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How to Make Someone Laugh Over Text: 18 Secrets Fun Texters Know

Not sure how to make someone laugh over text? There are plenty of tips you can learn. You can even become a fun texter that everyone wants to talk to! 

how to make someone laugh over text

We all love someone with a sense of humor. So, it makes sense that we want to be that person for others. Everyone wants to be a fun texter because laughing is the best medicine. Making others feel good through laughter is a major compliment. Everyone wants to be described as funny, so that’s why you’re here, learning how to make someone laugh over text.

Comedy is a way we connect with people. Sharing a sense of humor is a bonding experience. And laughing together, even through text, brings you closer together and makes you feel more comfortable.

But, what can be worse than not making someone laugh, is trying too hard to do so.

Instead of looking for jokes or clever puns to keep in the back of your mind, just be you. Let your freak flag fly.

Start here by learning how to be funny and make people love your company so you can be a genuinely funny person, not just over text but in person as well!

Texting is a huge part of modern society

Everyone loves to text, be it over regular SMS or via direct message on a social media platform or messaging app. We spend hours having conversations with friends and family members, passing the time, and often having full-blown discussions about various issues going on in life.

Fun texts are the best. These have the power to make you burst out laughing in the middle of a supermarket when you read it, have you gasping for breath out of humor, and basically brighten up a rather dull day.

Understanding how to be a fun texter is something you need to learn. Whilst some people find it comes easy to them, others have to work on it a little, and avoid certain things, to keep conversations light and breezy, rather than emotional and heavy.

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to read an essay of a text message which simply outlines a range of emotions and problems – we need more positivity in our lives! [Read: Rules of texting – 15 unwritten texting rules you need to remember]

What laughing over text means

At one point in time, LOL actually meant you made someone laugh over text. Now all those letters imply is a lightheartedness.

If you really want to make someone laugh over text, you need to get at least a HAHA or LMFAO in response. Even the laugh-cry emoji is a sign of actual laughter or at the very least a smirk. If you can get a ROFL, even better!

Since texting is such a major part of our daily communication, showing your sense of humor via text is pretty much a necessity to keep someone interested. It’s also ideal when you’re trying to get to know someone you like.

Flirting over text with a little bit of humor thrown in for good measure is the single best way to impress them from the get-go. By being a fun texter, they’ll want you to keep texting them and that helps to build that flirty bond. [Read: 38 ways to start a conversation over text and make each text fun to reply to]

How to make someone laugh over text

Making someone laugh over text does not have to be hard. Honestly, as long as you have a decent sense of humor and okay timing, you don’t have to try too hard.

It’s actually better not to try too hard as that will simply show through and they’ll think you’re showing signs of desperation. So, go with the flow but keep it simple.

If you have a hard time showing how funny you are through text, we have some tips for you. These will help to bring your true jokester-self to the forefront of all your texts from here on out. [Read: How to be funny and make people love your company]

1. Memes

Memes, if you don’t know, are hilarious images, videos, or even blurbs that have spread throughout the internet due to their relatability and humor. If you can’t think of something funny yourself, use what is at your disposal.

Memes are all over Twitter, Instagram, and pretty much the entire internet so you will have no shortage of material to make your friends or love interest crack up. [Read: 25 fun and cute ways to say ‘hi’ in a text in a casual way]

2. Channel your favorite comedy

Television, movies, comedians… What do these all have in common? They are a part of society. Everyone has seen Friends and The Big Bang Theory. Most people have watched The Office and know Jimmy Kimmel, so channel the people you find funny when trying to make someone laugh over text.

Whether you are trying to cheer them up or just want them to get a taste of your sense of humor, what is better than using a joke from your favorite comedy? [Read: 15 text conversation starters for the shy that work like a charm]

3. Be honest

If you’re wondering how to make someone laugh over text, remember that when humor comes from reality, it is the most authentic.

Why do we love stand-up? Because it is real people sharing real stories and that makes it relatable. You’ll get the most laughs through text when you are telling a story about a bad date or giving your honest opinion on something.

