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Why Is He Texting Me if He’s Not Interested? Here’s 15 Reasons Why

You’re going insane wondering, why is he texting me if he’s not interested. Just because he texts you doesn’t mean he wants you.

Why Is He Texting Me if He's Not Interested

Oh, girls, I could write a book about the topic, why is he texting me if he’s not interested. When it came to dating, this was one of my most common issues. I would have amazing conversations with guys, but nothing would happen.

I would literally wait for weeks for them to ask me out, and it would never happen. So, instead, I made the first move, thinking they were scared. In reality, they had no interest in dating me.

And the excuses were endless; I don’t know what I want, I’m not ready to date, I thought we were just friends. So, all the time I invested into the relationship went down the drain.

The worst part was no one told me these guys weren’t interested in me. Not one person. Everyone would say that the guy was weird or maybe he’s shy, but the truth was he didn’t want me. It hurt to accept that truth, but on the other hand, I was able to cut guys out of my life quickly and move onto the next.  [Read: Things nice guys do that are generally mistaken for flirting]

Why is he texting me if he’s not interested?

If a guy is texting you but saying he’s not interested in you, move on. It can be hard to do when you don’t feel closure. So, here are the 15 reasons  he’s texting you if he’s not interested. It’s time to move on and find someone who’s really into you. It’s time you learned the truth.

#1 He needs an ego boost. There are some days when you need validation, so you text someone who you know is into you. You make him feel good and look good in front of other people, so he’s happy to have you around. Does he want to be with you? No, he doesn’t. You’re a souvenir for him.

#2 You’re in the friend-zone. You’re in the friend-zone. I’m sorry you made it there, but it happens to the best of us. He’s super comfortable texting and talking to you on the phone, which gives you the idea that he’s into you. But, that’s where you’re wrong. He’s not, you’re his friend. [Read: How to decode your crush’s behavior]

#3 You’re his #2. He likes you, but he doesn’t like you that much. If he did, he would have locked it down and asked you to date him. But he hasn’t, right? Right. He’ll take you out here and there, text you to keep you interested, but he has someone else on his mind. You’re his #2 not his #1.

#4 He’s a player. Ugh, another player. When will the madness end? Some men are experts at stringing women along and playing mind games with them. This doesn’t mean he’s not into you, but he’s definitely taking his time and has other women on his plate as well. So, he’s keeping you warm in case his other plans don’t work out. [Read: Know these wily signs of a player and stop from getting played]

 #5 You’re a booty call. You may have thought you share something special, but for him, you’re his booty call. If he ignores most of your texts but will reply late at night or text you past 10 pm, then you’re his booty call. Also, pay attention to what he talks about. Are all your conversations sexual? There ya go.

#6 He’s not sure what he wants. This happens a lot. When a guy is indecisive, he’ll drive you nuts. You’ll constantly be asking yourself whether he likes you or not, and that’s when you know he doesn’t know what he wants. If you’re confused, then he’s confused. It’s that simple. This is also a good sign for you to end things while you’re ahead.

#7 You’re day-dreaming. This happens to the best of us. While the guy isn’t interested in us, we’re taking all our conversations with them and tearing them apart, looking for clues and hints that he’s interested. Listen, step out of your conversations, and show them to someone you trust. Let them help you get back into reality.

#8 He likes the attention you give him. He’s only human. If an attractive girl is giving him attention, he’s not going to want it to stop. He likes the conversations you have together and the attention he gets. If you flirt and compliment him, that’s enough to keep him going. It’s always nice when someone gives you attention and doesn’t ask for anything in return.

#9 He’s bored. What can I say? I think we’ve all been in that position when we text someone because we’re bored. If he’s not texting you consistently, but only when he’s bored at work, well, you’re the one helping him get through a slow period. In other words, you’re a filler until something better comes along. [Read: These revealing signs will tell you if he doesn’t like you romantically]

#10 He has a flirty personality. Some guys are flirtatious by nature. Your conversations may be cheeky and flirty, but he’s not interested in anything serious. He knows when he texts you, it’s going to be playful and light, which is why he texts you. You give him a sense of relief during his busy day.

#11 He’s feeling lonely. Everyone gets a little lonely, and when that happens, they usually turn to people who give them attention. Well, you’re one of those people for him. When he’s feeling a little down, he sends you a text and knows you’ll reply. He’s not interested in you; instead, he wants to fill the void.

 #12 He enjoys talking to you. You’re funny and have a great personality, so why wouldn’t he want to talk to you? He enjoys the conversations but isn’t interested in progressing things. He’s happy texting you, sharing a couple of laughs, and going on with his day. [Read: 20 reasons why he probably doesn’t like you back]

#13 He’s newly single. Newly single men walk into unknown territory. They haven’t been single in a while, and now, they’re flooded with new women. If he’s just out of a relationship, don’t take his words seriously. He’s probably not ready for a commitment but wants to play the field. This is why he’s texting you even though he’s not making a move.

#14 He’s just being nice. Have you ever looked at your conversations? Who initiates the texts? If you start the conversations, he could be texting you back just to be nice. It’s easy to get carried away in your head and think he’s the one texting you. Plus, one-worded replies aren’t really texts. [Read: Is he interested or just being nice?]

#15 Ask him what’s going on. At the end of the day, if you’re still not sure why he keeps texting you if he says he’s not interested, ask him. It’s time you put him on the spot and lit a flame under his butt. He needs to know that you’re aware of his behavior and you’re not having any of it.

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Still wondering, why is he texting me if he’s not interested in me? Well, no one said love was easy. But if he’s not interested in you and he keeps texting you, it’s time for you to move on. 

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