Why Good Girls Like Bad Boys? The Truth Finally Uncovered

There’s an overwhelming number of reasons for why good girls like bad boys instead of their own type. This is why they just can’t help themselves.

why good girls like bad boys

The idea that good girls love bad boys isn’t just something reserved for 80’s movies. It’s a real fact of life, and honestly, it’s not surprising to understand why good girls like bad boys so unlike them.
There are so many reasons girls, perceived as good, would go after guys just not good in any sense of the word. You may think that it’s because of their dangerous, manly appearance that draws in even the best of the good girls. But that’s just not completely true.
Do opposites really attract?
The common belief as to why good girls like bad boys boils down to what people believe is simple science. They think that since opposites attract in the scientific world it means good girls would obviously be attracted to bad boys.
However, this idea isn’t exactly true. Sure, it’s always great to be with someone that has a lot of different interests as you so you don’t get too bored, but you don’t ACTUALLY want someone that is 100% your opposite. It’s just a recipe for arguments. [Read: In a relationship with a polar opposite? 15 truths revealed]
So why do good girls like bad boys?
Like I said, there are SO many different reasons that a good girl would be drawn to a bad boy and not all of them have anything to do with the fact that he dresses in a leather jacket and looks like he walked out of an 80’s movie.
If you’re really struggling to understand what’s going through the mind of a really good girl when she goes for someone that’s her opposite, this list helps. Here are 15 reasons a why good girl likes a bad boy. The truth finally revealed.
#1 It fills a void. Good girls don’t always want to be good. They might even feel like they’re missing that “bad” element in their lives, and they need some of it. Sure, they steal something from a store but only they know, or they could just date a bad boy and not break the law. [Read: 7 reasons why women date awful men]
#2 They get the best of both worlds. Good girls like bad boys simply because they get the best of both worlds this way. They live in their good girl ways and still be able to indulge in something bad every once in a while. This gives their life balance, and that’s why they like bad boys.
#3 They want to fix them. This is probably one of the biggest reasons good girls are drawn to bad boys. They feel a sense of responsibility when it comes to bad boys. They really just want to fix them.
They find them to be broken, and they’re attracted to the idea of being the one to fix their problems and make them good. [Read: Bad boy, bad attitude: Stop falling for the wrong men]
#4 They’re not really good girls. Some good girls might look and act like they’re all good, but deep down they might be just like the bad boys and that’s why they like them. They like being around someone who thinks and acts like they do even if they don’t look the part.
#5 The “bad boys” aren’t really bad. This is another huge reason people think good girls like bad boys. Sometimes the “bad boys” in question aren’t actually bad at all. Looks and attitude can be very deceiving.
Good girls may like those bad boys simply because they’re actually really good people that are just lost in the world, making them look bad. They could be really good people deep down, and that’s what the good girls are drawn to.
#6 They’re rebelling. I think we all remember a time where the preacher’s daughter went out with the baddest boy in town just to spite her daddy. Now, some of you may be thinking of the movie Footloose, but others may be thinking of a certain girl they know.
This is especially true if the good girl is being forced to be good and act a certain way. This draws her to people that her parents would hate. It is almost always the “bad boy” type. [Read: Father-daughter relationship: 10 daddy issues it can lead to]
#7 She wants something new. If a good girl has always been with good guys and the relationships never work out, it only makes sense she’ll want something other than the one thing that keeps failing. This drives her toward the bad boy in hopes that a relationship works out with him.
#8 They bring excitement into her life. This isn’t to say all people who label themselves as “good” are boring, but it is true that people who are typically “bad” have a lot more exciting things going on in their life.
If a good girl is bored with the same old routine, she might seek out a bad boy to entertain her and introduce her to a more dangerous and adventurous lifestyle.
#9 Bad boys are confident. There’s really no arguing this point. Bad boys all have the same attitude and that attitude only happens if they’re confident in themselves. Confidence is something ALL girls find really attractive no matter what your type is. Bad boys are just known to have a bit more of it. [Read: 10 great qualities in a guy that a girl finds attractive]
#10 It makes her feel special. When a bad boy takes a liking to you, it’s just so much different than when anyone else does. It’s like you are granted this seal of approval that you think you need when they decide you’re worthy of their time. This makes good girls feel special, and they’re drawn to that feeling.
#11 They’re off limits. Which only makes good girls want them that much more. Have you ever been told you couldn’t have something? It just made you want it more. It’s the same thing for good girls. Bad boys walk around like no one can have them, and it makes all the good girls adamant about catching them.
#12 They’re envious of their outlook on life. The attitude bad boys have is so relaxed, carefree, and they do whatever they want. Good girls usually play by the rules—someone else’s rules—and this can be frustrating.
So they get jealous of the way a bad boy lives his life, and it makes them want to be a part of that chaos. This is why they’re so attracted to them and so intent on having a bad boy.
#13 They feel safer with them. Bad boys seem dangerous. This may sound like a bad thing but to a good girl, it sounds safe. Every girl wants to be able to feel safe in the arms of someone they’re with and bad boys look like they offer that. [Read: 25 things that make a man attractive to women]
#14 They’re sexy. I don’t think you can argue that bad boys are just downright sexy. Their confidence, attire, and attitude ooze sexy and even good girls can’t help but recognize that and want it.
#15 Expectations are low, and therefore, disappointment is low. In comparison to someone labeled as a “good guy,” bad boys have almost no expectations—which means a good girl won’t be disappointed when they end up heartbroken. Good girls like bad boys because they know what they’re getting.
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There you have it. The mystery of why good girls always go for bad boys and forget all about the good guys hanging out on the sidelines is solved. It’s a lot more than just their reputation that attracts a good girl.

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