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134 Smart & Very Funny Would You Rather Questions to Leave You ROFL

Funny Would You Rather questions never go out of style. These are a great way to break the ice, share a laugh, or have deep philosophical questions.

Somehow funny Would You Rather questions never get old! There are endless options. You can go ridiculous, realistic, or totally obscure. 

You can even make these questions really thought-provoking. These can be fun to ask at a party. They are great for getting to know someone. And I’ve even used them as ice-breakers when I was a peer leader in high school.

Everything from coming up with the questions to answering them offers loads of fun and laughs for everyone involved. 

No matter the situation, these questions are sure to stir up a laugh or at the very least a giggle. 

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Funny “would you rather” questions that are smart and really funny at the same time!

#1 Would you rather meet an alien or a ghost? 

#2 Would you rather lose the ability to read or lose the ability to speak?

#3 Would you rather puke gold pellets or poop diamonds?

#4 Would you rather be covered in fur or covered in scales?

#5 Would you rather go to jail for a year or lose a year of your life?

#6 Would you rather always be 20 minutes late or always be 30 minutes early?

#7 Would you rather be able to talk to plants or animals?

#8 Would you rather be able to fly or breathe underwater?

#9 Would you rather always be first in line or never have to sit in traffic?

#10 Would you rather travel exclusively by boat or motorcycle?

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#11 Would you rather give up rice or pasta?

#12 Would you rather give up sex for a year or food for a year? 

#13 Would you rather have to have three cups of coffee a day or never drink coffee again?

#14 Would you rather know all history or your own future but only a year ahead?

#15 Would you rather always sleep on the floor or always sleep on the top bunk of bunk beds?

#16 Would you rather have unlimited free flights or never have to pay for food at a restaurant again?

#17 Would you rather be King/Queen of England or the president of the United States?

#18 Would you rather live to be 150 years old or live to an average age but never have to worry about money? 

#19 Would you rather be forced to dance every time you heard music or be forced to sing?

#20 Would you rather star in a romantic comedy or action movie? 

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#21 Would you rather have an endless opportunity to travel but couldn’t stay anywhere longer than a week or never leave your hometown?

#22 Would you rather people be able to read your thoughts but every time they did you got $50, or be able to read other people’s thoughts but you had to pay $50 each time?

#23 Would you rather never hear music again or never watch a movie again?

#24 Would you rather be half bear on the bottom or half lion on the top?

#25 Would you rather only drink water forever or have to drink your least favorite drink once a day but could drink anything else you wanted to?

#26 Would you rather every shirt you ever wear be itchy or only be able to wear the same comfortable shirt every day?

#27 Would you rather have to have syrup anytime you ate spaghetti or have to have tomato sauce every time you had breakfast?

#28 Would you rather wear a wedding dress/tuxedo every single day or wear a bathing suit every single day?

#29 Would you rather high five everyone you meet or give wedgies to anyone wearing red?

#30 Would you rather have to fart loudly every time you orgasm or have to burp every time you kiss?

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#31 Would you rather vomit for one minute every time you hear people sing the happy birthday song or get a headache that lasts for the rest of the day every time you see a street light that’s out?

#32 Would you rather be a famous director or a famous actor?

#33 Would you rather live in a cave or live in a treehouse?

#34 Would you rather be able to control fire or water?

#35 Would you rather live without the internet or live without AC and heating?

#36 Would you rather be unable to use search engines or unable to use social media?

#37 Would you rather never be able to eat meat or never be able to eat dessert?

#38 Would you rather never get another cold or never have to pay for a haircut again?

#39 Would you rather live with a genie or a psychic?

#40 Would you rather be forced to eat only spicy food or only bland food?

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#41 Would you rather never be able to wear pants or never be able to wear shorts?

#42 Would you rather have a horrible short-term memory or a horrible long-term memory?

#43 Would you rather be completely invisible for one day or be able to fly for one day?

#44 Would you rather never get another spam call but you can’t make any phone calls or only be able to talk on the phone and never text?

#45 Would you rather give up bathing for a month or give up the internet for a month?

#46 Would you rather be able to type and text really fast or be able to read really fast?

#47 Would you rather live where it’s never day or where it’s never night?

#48 Would you rather never get a paper cut again or never get something stuck in your teeth again?

#49 Would you rather never have a toilet clog on you again or never have the power go out again?

#50 Would you rather never run out of battery power for whatever phone and tablet you own or always have free Wi-Fi wherever you go?

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#51 Would you rather never have to clean a bathroom again or never have to do dishes again?

#52 Would you rather have your dream home or your dream partner?

#53 Would you rather be a losing contestant on a game show or host a game show?

#54 Would you rather sleep for 10 hours every day or never have to sleep again?

#55 Would you rather have constantly dry eyes or a constant runny nose?

#56 Would you rather never lose your phone again or never lose your keys again?

#57 Would you rather lose all your money and valuables or all the pictures you have ever taken?

#58 Would you rather live without hot water for showers and baths or live without A/C?

#59 Would you rather be alone for the rest of your life or always be surrounded by annoying people?

#60 Would you rather live with Joey or Monica from Friends?

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#61 Would you rather always be in a fight with someone or have everyone always agree with you?

#62 Would you rather have everything you eat be too salty or everything you eat be too sweet?

#63 Would you rather never have to work again or never have to sleep again?

#64 Would you rather never use social media again or never watch a TV show?

