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6 Subtle Flirty Questions You Can Ask your Crush

Learn how to use what you already know to ask your crush the right questions. Their answers can give you the insight into what they think about you.

questions to ask your crush

Dating columns and self-help books tell you to be yourself and have the guts to ask your crush point blank about the way he or she feels about you. We’re here to tell you that it’s not your first line of defense. You can actually ask them a round of questions that can give you the best insight on how they see you – as just- friends or maybe more. [Read: The super simple steps to get your crush to notice you]

Mind-reading tactics

If mind reading were an available superpower to the masses, there would be no need for this feature. Sadly, since only the super-secret elite and imaginary have this power, you will have to settle for the ordinary alternative: reading into things.

Research has proven that you can tell what a person is thinking through body language, micro-expressions and significant tells. These methods need to be studied for years before you can presume to know how a person thinks.

The easy route can be accessed from the comfort of your own home via their social media accounts. You can learn a lot about a person from their photos, public correspondence, the music they listen to and even the things that they like on Facebook. People tend to express their thoughts using Tweets and show their experiences using Facebook and Instagram.

We’re not saying that you should invest your energy in researching into everything about them online, but it does help if you see what they’re up to now and again. The little things you notice can help you start a few conversations. Who knows? This could be your first step to a long and lasting relationship.

What to ask your crush to know if they like you or not

Since you’re pressed for time and really need to know if your crush likes you or not, we’ve developed a list of questions you can ask your crush. Their answers and reactions will give you an idea about what their intentions are towards you. [Read: Conversation starters to really grab your crush’s attention]

#1 Do you know this band that I really love? First, ask them what their favorite music is. When they answer you, tell them about a really obscure band in a similar genre that you like and ask them if they like that band. If you don’t like any obscure bands, find one that may be unfamiliar to your crush.

They like you if… they say they don’t know the band and would really love to listen to them sometime… preferably with you. If they make an effort to find the band and give you their thoughts on it, then they probably like you even without the invite.

They don’t if… they say yes or no and leave the conversation at that.

#2 Have you been to that place on the other side of town that no one’s ever heard of? Ask them if they’ve been to this out-of-the-way restaurant you recently discovered. Tell them that you really love the Thursday night Chef’s Special and that they should try it sometime.

They like you if… they ask you to accompany them to said restaurant. If not, they can also ask you what other types of food you like. Your crush showing an interest in your likes and dislikes is a good sign.

They don’t if… they ask you for the address and gush about how so-and-so would probably love to go there.

#3 How did you do on that activity I almost failed in? Find out which subject they excel at in school or which department they belong to in their company. Tell them that you’ve been having some problems about a particular activity related to what they’re good at and mention that you have no idea what to do about it.

They like you if… they offer to tutor you or teach you about it while you both get coffee. If they don’t ask you out just yet, they might try to use the topic as an excuse to talk to you more in the future.

They don’t if… they pawn you off to somebody who knows more about the subject than they do.

#4 What’s the right way to do this exciting new hobby that I have? Start a new hobby or mention one that you crush also happens to be doing. Ask them anything about that hobby.

They like you if… they invite you to spend time with them doing that hobby. They could also give you some tips and tricks you could use when you’re not together. If they are enthusiastic about your involvement in the activity, you may need to invest full-time on it or admit that you were only trying to see what they liked about it so much.

They don’t if… they tell you a few things about that hobby and how awesome it was the last time they did it. Nothing more.

#5 What’s your type? This may seem like a pretty obvious hint about your feelings at first, but you can avoid blowing your cover by saying that you might have a crush and that you would really like their point of view on the subject.

They like you if… they describe the exact same person as you. If they stammer, blush or laugh about the question, it could be a sign that they like you. It could also mean that they know you like them. It’s not an absolute confirmation, but it’s the step in the right direction.

They don’t if… they give you a straight answer describing a person who could very well be your polar opposite. They may describe a person with certain similarities, but they could just be saying that to humor your unexpectedly awkward question.

#6 Are you seeing someone now? Another obvious question, but these types of in-your-face tell-me-you-love-me-or-not questions are just a precursor to what’s really on your mind – studying their reaction to the question.

They like you if… they vehemently deny it. When a person asks a question like this, it’s easy to assume that you’re asking because you’re looking to fill in that position. If they are single and they like you, they will use the opportunity to express how they really feel about you *or at least hint about it*. It’s all about making your own windows of opportunity.

They don’t if… the answer to your question is “yes.” If they’re single, they may mention some of the reasons they’re not looking to date right now. They may also say that they haven’t found the right person yet.

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Although these questions can help nudge you in the right direction, they should not be considered as an absolute confirmation as to whether your crush likes you. Their answers and reactions could mean one thing or another.

The best way to know if your crush likes you is to actually experience their affection firsthand. If nothing clicks and they don’t seem to be interested in getting to know you more, then maybe you may need to step up and express what you feel.

I wish there was an indirect yet telling question out there that could explicitly verify that your crush likes you without being too obvious, but there isn’t. The good thing, though, is that you now have a bunch of stuff to ask your crush that can lead to a great conversation!

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These questions to ask your crush can definitely help you drop hints about your attraction. Who knows, a hint may be enough to push your crush into admitting romantic feelings towards you!

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