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71 Friendly, Funny Questions to Get to Know Someone in a Happy Way

If you’re keen to learn more about a person but struggling to kick off the conversation, these funny get to know you questions will help you out. 

funny questions to get to know someone

Meeting new people can be nerve-racking for us all, especially for introverts or those with social anxiety. Finding the perfect funny questions to get to know someone is key. Then, you’ll have some go-to lines prepared and you’ll not be left on the spot.

You don’t want to ask too many questions and seem overbearing, but you also want to seem interested. Instead of taking things too far, these funny, delving questions can help you make a real connection that is authentic yet laidback.

What’s in a question?

There are different kinds and styles of questions that can be asked to try and work someone out. The first kind of question is that which tries to discern personal tastes and inclinations–to see if there is an ostensible match.

The second kind is the kind that tries to work out if the person asked is aware/bright enough to realize when certain things should or shouldn’t be said; no one wants to be hooked up with a social pariah. [Read: Getting to know someone – How long does it take?]

The third kind is that which, although seeming to suggest a particular choice of answers, is actually looking for the way someone handles the question and, therefore, life. And in this list of funny questions, we have a bit of all that’ll give you both a few laughs, deeper conversations, and a chance to gauge each other as compatible friends or something more as well!

How to ask funny questions to get to know someone

Keep things light. When you are first getting to know someone, you usually want to avoid anything too deep.

If you don’t want to just blurt out a question, share a funny story that is related to the question so that there is a more natural flow to the questions to come.

Also, be sure to smile and relax. If you are nervous or jittery you could come off as sketchy. You don’t want to give someone the wrong vibe whether you’re asking them funny or serious questions. [Read: 18 ways to open up, really get to know someone and become good friends]

It’s really about being yourself and being open to their answers. You need to let the conversation flow instead of just having a Q&A. Also, be prepared to answer the same questions.

If you are trying to get to know someone, they will want to get to know you as well. Be sure you are ready to answer these funny get-to-know-you questions as well. Without your input, the conversation will be one-sided and feel more like an interview or worse, an interrogation!

Avoid anything controversial if you want to keep things casual

Being funny doesn’t mean you have to push limits. There is such a thing as family-friendly comedy. So, unless you somehow know this person’s sense of humor, try to avoid any funny questions about politics, religion, etc. When asking funny get to know you questions, it’s important to keep things light.

Don’t ask any questions relating to race or even socio-economic status. Keep things rated PG. You don’t want to offend this person or turn these funny get to know you questions into a debate.

When you first get to know someone, a distasteful joke can not only be a red flag, but also a major or even immediate turn-off. First impressions do matter. So, keep it clean. [Read: Impress everyone you meet by making a great first impression]

There is enough controversy, drama, and fighting in the world, keep this fun and light. You don’t know this person yet, so sticking to neutral topics at first will be best.

The best, light-hearted funny get to know you questions for anyone

These funny questions range from embarrassing to informative and even serve as starters for fuller conversations.

So, pick and choose as you please. Not only will your confidence improve, but whoever you’re getting to know will leave knowing just how funny you are.

You want to be easy to talk to, not intimidating. These questions will start you off on the right foot. [Read: How to remain calm when meeting someone new]

Asking funny get to know you questions is the perfect way to break the ice with anyone new. So keep on reading and take some notes.

1. What is your most embarrassing moment? 

This is a go-to and a classic for a reason. No one’s answer will ever be the same. Be sure to have your go-to story ready too.

This lets you know how seriously this person takes themselves and if they can laugh at their formerly embarrassing moments. If they don’t want to share, they may be insecure, which definitely helps you get to know them. [Read: Do you really know them? 20 fun questions to ask your friend to get to know them better]

2. Do you have any weird talents or skills? 

This is always an interesting one. But, expect them to ask the same question back, so if you aren’t prepared to walk on your hands or pop your shoulder out of its socket in the middle of a restaurant, you can skip this one.

3. What was your favorite childhood TV show? 

This always starts fun and nostalgic conversation. You can reminisce on childhood and discuss how your sense of humor has changed, or if you would still watch that show today.

There is nothing like looking back on your past to bring you closer together. Just keep the conversation focused on movies or TV, because childhood talks can get deep fast.

4. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid? 

If you have a photo of yours on your phone, that is a plus. Everyone loves to hear the answer to this question.

Not everyone stuck with a witch or a ghost, so seeing what this person loved so much that they wanted to dress up as it is pretty darn interesting.

5. What was your worst fashion or style faux pas? 

Again you get to make fun of yourselves and each other. Talking about that mohawk you had, those frosted tips, or feathered hair is always enjoyable.

Plus, it gets you the perfect segue for a compliment… “Well, you sure did glow up nicely.”

