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The Clueless Guy’s and Girl’s Guide to Use Pickup Lines

Pickup lines can be seen as quick and witty or trite and annoying. Learn how to use the right pickup line for the right situation with these tips.

guy's and girl's guide to pick up lines

If you’re single and have been unsuccessfully trying to hook up, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your approach. Maybe what you’ve considered to be rather clever or witty, in fact, isn’t coming across that way at all, and therefore you still remain all alone.

Oftentimes we can think of something to say that in our minds we think is awesome, but once it is verbally said out loud to someone else, it actually makes it look kind of bitchy or arrogant or just plain stupid.

No one wants to be with someone who isn’t confident, the same way no one wants to be with someone who is a complete jerk. This is why the pickup line itself, as well as the situation where it’s used, should be considered before you even attempt to approach anyone. [Read: 30 awesome pickup lines and 10 you should never use]

What are the best pickup lines to use?

If you’re tired of being rejected because of your poorly timed or poorly constructed line, here are our tips.

#1 “How about I get you another margarita?” This works best if the girl in question is indeed drinking a margarita. Otherwise, she’d think you’re trying a little too hard to be smooth. When done successfully, this can end up with you sharing a couple of drinks with the girl, or until she finishes the margarita you got her and hops off the bar stool.

The reason this works like a charm is because some women genuinely like it when you buy them drinks, particularly if those drinks cost a little more than the typical cocktail. It shows her that you’re willing to spend money on her. Plus, if you guessed what she was sipping on, it shows that you pay attention to detail, which is always better than the usual, “Can I buy you a drink?” [Read: How to charm a girl and get her to like you]

#2 “Can I borrow your phone for a second?” I know we live in a world where we are all glued to our technological devices, but I know firsthand that this technique can actually work. Basically, if you see a girl or guy you like, you walk up to them and ask to use their phone because you’ve happened to misplace yours, even though this isn’t exactly true.

More likely than not they will let you use their phone, and you dial your number. It doesn’t matter if the person who let you borrow it talked to you for five seconds or five minutes, you now successfully have their number saved on your phone, and now you can call them and ask them out on a date! Sneaky, huh?

#3 “What is your favorite thing on the menu?” If you are out at a restaurant or bar that you’ve never been to, and you are sitting in close proximity to someone you happen to find attractive and want to talk to, a great way to open that line of communication up is by asking them what they prefer, or if they have any recommendations.

Not only will this help you decide on choosing something that you want to eat or drink, but it’ll also be a great way to learn more about who they are and their taste in food, and it will make them feel special because you asked them for their advice.

On the flipside, if you happen to spot someone struggling with the menu in a place you’re familiar with, you can offer some advice about the food and drinks you think they’d like. Something along the lines of, “The Old Fashioned seems like your kind of drink.” This can then lead to an interesting conversation.

#4 “You look familiar, have we met before?” This one is a great way to meet someone. If you see a girl or a guy you want to talk to, simply walk up to them and ask them if you’ve met before or act like you recognize them from somewhere, even though you know you have never met them before now.

This opener works great because it not only actually gets them racking their brain thinking if they have in fact met you before, but it will also get them to start asking you questions about yourself like your name, where you work or if you live nearby. [Read: 5 tips to make you look effortlessly smooth]

#5 “What’s your sign?” I personally believe this one works better for a guy who wants to talk to a girl, but that’s just because I feel like girls are way more into “signs” and horoscopes and what not. Maybe I’m wrong, who knows.

Anyway, what you do here is walk up to the girl or guy you want to meet, and ask them when their birthday is, and then follow it by saying something like “Oh my goodness, are you an Aries?” and they will be blown away with your knowledge and expertise of the astrological system. Pretty suave, if you ask me!

#6 “Brad and Jen or Brad and Angelina?” Girls love keeping up with celebrities and entertainment, and let’s be honest, both men and women love following all things Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie. If you ask a girl you want to know if she prefers Brad/Jen or Brad/Angelina better, she’ll have no problem opening right up and letting you know her thoughts!

This one is a great way to get to know a girl because it’ll teach you a few things immediately about her. For example, what does she actually think about Angelina Jolie as a home wrecker or a celebrated philanthropist, and if she thinks Brad is sexiest during his Interview With the Vampire days or prefers more of the dad-scruff thing he has going on now.

You’ll get to know what her type is, and what she values when it comes to romance. Of course, she will be so intrigued by you, because no other guys have ever asked her such a fun question just to say hello.

#7 “I’m just a boy, standing in front of a girl that I want to know.” This is a play on words off of the famous movie quote from Notting Hill where she says, “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” Using this line on a girl you just met, or want to meet, is a great way to do so.

She’ll probably laugh because she will pick up on the movie reference, and she’ll also probably find it freaking adorable that you used it, and had the guts to do so. What girl doesn’t love romantic movies, and what girl doesn’t love a guy who knows romantic movies as well? Any girl you say this to will at least laugh, and getting a girl to laugh is a great feat! Funny guys always win! [Read: The socially awkward guy’s guide to flirting]

When you want to meet someone for the first time, it also means you are making a first-impression. It’s just like going on a job interview: you only get one chance to make a first impression. Usually they know if they like you within the first 2 minutes, which is why first impressions matter. [Read: 12 ways make a great first impression]

Therefore, if you are going to approach a girl or a guy for the first time, you want them to remember you in a good way so they can get to know who you are. You want them to want to know you just as much as you want to know them.

So instead of saying things that they probably hear all the time, like how beautiful they are, or asking them if they are single, try using these lines instead. Why do you want to blend in when you were born to stand out?

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