely to avoid you! The conversation doesn’t have to be in-depth or life-changing, it can simply be about the weather, but the key is in consistency and the chatty way you go about it.

You’ll get to find out so much more about them by talking, and who knows, you might find that you don’t really like them that much anyway! [Read: How to start a conversation with a crush and woo them]

#4 Body language is everything. How do you know that your crush isn’t also crushing, but you’re giving them the wrong idea with your negative body language? Make sure your body language is positive and open.

For example, eye contact, smiles, playful nudges here and there, not crossing your arms across your body defensively when you talk, etc. All of these show that you’re open to them, and if you angle your body towards them, mirroring their posture, that’s a sure fire sign of attraction!

#5 Ask if they want lunch. If you’re working or at school with this person, why not ask if they want to grab some lunch? It’s the most casual thing in the world. “I’m going to try that new cafe around the corner, fancy joining me?”

It’s casual without being full on but shows enough intention at the same time. If you don’t have the opportunity to ask them for lunch, you might have to skip this one, but if the chance is there, take it! [Read: 15 subtle signs that reveal if your crush likes you back too]

#6 Offer to help them. If you notice that your crush has a slight predicament, e.g. something at work they need help with, perhaps their car has broken down, or maybe they’re struggling with a project in general *lots of information on their social media feeds!* then why not offer to help?

In terms of how to get closer to your crush, you can’t do any better than this! You’ll be their knight in shining armor. Plus, you’ll be the one they thank at the end of it. You can do plenty of talking and flirting in the meantime. [Read: 15 foolproof ways to tell if someone likes you without asking them]

#7 Try to work your way into their circle. There is nothing odd about this if you do it in the right way. If you have a close friend who is in with your crush’s regular circle, why not ask if they can invite you along too? This gives you a foot in the door and a prime method for getting closer to them on a regular basis.

#8 Cheer them up. You’re bound to see your crush looking a little down on occasion. They’re only human after all. If this is the case, be the one to cheer them up, and they’ll be eternally grateful. If you work with them or see them on a daily basis a quick, “Are you okay? You look a bit down” will do the trick.

If you notice something on social media which seems to suggest they’re not feeling their greatest, a quick message on their wall shows you care. Of course, you could use the excuse to slide into their DMs too!

#9 Buy them coffee. Who doesn’t love someone to buy them coffee? If you’re heading to the coffee shop and see your crush afterwards, grab an extra latte. Simply say “Hey, I was buying myself a coffee, I thought you might like one.”

They will be intrigued as to why you did it and get their mind turning over all sorts of ideas. Hopefully leading towards them realizing that you’re crushing on them. [Read: 16 flirty moves to help you ask someone out]

#10 Just go for it, ask them out! The single best way for getting closer to your crush is the direct option. Ask them out! You’ll find out your answer and save a lot of time messing around. If they say yes, wonderful! If they so no, at least you know either way. Then, turn your attention to someone more worthy.

[Read: How to handle rejection without making a fool of yourself]

Crushes are confusing and exhilarating, all at the same time. Learning how to get closer to your crush isn’t that difficult, it’s about being brave and really going for it. 

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