Bonding over embarrassing or cringey parts of your past helps you both let your guards down. [Read: How to glow up – 20 easy ways to glo up and transform yourself inside and out]

6. What is the most cringe-inducing pick up line you have ever heard? 

Let’s be honest, hearing such unbelievably bad or corny pick up lines is hilarious.

Plus, knowing that someone actually thought it would work makes it impossible not to laugh. [Read: 70 hilarious cheesy pickup lines that’ll leave anyone laughing]

7. What products have you purchased from an infomercial?

Infomercials are infamous for some really insane products. Some are meant for people who can’t make eggs, others for people who don’t own a blanket or robe, and some are just totally useless.

Finding out what this person was tricked into trying is very telling. And if the product was a bust as they usually are, this funny question can lead to a good story

8. If you could merge animals together, which two would you choose and why? 

This can be a little weird to ask, but if you are both animal lovers, it would be so interesting to hear their answer and their explanation behind it.

9. What is the best dad joke you know? 

This is a funny and lighthearted, even corny topic. Everyone loves a good dad joke. We mean, how could you not? This is one of the best funny get to know you questions because it’s light and is bound to bring some hilarity to the fore. [Read: How to use humor to win over a crush]

10. Which animal do you think would be the funniest if it could talk? 

This is great. Yes, we would all love our dogs or cats to be able to talk back to us, but hearing what a whale, ostrich, or giraffe has to say would be quite interesting. 

11. What is your guilty pleasure? 

This can be a great way to get to know another side of someone. This person may be all business or super professional, but finding out they love to watch The Bachelor or The Real Housewives would be shocking and hilarious.

Plus, if you share a guilty pleasure, you can bond over it. [Read: 33 guilty pleasures that are best kept a secret]

12. What is the most useless superpower you can think of? 

Everyone always asks what superpower you would want to have. Yes, that is a good question, but to make it funnier, ask this.

There are some superheroes and sidekicks that just don’t make sense. Talking about the hypothetical situations where these powers would come into play can lead to a unique and creative chat. Everyone loves a superhero so this is one of the best funny get to know you questions.

13. If you could be the opposite gender for a day what is the first thing you would do? 

Again, this says a lot about someone. If you ask a guy and he says staring at himself naked, you know he may be a little superficial or horny! So, this one, although funny, can also be pretty darn eye-opening. [Read: How to be friends with someone of the opposite gender?]

14. What song is currently downloaded on your phone that you would be embarrassed if it started playing out of the blue? 

This is one of those funny get to know you questions that not only gets you a peek inside this person’s public music taste, but also their actual music taste – the two are often different! [Read: The best questions to make someone laugh and enjoy your company]

15. What is your least favorite word? 

Moist *sorry* is a popular one, but this is always pretty funny to learn about. Just keep this conversation in a location away from food. A lot of least favorite words can sound pretty nasty.

16. What is the worst/funniest thing you have ever seen while people watching? 

People-watching is probably one of the most fun and interesting activities you can do. Whether you were eating lunch on a park bench or getting a tan at the beach, it is very likely you’ve seen some hilarious human behavior.

Did you see someone get pooped on by a bird? Did you see someone drop their food on the ground, outside, and still eat it? Or, perhaps you saw a couple getting into a heated fight at Taco Bell? [Read: 8 ways to stop judging people you don’t know]

17. What word can you never remember how to spell?

You might not think about this very often, but we all have those one or two words that we can never spell right. What is theirs? And, what is yours?

18. How do you think your last boss would describe you? 

This can be funny, embarrassing, or boastful. It can also tell you a lot about this person.

If they think their boss would have nothing but wonderful things to say, they may be a little disillusioned. But everyone has something they did at work to pass the time *other than work*, if they share this they are pretty genuine. [Read: How to describe yourself online – The 30 best and worst words]

19. Have you ever had a weird interaction with a celebrity? 

Nearly everyone has met at least one celebrity. Whether it was at a book signing, on a plane, or just on the street, they are almost never normal.

Whether the celebrity was rude, you were fangirling hard, or you mistook someone for someone else this is always a fun story. [Read: The best ways to be interesting and become the life of a conversation]

20. Would you rather be really hairy or completely bald? 

We had to throw at least one ‘would you rather’ in here. But maybe skip this funny get to know you question if your date is in fact bald or very hairy. Otherwise, it is pretty funny to see what someone says. [Read: 50 really, really hard would you rather questions that have no right answer]

21. What was the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? 

Did you try a bike trick that ended up with a broken leg? Did you egg your principal’s house?

There has got to be an epic story there. 

22. What are you more scared of? Bugs or snakes? 

We love this one because seeing someone’s reaction to talking about these often unloved critters and slimy creatures can be funny. [Read: How to look cool no matter what you’re doing]

23. What is the best worst movie you’ve ever seen? 

Ask them what the most ridiculous move is or a movie that was so not funny that it actually ended up being funny in the wrong way.

