Trophy Wife: What It Is, 22 Ways to Be One & Why All Men Desire One

We’ve all heard the term trophy wife. But what is it, how do you become one, why do men want one, and what are the pros and cons? Here are your answers.

trophy wife

We’ve all seen them. Whether they’re at business conventions, movie premieres, or social events, the stunning female with model looks draped seductively over the arm of a far inferior looking male specimen is something we can’t take our eyes off… a trophy wife.

This is the legendary trophy wife; an accessory for successful men since time immemorial.

Wherever there is ambition, there the trophy wife will be found. And make no mistake about it; there aren’t many guys who would turn down the chance to have one of their own. But why exactly is that the case?

What is a trophy wife?

Simply put, a trophy wife is a status symbol for her husband. The term has a bit of a negative connotation to it because it implies that the woman is nothing but her good looks.

In essence, she lacks intelligence, personality, ambition, or money of her own. She is completely dependent on her husband.

A trophy wife is supposed to be overly concerned about her appearance. She must be skinny, healthy, young, beautiful, and in shape. She must regularly get her hair and nails done, wear makeup 24/7, and generally just maintain a lot of upkeep on her body.

Although this isn’t always the case, typically the trophy wife usually is the second, third, fourth, *or more* wife of a rich older man. [Read: Stay at home wife – 18 reasons why her life is so perfect and enviable]

History of the “trophy wife”

The origination of the term trophy wife isn’t completely clear. However, some people suggest that it appeared in the 1950 issue of The Economist newspaper.

Historically, men who fought wars would sometimes capture the most beautiful women of the lands they conquered. They even brought them home and made them their wives.

As you can see, the term “trophy” implies winning. And if these men won wars, they captured their own “trophy” in the form of a beautiful woman that he forced to marry him.

While that is not the only opinion of where the term came from, it seems to make the most sense. Other people who write books or for magazines also want to claim the credit for coining the term, but we’ll just go with the war explanation since it makes the most sense. [Read: Trophy husband – your golden guide to be a rich girl’s bitch]

Characteristics of a trophy wife

While these are stereotypical characteristics, they are the most common qualities a trophy wife has. So, let’s take a look at them.

1. Doesn’t worry about money

Because trophy wives are almost always married to very rich men, they usually don’t have to work.

Not only that, their husbands buy them anything and everything she wants. She has a mansion, maids, fancy cars, glamorous clothes, yachts, and probably travels the world. [Read: 14 signs you’re being used as a trophy wife only for an ego boost]

2. Physical appearance

As we mentioned above, not just anyone can be a trophy wife. If a rich man was going to have the pick of the litter *so to speak,* don’t you think he will choose the “best one?”

So, the trophy wives are typically young, beautiful, skinny, healthy, and keep up their appearance. [Read: How to be a good sugar baby – 16 secrets to the luxe life]

3. Don’t have much of a relationship with husband

Again, this is a stereotype, but the term “trophy wife” implies that there is not a lot of love and affection between her and her husband.

Instead, the relationship is very superficial and based around money and showing her off. They probably don’t have a lot of private, intimate moments, and they definitely don’t have a friendship or emotional intimacy.

4. Giant diamond ring

Of course, this is kind of a no-brainer. In order to be the perfect trophy wife, you definitely need a huge engagement ring to flash in everyone’s eyes. The more carats the better.

The bigger the diamond, the more successful your husband is. As they say, go big or go home!

How to become a trophy wife

So, you want to be a trophy wife, huh? Well, good luck. It’s not that easy. But regardless, here are some of the things you will have to do. [Read: 33 signs you’re unattractive and all the ugly fixes to get way hotter]

1. Take care of yourself and your body

While this is always a good thing to do to stay healthy, if you want to be a trophy wife you will have to take it to a whole new level.

You can’t change the body structure you were born with, but some trophy wives even go as far as to get plastic surgery and other body enhancements. This is all in addition to eating very little and hitting the gym every day.

2. Meet rich men

You can’t be a trophy wife without a rich husband, right? That’s obvious. So, you’re going to have to put yourself in situations where you can meet them. That’s not always easy to do. But you could sign up with a matchmaker or find dating apps for millionaires. [Read: A girl’s guide to snagging a rich husband or a sugar daddy]

3. Dress sexy

If you want to catch your future husband’s eye, you will have to dial up the sexiness. Make sure your clothes are tight-fitting, your skirts are short, and you wear sky-high heels.

These are the things that rich men look for in a trophy wife. Oh, and don’t forget that this will all lead to sex… so be ready for that anytime. [Read: 27 super sexy ways to be the wife of your husband’s dreams]

4. Be willing to sign a prenuptial agreement

You didn’t think that a rich man would let you marry him without signing a prenuptial agreement, did you? He’s not stupid. He doesn’t want to lose his entire fortune if you happen to get divorced.

So, expect that you will have to sign that little piece of paper before you walk down the aisle. It may or may not be fair to you, but that’s what you’ll have to do if you want to be a trophy wife.

The pros and the cons of a trophy wife

There are many reasons why men seek the company of a trophy wife, a woman who is significantly better looking than them; a real ten-out-of-ten on the stunner scale.

Yes, this can be due to the simple fact of being able to enjoy the physicality of such a beautiful woman, but there are a number of other reasons, usually linked to games of advantage and one-upping others in their immediate social circle. These are discussed in the first of the two following lists.

