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Like Someone? 27 Funny, Awkward Things You Can’t Stop Doing

Infatuation is an obsession you simply can’t control. Here are some of the most awkward, cringe-inducing things we can’t stop doing when we’re in love.

like someone

Being in love is like riding a roller-coaster. It’s fun, scary, and makes you feel alive. But it can also make you a little crazy. When you’re madly in love with someone, you start losing control over everything around you—from how you act when they’re around to what enters your mind when you’re alone at night. You want to put a stop to it, but there’s no way you can abruptly throw on the brakes. You have no choice but to accept this phase and laugh at how crazy you’ve become.

The funniest things you probably can’t stop doing now that you’re infatuated

#1 You can’t stop stalking their Facebook profile ten times a day. You hate yourself for it because you know that there won’t be a new status update or tagged photo, but you can’t help it. Checking their profiles on social media is like breathing for you now.

#2 You can’t stop fantasizing that you’re both starring in a movie. Suddenly, it’s as if a camera is following you wherever you go. Every conversation with your crush instantly becomes quotable, and every location you’re at together becomes cinematic. You’re basically waiting for the climax to happen, wherein both of you confess your feelings for each other.

#3 You can’t stop chatting with their friends to find out more about them. “Hi, Ken! How’s your report? By the way, how’s Robbie?” You pretend that you’re really interested in your crush’s friends, but they all know you just want to get the latest scoop on your crush.

#4 You can’t stop smiling like a pathetic hyena. Seriously, no matter how hard you try, your lips just curl up into an annoying grin. It’s as if they’ve got a mind of their own. [Read: Are you in love? 21 signs to decode that fuzzy feeling]

#5 You can’t stop listening to cheesy music. Your playlist used to consist of rock and metal, but now all of a sudden, it’s all cotton candy, happiness, and love. You simply can’t let your friends touch your iPod, or they’ll find out!

#6 You can’t stop checking out their favorite things in the mall. You pass by a guitar shop and can’t help but to go inside and check out the strings because your crush is a guitarist. When you leave the shop, you pass by a pet store and notice that the dog on display is exactly like your crush’s dog.

#7 You can’t stop listening to their favorite music. Even if it’s as loud as Korn or as mellow as Enya, you’ve got your crush’s music on repeat.

#8 You can’t stop checking your phone to see if they’ve messaged you. Your phone is now your best friend. You carry it with you everywhere you go, and checking for messages has now become a compulsion. Even getting a text as simple as “hi” can make you ecstatic. [Read: 20 flirty ways to text your crush and get them really interested in you]

#9 You can’t stop replaying your conversations in your head. Even if they just asked for a paperclip or borrowed your scissors, their words are gold. Sometimes though, you repeat these conversations in your head and cringe because you wish you’d been wittier or more charming.

#10 You can’t stop rereading their messages. Like #9, each text they send you is so precious. You don’t want to delete a single one, even if your phone’s storage space is nearly full.

#11 You can’t stop reading their monthly horoscope. After reading your horoscope and find out that something romantic is supposed to happen to you by the end of the month, you automatically check your crush’s horoscope to check if your fates coincide.

#12 You can’t stop stalking their exes. Now that you’ve done your research to find out who they are, you can’t help but feel the need to track them down one by one to find out if you have anything in common with your crush’s “type.” You also want to know what makes you much better than all of them combined.

#13 You can’t stop being paranoid that he already knows. When your crush approaches you, you start to fumble and stutter and make a fool of yourself. You also can’t look at them directly because your feelings will surely show. [Read: The right way to talk to your crush and make them fall for you]

#14 You can’t stop laughing louder than anyone else when they tell even the corniest jokes. When you have a crush on someone, they can’t do anything wrong, including telling a bad joke. Will Ferrell is no match for them.

#15 You can’t stop thinking about them before going to sleep. Even if you had the busiest day, or even if you’ve just had dinner at the Eiffel Tower, your crush will still be the last thing on your mind before you snooze.

#16 You can’t stop thinking about them first thing in the morning. Naturally! The moment you open your eyes, you start to think of how you can increase your chances of seeing your crush. [Read: How to get your crush to notice you and like you back]

#17 You can’t stop including them in your prayers. You pray for their health like you pray for world peace, even if they only have a cold.

# 18 You can’t stop finding creative ways just to be near them. You borrow their pen, even if you have two on your desk, or you pretend you don’t understand the lessons in class just so you can borrow your crush’s notes. Love finds ways.

#19 You can’t stop becoming jealous when they’re with someone mildly attractive. You’ve kept your feelings to yourself for so long, but then someone just steps in the way? That’s unfair! You loved them first.

#20 You can’t stop craving their attention when you’re around them. You catch yourself talking too much and rambling nonsense. But not only that, your voice gets much louder than usual, too. And why are you laughing so hard? You suddenly become the center of everyone’s attention, but all you want is for your crush to approach you. [Read: 40 funny questions to ask your crush and subtly flirt with them]

#21 You can’t stop being self-conscious. You start checking yourself from head-to-toe, inside and out, just to make sure you look good and sound smart. You start spraying perfume and breath mints every hour.

#22 You can’t stop talking about them when you’re with your friends. You can hear your friends grunting and rolling their eyes when you open your mouth because they know exactly what is about to come out. There’s nothing else you can talk about!

#23 You can’t stop staring at their photos. When they’re not around, you can’t help but stare at their photos at least once a day. You might have even printed out their picture and placed it in your wallet.

#24 You can’t stop staring at them when you think they’re not looking. You might have even discovered that wearing sunglasses just for this purpose makes it a whole lot easier to stare without being caught! [Read: The right way to start a conversation with a crush and woo them before someone else does]

#25 You can’t stop thinking of occasions to give them presents. You’re excited for the holidays because it will give you an excuse to give them gifts. Of course, you’ll give them something generic so it won’t be too obvious that you like them, even though you want to give them something more special, like a ticket to Paris with you.

#26 You can’t stop highlighting the things you have in common. You both love the same flavor of ice cream, and you both hate Christmas songs. Clearly, these are signs that you’re meant to be together, right?

#27 You can’t stop talking to people who think you’re good together. They give you hope and make you feel giddy, therefore, making them the best people to talk to. You just can’t stop giving them the latest updates to your love story because you know they’re just as excited as you are.

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Looking at this list, I’m sure you are laughing at yourself for being a participant in this thing called love. But, despite the embarrassment it can bring, it’s still worth it. Being infatuated with someone can make you feel alive and happy, and can even teach you a thing or two about yourself. And besides, you want stories to tell your grandchildren, right?

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