Was it a parody movie or something actually meant to be funny?

24. What is the grossest food you’ve ever tried? 

Was it something you thought would be good? Did it sound gross but turn out sort of okay? Food is a universal love, so talking about it with a stranger is easy. [Read: How to talk to a stranger without it being awkward]

25. Would you rather go on your dream vacation for only two days or have a week off at home? 

This tells you if someone is more of a traveler or a homebody. Do you have this in common? Or can you change each other’s minds?

26. Would you rather explore the ocean or space? 

Space is never-ending, but there is still so much of the ocean to explore.

27. What is the dumbest thing someone can be famous for? 

Being the face of a meme? For being in a local news clip? Are you famous for something weird? [Read: Dating advice from famous couples]

28. What excites you the most about being old? 

Are you excited to remove your dentures? Are you pumped to go to bed early or get the early bird deal at your local restaurant?

Being old isn’t all bad. What parts seem fun?

29. Do you wish superheroes were real? 

What if villains were real too? Would you rather the world be how it really is? If you could only pick one hero to really exist which would you pick?

30. What is your weirdest dating app experience? 

This is a question full of ridiculous stories. People are so weird. Sharing your odd experiences is very bonding. [Read: Why dating apps aren’t working for you]

31. If you had to lose one body part, what would you pick? 

Would you pick your pinky toe or would you want to lose an ear or something more obscure?

32. Would you rather explore Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory or Jurassic Park? 

Okay, this seems like an easy one, but not everyone loves sweets. [Read: 60 of the best icebreakers ever]

33. What game show do you really want to be a guest on? 

Are you amazing at Family Feud? Do you wish you could have been on an old Nickelodeon game show with slime? Or maybe The Price is Right is more your jam?

34. What is the funniest thing you’ve heard a kid say? 

Kids say the darnedest things. They do. It was even a TV show once. What was the funniest thing you’ve heard?

If this came from a family member or even your own child this is a great segway into a deeper conversation.

35. If you could live in a cartoon which would you choose? 

The Simpsons? Family Guy? Rick and Morty? Or maybe something more family-friendly, like Rugrats? [Read: 25 hilarious what if questions]

36. What law is ridiculous? 

We know this isn’t a law, but it is an ordinance that you can’t eat in the car. What is that about?

37. Would you rather meet a ghost or an alien? 

This is such a fun and interesting question. Which do they believe in? Are they more into the spooky stuff or do they want to meet E.T.?

38. What do you hate most about driving? 

Other drivers? Traffic? The risk of an accident? That you have to be off your phone?

39. What do you think is the sexiest name? 

George? Miranda? Helen? You never know what some people find sexy. [Read: 16 facts about what your crush means]

40. What is your favorite smell? 

Not your favorite food or color, but smell. This is much more unique and telling.

41. What is the silliest holiday? 

Is it Valentine’s Day? Is it International Pancake Day? As long as they don’t say your birthday, all is good. [Read: Are you ready to spend the holidays together?]

42. What scared you the most as a kid? 

Was it a character in a movie? Was it your closet? Maybe you hated swings or slides?

43. Do you pee in the shower? 

This sounds gross, but it is a more common question than you might think. you probably already know the answer, but this will tell you if they’re willing to admit it or not.

44. Can you do any accents? 

This can be offensive so be careful, but it can also be hilarious if done properly. Or if you do an accent that is completely unrecognizable.

45. What is the funniest question you know? 

Turn the tables on them.

46. What makes your blood boil?

Finding out what really gets someone’s blood boiling can tell you a lot about them.

It’s one of the best questions to ask to get to know someone, for sure. And, it can also tell you about what not to do around them, to avoid their wrath! [Read: How to make new friends as an adult]

47. Who is your hero in life?

This is an interesting one because learning about their hero tells you what they look up to. For instance, they might say someone like Nelson Mandela, Obama, Mother Teresa, or another force of good from history, past or recent.

However, they might also say something joking, such as Mickey Mouse. Avoiding such a serious question tells you a lot about a person.

48. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Learning about how someone views themselves is important and can give you an insight into their real confidence levels.

They might say something about their looks or their weight, or perhaps they’ll say something about their personality. It’s an intriguing question to ask, and it will help you to get to know the person behind the mask. [Read: 75 fun questions to ask a new friend and feel like BFFs in no time]

49. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

This is one of the best questions to ask to get to know someone because it tells you about the places they dream about.

They might choose a castaway island with coconuts and white sand or a wooden hut in the middle of a snowy retreat. Or they might opt for a vibrant city. All of this helps you to get to know the person on a deeper level.

50. What are you most proud of in your life?

Again, this tells you about their deeper experiences and feelings. Learning what someone is proud of tells you about what makes them tick.

