16 Subtle Signs He’s Definitely Cheating on You!

Are you looking for those elusive cheating signs to know if your man’s up to no good? Read these sneaky signs that he’s cheating on you and find out in no time.

signs he's cheating

Click here to read the first six big cheating signs in the first part on is he cheating on you?

When a man cheats, he can’t help but display a few of the signs that have been mentioned here and in the first part.

He may be a cool customer who’s made every effort to wipe his tracks when he’s having an affair.

He may avoid using his credit card or even be extremely careful about using his cell phone to call his adulterous lover, just in case you get your hands on his list of outgoing calls in the next month’s bill.

But even the most adulterous of lovers give away a few cheating signs, perhaps, because of his guilt or even his fear.

Watch out for these little signs, especially if you’ve been getting that feeling that he’s up to something.

Signs he’s cheating on you

Before you get to these signs, read the first six signs on is he cheating on you just so you’ve tested the first few basic cheating signs before you get to these sneaky signs he’s cheating on you.

#7 He panics easily

Ever told your man “I want to speak about something I just found out…” and walked away?

Whether you’re kidding or otherwise, does he start to panic or trail you like a little lamb pestering you to tell him what’s on your mind? Or does he get panicky when you ask him where he was the earlier night?

Most men who are cheating on their partner are almost always living in fear of getting caught. When you suddenly pop a question, your man would either ramble a few well rehearsed lines or argue with you for confronting him “aggressively”. All men who cheat are extremely afraid of getting caught, and they’d end up overdoing their behavior in the effort to seem normal.

#8 Is your man distracted?

When a man’s having an affair with someone new, it’s a scary and yet exciting phase in his life. It may be terrible for you, but it’s a bag of mixed emotions for him, just like a roller coaster.

Does your man spend a lot of time by himself? If you catch him staring into space with a big grin or a hard on more than once, immediately ask him what’s on his mind. If it’s something dirty involving the other woman, he’s obviously going to take a few seconds or more to say something convincing to you.

For a man, having an affair is almost as special as falling in love. After all, it’s an infatuation and he’d want to spend a bit of time fantasizing about his last marathon in bed with this new chick in his life. [Read: How men fall in love]

#9 He looks better down there

No, it’s not cosmetic surgery we’re talking about. But has your man recently got rid of all his frayed or fading underwear and traded them in for some snug boxer briefs? Men in long term committed relationships are used to having more than one little hole in their tighty whities, and let’s not even get to stains. [Read: Boxers or briefs?]

If he’s packing his luggage down there in the finest of new underwear, he’s obviously doing it to feel good about himself or impress someone.

Has he been grooming himself better down there or is it still lost in the jungle? Any man who’s just getting into a new affair can’t help but want to make a good impression when his little fella stands up for a task. If he’s been trying to look better in his bare minimums in recent times without any motivation, there’s a good chance you’re not the only person getting a glimpse.

#10 He’s doused with fragrances when he comes home

Any guy who is out with another girl knows he should still smell like a man when he goes home. After all, he’s heard stories of women sniffing their men’s underwear for new fragrances.

The next time you’re waiting to sniff his clothes for new fragrances, keep an eye out not just for women’s fragrances, but men’s fragrances too. Just to play it safe, there’s always a good chance that your man may have emptied a bottle of cologne all over himself just to smell more au natural. But seriously, rich perfume from a man’s pants at the end of the day? Unless he’s peed himself, why would he need to smell good down there when he’s coming home and changing anyway?

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More signs that may be cheating on you

Here are a few more cheating signs that can help you find out if he’s up to not good. Now while these may not particularly be the most obvious ways to find out if he’s cheating on you, they’re still pretty good signs to help you figure if your man’s doing more than just you.

#11 Your womanly instincts

Instincts are a great thing. While they may not always be the best judge, it can still help you read the signs. Whenever you’re in doubt, learn to trust your instincts and club it with a few other signs to make sure you’re not jumping to conclusions.

#12 He has email or social accounts you didn’t know

Did you come across a new email id or a facebook account while logging into your account using your man’s computer? Sometimes auto fill options and the browser search history on your partner’s computer can give away more than just a few signs.

#13 A woman’s hair on his car seat

It’s always easy to find a woman’s hair in car upholstery. A cheating partner may be clever enough to get rid of the hair, but there’s always a chance of overlooking something. But remember this, it could have been a friend’s strand of hair, so don’t reach for the gun just yet.

#14 He suffers from short term memory loss

Is your man confused about dates or what he had been doing last week on a particular day? If he’s cheating on you, he’s obviously going to be confused about what he’s told you, especially when he’s been making up excuses all the time.

#15 He’s a changed man

Does the relationship feel different all of a sudden? Is your man behaving distant or irritable? Or is he trying to be overly affectionate? When men cheat, they can’t usually take a middle path in affection. He’d either become distant or overly affectionate. It’s a man’s way of dealing with the guilt.

#16 He tries to explain himself a lot

Has he started explaining himself a lot more than he normally does? A man who’s cheating usually spins elaborate stories about where he’s been just to seem convincing. If you ask him how his dinner with his new friends was, and he elaborates a long story about it for a few minutes, when he generally doesn’t ever go into details without a bit of pestering, he may be trying to cover something up.

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Now all of these cheating signs aren’t surefire ways to prove that your man’s been shaking another bed, but they’re almost always right when it comes to cheating men. Be prepared to give your man the benefit of the doubt until you’re certain he’s cheating on you. After all, there’s no point in building insecurities and fueling doubts until you have enough reason to confront your man.

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So is your man cheating on you? These signs don’t lie, but always remember that there could be exceptions to any rule. Use these cheating signs to confront your man, but not until you experience a lot of these signs in your relationship.

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