There are, however, downfalls associated with the trophy wife and we think it’s only fair that we should discuss these as well. [Read: The 23 kinds of relationships to define your love life]

Pros of a trophy wife

Why do men desire a trophy wife? We’re all looking at them as they enter the restaurant, as they step into that classic car, and as they strut down the street looking more than a little pleased with themselves.

Is it just that men love the attention of having a beautiful woman in their arms, or is there something more?

1. The little green-eyed monster

Let’s face it; guys love that first moment when they introduce her to their friends and/or colleagues and their jaws hit the ground in amazement.

Soliciting this jealous reaction from others is one of the main reasons that the trophy wife is so popular, with all the petulant joy it brings! [Read: 34 physical traits of a woman that arouse any man instantly]

2. Professional prestige

Taking along a trophy wife to a professional event is likely to make a boss sit up and take notice.

A guy who can have a woman like that on his arm must be a real go-getter, an action man of the highest order. It’s a guaranteed way to get yourself noticed the next time the promotions are handed out.

3. Control

Trophy wives are usually very aware of what they are, and happy to compromise any other principles they may have.

Consequently, they are unlikely to challenge and criticize your decisions and opinions in the manner that other women may. This means an easy life guaranteed for the man who doesn’t have much about him. [Read: How to be a sexy goddess who’s desired by all men]

4. The fast track

It’s not only in your professional life that having a trophy wife adorning your arm works out for the best. Watch locked doors open and queues suddenly shorten as people make an effort to fast track you and your human jewelry down the corridors of life.

From airplanes to lines at the nightclub, you will start to glide through life that little bit easier.

5. You can’t be serious

A trophy wife is undeniably fun. She knows her place in life and doesn’t pretend to be anything else.

She’s there to make you look good and feel good and that’s the role she performs. Always the life and soul of the party, she’ll ensure that you never have a dull evening—one way or another!

6. The mystery factor

There’s nothing more guaranteed to get people guessing about you than the presence of a trophy wife.

What are you? A big businessman, a politician, a superstar, a Bond-esque secret agent? It’s all fantastically ego-building stuff. [Read: 25 awesomely bad ways to be a total badass]

7. Young at heart

It’s probably fair to say that the trophy wife is usually found upon the arm of a gentleman significantly older than herself.

And there is something significantly rejuvenating about spending personal time in the company of a younger, beautiful woman. As they say, you’re only as old as the woman you feel! [Read: Why men always fall for the damsel in distress]

Cons of a trophy wife

Unfortunately, it’s not all fun-filled nights of champagne and jealous stares. Having a trophy wife in your life also has some significant downsides.

1. Deep pockets required

The most obvious disadvantage to a trophy wife is that if you’re going to run a Ferrari, then you have to pay a great deal more in maintenance.

Trophies don’t come cheap, and an occasional wallet-saver dinner at the local burger joint is never an option. For this lady, it’s swanky restaurants, luxury clothing, expensive cosmetic procedures, catwalk accessories, and champagne and caviar, every step of the way. [Read: How to look rich – 40 posh ways to look like you’re rolling in cash]

2. Till death do us part?

Trophy wives will tend to stick with someone who lavishes enough attention on them, but only until the next richer and better-looking option comes along.

Be prepared to be ditched for a newer, more extravagant model. And trust us, most trophy wives won’t think twice about making that change. [Read: The 7 kinds of women who will end up just wasting your time]

3. Dangerous liaisons

Being a perfect 10, she can get any man she wants—and that rich, magazine centerfold stud that strolled into the bar is going to walk away with her telephone number at the end of the night. Infidelity is the curse of any trophy wife relationship.

4. Something missing

If there’s more to you than your acquisition of a trophy wife would suggest, you’re going to find the relationship very unfulfilling very quickly.

They aren’t renowned for their scintillating conversation and you may just find yourself pining for a woman who knows her own mind. [Read: 23 classy traits of a real woman that awe and mesmerize everyone around her]

5. Beating the cliché

If you are the typical older man in this relationship, then expect the whisperers to engage in conversation at every opportunity your turned back presents.

The rumormongers will be calling you every creepy old man epithet under the sun, and this isn’t really the ideal way for people to get to know you—in any arena. [Read: The sneaky signs you’re dating a 24K gold digger!]

6. Raised eyebrows

Not the kind she gets every time she goes for her refreshing syringe of Botox, but the kind your friends display when she attempts conversation at the restaurant.

If she’s not the greatest of conversationalists, prepare to be embarrassed!

7. Accumulative stress

With all the embarrassments, worries, and expenses of maintaining a trophy wife, is it actually worth having one? That is of course for you to decide, but there aren’t many men who can afford to manage such stresses without significant aplomb.

It’s no coincidence that many men who marry trophy wives end up with different women later in their lives. It’s exhausting, expensive, and mentally draining to manage a trophy wife—with no real guarantee that she’ll stay with you in the end.

[Read: 15 signs a girl is high maintenance and not just a trophy wife]

Some men, however, still love the prestige that a beautiful woman affords. If that’s you, then go ahead and search out your particular piece of human jewelry – your trophy wife. Just make sure you’re ready for the pitfalls too.

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