Online Dating Woes: 8 Most Common Tinder Horror Stories

Whether you’re looking to hook up or find a real match, here are some of the inevitable weirdos you’re destined to meet while using Tinder!

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Regarding the famous *or should I say infamous?* dating app Tinder, Claire* says: “I made the account, and then deleted it 5 minutes later!” Why? The truth is, for every one person raving about the phone app, there are about 10 others shuddering at the memory of creepy Tinder experiences.

For those who have been living under a rock, Tinder is a dating app for your phone that encourages matches based on a picture and a blurb of a profile. You swipe left if you never want to see them again, and swipe right for further interaction.

While the use of technology to wrangle a date is hardly new, Tinder has certainly paved the way for a new generation of blind dates–and the results aren’t always impressive! With over 50 million users, you can see why there may be a few bumps in the road. [Read: 14 important do’s and don’ts of online dating]

The worst things Tinder users have to put up with

We’ve reached out to some Tinder users and zeroed in on some of the most common dating mishaps that come from using this sexy app to help you be more cautious in the future.

*Some names have been changed to protect the innocent… and the embarrassed!

#1 The “I’m just in this to shag” date. Tinder was initially designed–and certainly maintains the reputation–as a hookup app. If you’re looking to use Tinder to meet your forever love, your best bet is to make your intentions clear to your date before you actually hook up!

#2 The married date. According to, as of May 2015, the estimated number of SINGLE Tinder users was a mere 54%! That means that 46% of this dating app’s users are married or taken in some capacity.

Speaking of her first Tinder date, Tasha* says: “I met him at a local pub. He was friendly and handsome, and it looked promising. But then I noticed the ring on his finger.” As it turns out, her handsome “right swipe” turned out to be an out-of-towner pilot who was married–with children.

“When I balked at that, he tried to sell me some cock-and-bull story about how he’s not trying to cheat or anything *heavens no!*, but that he just likes to meet local people where he goes to pass the time.” Sure. “Local people.” Women, chiefly. On Tinder.

#3 The “I love drama” date. Some people love Tinder for the drama that can be involved. While some non-singles have Tinder simply out of curiosity or to cheat, others love being able to use the app to make their current mates jealous.

Brian* relates, “I met a girl off Tinder, then it turned out she had a boyfriend… and it turned into some huge drama. I stopped responding to her texts and just ignored her, and then a day later, she texted me and tried to start sh*t. She even got her boyfriend to start texting me.”

If you feel your Tinder swipe may be in it for drama inspiration, run away! [Read: Why online dating is more terrifying than a horror film]

#4 The no-show date. Have you ever posted an ad for a $20 dresser on Craigslist and got a million and one ads saying that the potential buyer is coming to get it “Immediately!” only to have them never show? Unfortunately, this can be the case with Tinder dates. Without the exchange of money, we hope!

This happened to one Tinder user, Mark, who says plainly, “I had a coffee date… she didn’t show up.” Since Tinder is photo-based, you won’t have to worry about them no-showing you on account of your looks. No. They don’t do it because of you, they do it because they can! Whether it’s nerves or just plain rudeness, you may just wind up with a no-show.

#5 The “I know you from somewhere” run-in. Hey, be careful where you swipe that thing! Famously, the gimmick of Tinder swiping decides your potential dating pool. Swipe to the left and they’re gone for good, and swipe to the right and they’ve become a consideration. Just remember not to get too trigger happy…

Jason* learned this the hard way. He explains, “I’m a self-described power swiper. I swipe right all the time and sort later. Well, one time I was eating lunch with my buds at a local coffee shop, and lo and behold, one of my matches who I missed filtering recognized my face. She comes over and asks if I recognize her, to which I say no. She then proceeds to sit down at the table and berate me for not recognizing her face. After she left, I made sure to un-match.” Whoops! [Read: 30 effective tips to help you win at online dating]

#6 The absolutely crazy date. Every so often online, no matter what digital dating avenue you choose, you will inevitably go out to dinner/coffee/drinks with someone who is off their gourd.

According to Ashely, “This guy said he had worked in Area 51 at Roswell and had a very high security clearance, but was very cagey about what he did in the UK *he was British*. He sounded interesting, so I agreed to a dinner date. This turned out to be a big mistake. He spent the whole meal telling me in a loud voice that aliens lived near the earth’s core and come out of special holes in the ground. He said that the aliens people had seen were really extra-terrestrials in heat resistant suits!”

#7 The jerk. Guys are dogged when it comes to pursuing Tinder cuties, and vice-versa! It seems the art of persuasiveness is not lost to Tinder users, and not everybody likes the persistence. Beth sums it up with her experience: “Tinder matches almost immediately troll or send corny pick-up lines, and they move on fast. Most guys are on for hook-ups, and there are a lot of tourists on there. A lot of the guys are rude and cocky!” [Read: Why do all the nice guys suck at online dating?]

#8 The “you don’t look like your picture” date. Lying about your appearance is one of the most common occurrences with online dating. Jason says, “There is a high risk of meeting someone who leads you on. Sometimes, they turn out to be a Catfish, and some can be a lot older than they say.”

Amy backs up this claim with her Tinder date night, saying, “This guy had written ‘well-built’ on his profile. I asked him specifically if he had a heavy build. He said no and insisted on meeting me for dinner at a really posh place. I agreed. Mistake. When his car rolled up in the car park, the suspension was down on one side. When he got out, it went up… as he was at least 300 lbs.”

While someone is definitely still worth getting to know even if they’re a couple of pounds heavier than their photo, being lied to right off the bat isn’t the best way to start your date. [Read: How to spot a liar on an online dating site]

Have you experienced a wacky Tinder date? Take solace that you’re definitely not alone! While you may not get the best date of your life from Tinder, you’ll definitely end up with a party story or two!

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