It exposes their passions, desires, and what they want out of life. It’s one of the best questions to ask to get to know someone pretty quickly. [Read: How to be more playful and flirty when getting to know someone]

51. What do you do in your downtime?

If you’re potentially romantically involved with this person, learning about what they do in their downtime could give you some great ideas for future dates!

52. What is the worst gift anyone has ever given you in your life?

The opposite question is also one of the best questions to ask to get to know someone too.

Again, they might say that they received a hand-knitted scarf from their auntie and they hated it, and it would say something quite negative about them, even if it was an awful scarf. [Read: 50 cheeky questions to ask someone you like]

53. What one word could people use to describe you accurately?

This is ideal for finding out how they see themselves. They could say ‘quirky’, ‘fun’, ‘silly’, ‘organized’, the list goes on.

It’s fun to see how someone views their own personality. You can see if your view is the same as theirs or whether you should get to know them a little more.

54. If you could change one thing about your life right now, what would it be?

This is one of the questions to get to know someone quite well in the here and now. It requires total honesty on their part.

You’ll find out more information than you would if you simply danced around such deep questions. It also tells you a lot about what they want-and don’t want-out of life. [Read: The biggest signs of an emotional connection with someone]

55. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

And they have to be honest! Would they gift some of it, spend all of it, invest it, buy a house? What would they do?

This tells you a lot about who they are and what is important to them. It’s one of the best questions to ask get to know someone pretty well indeed! [Read: 20 funny get to know you questions to help you bond instantly]

56. What do you like to drink?

From the working class beer, to the red-wine-drinking sophisticate, the champagne hedonist, and the whiskey traditionalist, what someone chooses as their tipple can tell you reams. [Read: What your favorite drink reveals about your character]

57. Who would you haunt if you were a ghost?

Not really an opportunity to actually see who they would haunt, but to gauge their character. Answers can be cutesie, imaginative, or even downright vindictive—draw your own conclusions.

58. What kind of cuisine do you like?

This can tell you so much. Are they sophisticated and erudite *think French or Vietnamese*, sensual and pleasure-loving *Italian or Thai*, or down-to-earth and straightforward *American or German*?

59. Do you like children?

There’s something honest and refreshing about someone who says they love kids, but don’t want any of their own right now.

What’s worrisome is the desperation of someone who says they EXIST to have kids, or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, someone who can’t abide the sight of them. Both are big warning signs. [Read: 60 get-to-know-you questions for a new romance]

60. When was the last time you talked to your parents?

If they can’t even manage to make that basic relationship work, then what chance do you have with them? Of course, an answer of “every day for the last twenty years” contains its own relationship pitfalls.

61. Who would you get to play you in a movie of your life?

This is a great way to separate an egotist from a self-hater, or a comedian from an earnest ponderer. This question can tell you so much, as it essentially reveals someone’s self-perception.

62. Are you on social media?

Not just a “yes or no” question, but an opportunity to discern to what extent. Are they gregarious or aloof? That’s what this question will immediately inform you of. [Read: 16 attention whore signs to watch out for]

63. Which three guests would you have dinner with, alive or dead?

Whoever the imaginary invitees are will reveal whether the person asked is a listener, a fighter, a hero, or a lover. Of course, there is no right answer; it all depends on what you’re looking for!

64. What kind of things do you read?

The wrong answer is “nothing,” but otherwise, this is a useful question to work out the cultural proclivities of the person asked.

65. When was the last time you cried?

A refusal to admit to crying displays a lack of emotional maturity—NOT a desirable trait.

66. What has been your greatest success so far?

This question offers another opportunity to identify the rogue materialist, which might be exactly what some people are looking for. [Read: 10 signs the girl you’re talking to is a 24 carat gold digger!]

67. What is your favorite sport?

Sports can tell you so much about how people-oriented those asked are, or how sociable. There is a big difference, for example, between a long-distance runner and football player.

68. What three things would you take with you if you were stranded on a desert island?

This question can reveal all kinds of weird stuff. Just keep your incredulity to yourself, and your ears well and truly open.

69. If you could go back in time, when would you travel to?

As in the case with several of these questions, be prepared for some weird-ass answers. [Read: 50 questions to know if someone’s right for you]

70. What kind of vacations do you like?

This is a traditional catch-and-match kind of question. After all, vacations are an important part of a healthy relationship, and you’re going to need to know if those are times that you will be able to spend together in harmony, rather than bitching about where you could have been!

71. What question do you most want to ask me?

What you’re looking for here is that they even have a question in mind. If they don’t, it shows they’re really not that interested, after all.

[Read: 36 random, naughty questions for flirty guys and girls]

These funny get to know you questions can be used on your next date, when meeting a potential in-law, or even with a total stranger. Now go on and laugh the day away.

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