Tinder Fuck: How to Find the Hottest Hookup With This Dating App

You may think it’s easy to find someone to hookup with on a dating app. But will it be good? These tips will help you find the very best Tinder fuck.

Tinder Fuck

We all know how involved the Internet is when it comes to finding dates. You download and app, upload some pictures, and in a matter of hours, you have a date for the night. It’s just as easy to find someone to have sex with. But you don’t want just any Tinder fuck. You want to have the best.

And if you’re really looking for a good time that won’t leave you disappointed, you’ll need some help. There’s definitely a certain process you should be following when it comes to finding a hookup – especially on an app like Tinder. You don’t want to end up with someone that doesn’t please you.

The drawbacks of finding a hookup on an app versus real life

When you go out to the bars with friends and are in search of someone to take home, it’s actually a little easier. You get to converse with the person in real life. You can see if you two have any physical chemistry at all and then take them home.

While romantic chemistry isn’t needed for a night of fun, that physical connection is important. Without it, you won’t get as much pleasure. You just won’t click in the bedroom. That’s what makes finding a hot Tinder fuck difficult. There’s no in-person interaction before the meetup. [Read: The pros and cons of using dating apps to snag a date]

Finding the best Tinder fuck out there made easy

If you’re looking for a hookup for a night of fun, you’ll want it to be a good one. There’s really no point in going out of your way to sleep with someone who’s mediocre. That being said, you don’t always know who will be great in bed and who will fall flat.

But that’s why we’re here to help. Whether you’re a guy or gal looking to have a night of pleasure with someone, we can help you find that person. Here’s everything you need to do to find that great Tinder fuck.

#1 Write your bio so everyone knows you just want fun. The biggest issue you’ll run into trying to find a hookup on any dating site or app is people who want a relationship. You have to make it clear why you’re on it. So fill out your bio accordingly and then proceed.

The simplest way to do this is to list very few details about yourself. Follow this with, “just looking for a good time,” and people will automatically get the hint. That’s basically code for, “I want a Tinder fuck.” [Read: What it takes to have a great online dating bio]

#2 Show your flirty side in your photos. Don’t upload photos that show your adventurous side or something that you want people to know about you. Show off the hot photos. Upload pictures that make you look fun and attractive.

People will pick up on the fact that you like a good time this way. If you only show stuff that’s important to your real life, it’ll look like you want a relationship. [SMH.com.au: A Glossary of Tinder bio terms to help you decide which way to swipe]

#3 Don’t swipe for anyone looking for the “real thing.” This is something major that might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised. Read the bios people put on their profile. Although someone may look fun and like they’ll be down for only a Tinder fuck, they might want more.

If their bio has any indication of them looking for a real relationship, don’t swipe right. They’ll only be disappointed that you want nothing more than a good romp in the sheets.

#4 Avoid shirtless pictured guys. Ladies, if you want actual pleasure, you should avoid the shirtless guy pictures. Usually, if a guy shows off their muscles, they’re trying to compensate for something.

Now, this doesn’t mean ALL guys who post shirtless pictures would be inadequate at pleasing you. This is just something that usually indicates that a guy is trying to persuade you with his body only. Meaning, he might not have much else to offer. [Read: I used a dating site without a photo and this happened]

#5 Swipe for adventurous pictures. Even though someone who posts a picture of them doing something adventurous may have done so because they want to find someone who likes the same things, it also shows they like to get a little wild.

They’ll be more likely to be down for something like a Tinder fuck versus a relationship. So if they have the other criteria as well, swipe away!

#6 Don’t swipe for anyone you would actually get feelings for. You know your type. If you see someone who’s attractive and also seems to be compatible with you, avoid them. This is only if you actually don’t want a serious relationship.

If all you want is someone to hook up with, a friend with benefits, then avoid people you may like. Catching feelings for someone you only meant to hook up with can be bad. [Read: 14 things you must teach your new FWB]

#7 Drop a sexy pickup line on people you match with. The best way to make sure you get the conversation headed in the right direction is to drop a pickup line. Be the first to reach out to them and start the flirting right away.

If you want to have a great Tinder fuck, you have to get right to the chase. Don’t let them try to get to know you first. If you set it up right away with flirtatious behavior, they’ll get the point.

#8 Let your expectations be known. And the best way to do this is to start the flirting and dirty talk right away. Make sure they know what you want. You can even start the conversation by saying, “Are you just looking for a good time tonight?” and leave it at that.

They’ll know what your expectations are right away and will hopefully be honest about being able to meet them. If they seem a little hesitant, move on to the next person. [Read: How to manage your expectations in any relationship]

#9 Meet somewhere public first. Just go out and have a couple drinks. It can be a little dangerous meeting someone at their home and getting down to business. At the very least, having drinks will help you loosen up and see if you have real chemistry. Then you can hit the sheets.

You may not want that romantic connection, but if you want to be pleased in bed, you’ll need a physical one. Meet up beforehand and see if they’ll be able to meet your needs.

#10 Head to the bedroom and work your magic! If all goes well and you’ve found someone you’d like to get frisky with, go for it. Make your way to the bedroom and see what they’re like. Make a point to be verbal about what you want.

If you communicate during your Tinder fuck, it’ll be even better. And who knows, you may find a great fuck buddy to hook up with regularly.

 [Read: 11 must-follow rules for getting laid on Tinder]

Finding a great Tinder fuck is a lot harder than people realize. Sure, you can easily get a mediocre hookup. But what fun is that? Use these tips to hook you a great one-night stand.

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