4. Be blunt

Do not hold back. Sure, you do not want to be offensive or rude, but share your opinions. Sometimes, the funniest things come out when you are being brutally honest.

But do remember that there is a fine line between brutally honest and offensive. Going for the shock factor on purpose doesn’t work well. [Read: 40 funny lines to fit right in and make anyone laugh]

5. Don’t overthink it

The difference between letting the laughter flow and trying too hard is the difference between making someone laugh through text and making them roll their eyes.

Do not go back and rewrite your text or reword it like you are writing a letter to your boss. Laughing is casual. You are not writing a joke for your Netflix comedy special, you are texting someone. So, don’t take it so seriously. The whole point is to make them laugh.

6. Remain respectful

Yes, jokes that shock us and push boundaries are gold, but make sure you do not cross those lines.

When you’re figuring out how to make someone laugh over text, the last thing you want to do is upset them. As we mentioned earlier, offensive isn’t funny. [Read: 15 signs of a lack of respect in a relationship you can’t ignore]

So no jokes at the expense of someone’s race, sexual orientation, religion, etc. We shouldn’t even have to tell you this, but for those few, it is a necessary reminder.

7. Use what you have

If you are lacking in the creativity department and can’t think of anything original to throw out to those you are texting, have no fear, the internet is here.

We know we already mentioned memes, they do deserve their own category, but GIFS, YouTube, and screenshots are all there for you too. These will all help you to become a fun texter.

Watched a hilarious prank video? Maybe you saw a GIF that made you squirt your drink out of your nose? Or maybe a wrong text screenshot made you giggle?

No matter what it is, sharing what made you laugh isn’t theft or plagiarism, it is just sharing the laughter. [Read: 20 funny get to know you questions to text and bond with them instantly]

8. Share an anecdote

Share an embarrassing moment. This is sure to make your texting partner crack up. When you get home from a date and share the story with a friend, the HAHAs are in high supply.

So don’t let your funny moments pass you by without sharing the goods with whomever you’re texting. 

9. Use sarcasm – but carefully

We know, it seems like sarcasm can be a no-no through texting. Without facial expressions and tone of voice, how can you really tell sarcasm from the truth? Well, anyone with a similar sense of humor and love for sarcasm or dry humor will get it.

Sure, it goes over some people’s heads. If that happens, maybe your senses of humor do not match up so well. Too bad. [Read: 20 signs you’ve mastered the dry sense of humor]

10. Wordplay

Not everyone loves a clever pun. Those who do are meant to be. Sure, it takes some brain strength to master a language and be smooth as butter with it, but it is impressive.

Sure, puns aren’t the type of humor you laugh out loud at, but they are the type that gets you two laughing in person instead of just through text. [Read: How to be witty and 25 ways to win people over with your charm]

11. Don’t be afraid of the witty one-liner

Witty one-liners are comedy gold. The problem is you tend to come up with them after the moment has passed.

The great thing about texting is that you can think about it before you send it. So, if you have a witty one-liner in your mind, use it in your text and wait for the laughs. 

12. Remember to always be yourself

This may just be the most important advice we can give in regards to making someone laugh through text.

Sure, you can channel your favorite comedian or send a killer meme, but if your sense of humor via text is not true to who you are and how you act in person, it is sort of pointless, isn’t it?

If whoever you’re texting doesn’t think what you have to say is funny, maybe you just don’t click. If you find yourself funny, text someone that agrees.

You shouldn’t have to alter your sense of humor to make someone else laugh through text. Make yourself laugh first, that’s most important. [Read: How to be yourself – 26 steps to unfake your life and love being you]

13. Keep your texts conversational

We always find it’s a good idea to text as though you’re speaking. Assuming the other person knows you quite well, it will be like you’re there in the room talking to them, and that will add extra oomph to whatever you’re saying, making it ultra-funny, and giggle-worthy.

Don’t forget punctuation however; you might be aiming for chatty, but the other person doesn’t have the time to read the text four times over, trying to figure out where the break in the sentence should be!