#65 Would you rather give up cable and only have one streaming app or only have cable with unlimited DVR access but no streaming access?

#66 Would you rather have everything on your phone’s history right now be made public or never be able to use a cell phone again?

#67 Would you rather relive middle school or live last year twice?

#68 Would you rather walk around in public for the whole day with a giant brown stain on the back of your pants or walk around for two days with wet pants?

#69 Would you rather be so afraid of heights that you can’t go to the second floor of a building or be so afraid of the sun that you can only leave the house on rainy days?

#70 Would you rather your shirts be always two sizes too big or one size too small?

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#71 Would you rather find five dollars on the ground or find all your missing socks?

#72 Would you rather have hands that kept growing as you got older or feet that kept growing as you got older?

#73 Would you rather have plants grow at 20 times their normal rate when you are near or for people and animals to stop aging when you are near them?

#74 Would you rather have every pet that gets lost end up at your house or everyone’s clothes that they lost end up at your house?

#75 Would you rather all plants scream when you cut them / pick their fruit or animals beg for their lives before they are killed?

#76 Would you rather only be able to watch cartoons or only be able to watch everything in black and white?

#77 Would you rather have a clown only you can see that follows you everywhere or have a real-life stalker who isn’t dangerous but that everyone can see?

#78 Would you rather everything you dream each night come true when you wake up or everything a randomly chosen person dreams each night come true when they wake up?

#79 Would you rather smell like cat food for an hour every day or have to eat a can of cat food once a week? 

#80 Would you rather be covered with hair or completely hairless?

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#81 Would you rather have feet like a gorilla or a unicorn horn that glowed when the person you’re with was lying?

#82 Would you rather swim with sharks or walk through a lion’s den?

#83 Would you rather take a 30 minute nap with a leopard or sit on an alligator’s back for 10 minutes?

#84 Would you rather have your grandma’s haircut forever or smell like a nursing home? 

#85 Would you rather always wear a diaper or always have to run to the bathroom for a close call?

#86 Would you rather have a booger hanging from your nose during every job interview you have or food in your teeth during every date you have?

#87 Would you rather get a bee sting on your face that lasts for a week or 10 bee stings on your butt that last 3 days?

#88 Would you rather win a million dollars but you have to donate it all or win $500,000 and you couldn’t give any to anyone else?

#89 Would you rather always look the age you are now or look 10 years younger than your age but that stops randomly?

#90 Would you rather be 8 feet tall or 4 feet tall?

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#91 Would you rather only smoke weed *legally* or only drink alcohol?

#92 Would you rather alcohol be illegal and every person who texts and drives be caught or all alcohol be free but you can’t drive an entire day even if you have one sip?

#93 Would you rather have bad breath or bad gas?

#94 Would you rather brush your teeth with shampoo or wash your hair with toothpaste?

#95 Would you rather only be able to write what you want to say or only be able to sing what you want to say?

#96 Would you rather only eat raw food or only eat burnt food?

#97 Would you rather write one best-selling novel with bad reviews from critics or make one movie no one goes to see with good reviews from critics?

#98 Would you rather pay for sex or get paid for sex?

#99 Would you rather stop using the internet or stop using deodorant?

#100 Would you rather have super sight or super hearing?

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#101 Would you rather have your genitals removed or gain 200lbs for the rest of your life?

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#103 Would you rather have true love or a million dollars?

#104 Would you rather have a sweat problem or bad breath?

#105 Would you rather be completely hairy all over or completely bald?

#106 Would you rather invent a cure for cancer or have everlasting youth?

#107 Would you rather give up sex or music?

#108 Would you rather have a missing finger or an extra toe?

#109 Would you rather be rich and ugly or poor and good looking? *no plastic surgery allowed*

#110 Would you rather date someone who was vain or someone who didn’t take care of themselves?

#111 Would you rather have enormous ears or an enormous nose?

#112 Would you rather parachute out of an airplane or go deep sea diving?

#113 Would you rather be addicted to chocolate or sex?

#114 Would you rather be the funniest person everyone knows or the most attractive?

#115 Would you rather be in jail for 10 years or a toxic relationship for 20 years?

#116 Would you rather watch TV all day forever, or never again?

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#119 Would you rather be unable to lie or unable to speak?

#120 Would you rather be able to write like Shakespeare or paint like Rembrandt?

#121 Would you rather use sandpaper for toilet roll or vinegar for eyedrops?

#122 Would you rather know something about everything in the world or be the best in the world at one single thing?

#123 Would you rather be able to see into the past or into the future?

#124 Would you rather wet the bed every day or always have boogers showing from your nose in public?

#125 Would you rather live in the city or in the wilderness?

#126 Would you rather be unable to stop yourself from loudly farting once every hour or unable to stop yourself from loudly belching three times every hour?

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#128 Would you rather wake up from a one night stand with a sexually transmitted disease or a wedding certificate?

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#130 Would you rather always be itchy or always be sweating?

#131 Would you rather live in a mansion with the 3 most annoying people you know or live in a studio apartment with your favorite person?

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#133 Would you rather always see everything with a tint of green or always smell a faint smell of fish?

#134 Would you rather always get ridiculously drunk from one alcoholic drink or never get drunk no matter how much alcohol you drank?

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These funny would you rather questions the next time you’re looking to pass the time. It’s one of the best ways to bond, have a laugh and, just maybe, get a little bit of valuable insight into the workings of their mind!

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