14. Don’t overdo the GIFs and memes

Everyone loves a GIF or a meme. We’ve already mentioned that you can add extra punch to your conversations with a well-timed and relatable GIF or meme, but don’t overdo it.

Don’t become a one-trick pony. Make sure you mix it up with words as well. [Read: 71 friendly and funny questions to get to know someone in a happy way]

15. Try and avoid LOL as much as possible

LOLs are passe, so please do your best to avoid ‘lol.’ A laughing face emoji is far better and adds character! Lol is just lazy, totally old school, and seriously, avoid it!

In our opinion, ‘lol’ shows a lack of interest and a lack of thought. If you can’t be bothered to come up with a witty comment back, wait until the inspiration hits you, or find a GIF that sums it up; lol just looks like you can’t be bothered!

16. Come up with funny one-liners and send them randomly

Is there anything funnier than a high-quality one-liner? This has the power to literally cause hysterics and if you become the one within your group chat who regularly sends these hilarity-inducing one-liners, how can you not have learned how to be a fun texter?!

We mentioned earlier that witty and funny one-liners tend to strike at odd moments, so when one comes your way, don’t wait to send it. This is comedic timing at its best – when one comes out of the blue, it’s sure to bring laughing tears. [Read: 15 types of humor and how it affects relationships]

17. Know when to stop

Within all of this, you do need to bear one particular thing in mind – don’t go over the top. Understanding how to be a fun texter is also about knowing when to stop with the one-liners, the sarcasm, the memes, and the GIFs.

Just as we find ‘lol’ to be super-annoying, going too far on a regular basis will cause you to be an annoying texter, not a fun one.

18. Keep your texts short

Funny remarks do not need to be explained, otherwise, you risk going from funny to “I don’t understand what that text means.”

For that reason, keep your texts relatively short if you’re attempting to be funny. Stick to quick remarks that are punchy and witty rather than fully explained essays which completely take the fun out of it. [Read: Texting your crush – A step-by-step guide to doing it right]

One person’s funny is another person’s idea of confusing

The above steps should have you learning how to be a fun texter in no time, but there is one very important thing to bear in mind. Not everyone finds the same things funny.

Just as everyone finds a different ‘type’ attractive, everyone has a different sense of humor too. That means you need to be careful that anything you say is generic and that it doesn’t wander into topics that some people may find offensive, or simply not find funny at all.

Some people have a different level of sensitivity to others and unless you know them very well, it’s best to avoid sensitive subjects. [Read: 20 funny compliments you can use to flatter anyone and make them laugh]

Of course, you can’t please everyone. For instance, there are many people who don’t find sarcasm at all funny, but others find it hilarious. That means that you need to know the person you’re speaking to before you try and pull out the funny.

By doing that, you can ensure that the lines, memes, GIFs, and comments you text will hit the right funny spot and leave a smile on the face of the recipient, and not have them having to read it a few times to try and grasp basic understanding. [Read: How to communicate in a relationship – 16 steps to a better love]

Timing is everything

Trying too hard isn’t funny either. Don’t try and be funny with every text you send, otherwise you’ll simply come over as annoying.

For instance, if you’re in a group chat with some friends or colleagues and you’re always trying to pull out a witty remark, nobody is going to take you seriously.

Time your remarks carefully for the ultimate impact, and make sure that you know how to have a general conversation within a text as well!

Learning how to be a fun texter comes down to timing, knowing the person or people you’re texting, and also understanding that you can be too funny at the same time.

At first, cut out the ‘lol’s and instead focus on GIFs and memes that you find amusing, and then move towards ‘in’ jokes that you have with friends. This will help you to build confidence, and from there, you can move towards one-liners and sarcasm.

[Read: 101 savage, good comebacks for every witty or rude comment]

Learning how to make someone laugh over text is not as hard as you may think. By incorporating these ideas with your natural sense of humor, you will be making everyone you text crack up in no time.

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