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The Best (200+) Flirty Texts & Sweet Messages to Make Her Smile

The right kind of flirty texts for her can leave her smiling and falling harder for you. And here are all the sweet messages you’ll ever need to woo her!

flirty texts for her

When it comes to wooing a girl or using the right kind of flirty texts for her, most guys seem to go wrong in the little details. You need to remember that you don’t need grand gestures or huge paragraphs to text to make a girl’s heart flutter.

Just letting her know you remember her often, and think of her, is all it takes for her to realize you care about her. And what better way to let her know that than by using a few perfectly sweet and flirty texts to send to her.

It doesn’t matter what you intentions are, whether you want to flirt with a girl you just met, or share heartfelt, loving lines with your girlfriend, we have every single flirty text you’ll ever need to keep her happy and warm in love for a long time to come.

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How to send flirty texts to a girl and make her want more

If you want to flirt with a girl over text, there’s a right way and a wrong way to text her. Don’t share several of these flirty texts all at once. Not only does it look silly, it wouldn’t have the impact because it would come across as insincere and fake. What you need to do instead is use these lines sparingly, maybe once or a couple of times a day at most.

You could send her these flirty texts and messages along with a good morning text, or randomly out of the blue. Time it right, and she’ll be smiling widely every single time she receives these texts from you.

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What kind of flirty texts are you looking for?

Okay, at LovePanky we have several hundreds of the perfect texts to send her. You just need to pick the right one, and woo her, one text at a time. Below, we have 50+ flirty texts for her that’ll work like a charm. But if you’re looking for something more specific, just click the links below and go straight to best flirty texts for her, depending on the situation you’re looking for!

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Flirty text messages to brighten up her day

The following list of flirty text messages provide a quick and easy option to put a big smile on the face of the lady you’re trying to impress. Some are timeless classics, others are fresh out of the think-tank.

Just ensure that you’re making an appropriate choice before sending, with regards to both the circumstances and the person they apply to – not everyone responds well to the same type of flirt!

#1 I wish I was your mirror, so that I could look at you every morning.

#2 You’re so hot, I get a tan every time I look at you.

#3 You were amazing last night. Imagine what it would be like if it wasn’t just in my dreams?

#4 Sweet dreams… I hope I’m in them.

#5 I really like our friendship, but I was thinking… Do you want to make it more?

#6 Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I need to walk past you again?

#7 You’re already on my mind, and I’ve only just woken up.

#8 Do you have a to-do list? If so, put me on it.

#9 Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

#10 I’m a bit like a Rubik’s cube. The more you play with me, the harder I get.

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#11 I understand you don’t want any more children, but is there any chance we can at least practice tonight?

#12 The best thing about a keyboard is that U and I are together.

#13 Don’t tire yourself out at work. You’ll need some energy for later.

#14 I’m trying my best to fall asleep, but I just can’t stop thinking about you.

#15 At night time I sleep dreaming of you, and in the day time I dream of sleeping with you.

#16 You looked so beautiful the last time I saw you, that I forgot my pickup line.

#17 Do your feet hurt? Because you’ve been wandering around my thoughts all day.

#18 You looked great today. I know I didn’t see you, but I know you look great every day.

#19 Send me a picture so I can send Santa my wish list.

#20 If Van Gogh had you as a subject, the sunflowers would have gone in the trash.

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#21 Here’s to hoping your day consists of green traffic lights, the fastest line at the supermarket and all the quickest routes that will bring you straight back into my arms.

#22 On a beautiful day like this, the only thing that could improve it is having you by my side.

#23 A hundred miles away and you’re still here right in my heart.

#24 You’re like a .com domain name – already taken. And I ain’t about to settle for no .org.

#25 Don’t listen to your friends, listen to your heart.

#26 I was thinking of you today, while I was doing some math problems, but there weren’t enough spaces on the calculator to work out how much I love you.

#27 The next time you see your parents, send them my sincerest gratitude.

#28 In my opinion, God’s only mistake when he made the world was that he didn’t keep you to himself.

#29 Love is blind, but the police aren’t. Let’s book a room.

#30 I want triplets, you want twins, let’s go to bed, and see who wins.

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#31 Every time you enter the room, you enter my heart.

#32 I’ve just bought some chocolate spread… Any ideas what we should do with it?

#33 This email is a group message being sent from our company to all 10/10 beauties in your area. Currently, you are the only recipient.

#34 You remind me of a private jet… I want to get inside you five times a day, and fly you to heaven and back.

#35 If Einstein was such a genius, how come he didn’t invent a time machine so he could come and see you?

#36 I’m lying in bed, bored. Want to play Simon says?

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#37 Tired out. Been running around like a nutcase at work today. I’m too much of a perfectionist. I’m a perfectionist in most things I do. That’s why I like you so much.

#38 I’d like to say that I couldn’t be more in love with you, but I know that’s not true. I’ll love you even more tomorrow.

#39 Would you mind emptying your pockets – I believe you’ve stolen my heart.

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#40 If kisses were raindrops, I’d send you a flood.

#41 Hey, you look a lot like my next girlfriend!

#42 Do you know any good cardiologists, because my heart skips a beat every time I think of you.

#43 I wish I was your teddy bear.

#44 I’ve just got out of the shower. How about coming over and helping me get dirty again? [Read: How to get a girl horny just by sitting next to her]

#45 I don’t think about very many things, and I don’t think for very long, but when I do think, it invariably tends to be about you.

#46 Of all the stars in the sky, there are none as beautiful as you.

#47 Are you free… For the rest of your life?

#48 God created the world in six days, rested on the seventh, but it took him thousands of years to produce someone as perfect as you.

#49 I can’t raise the courage to tell you how much I adore you, so I guess I’ll just keep it to myself.

#50 Can you send me a picture? My friends don’t believe that angels exist.

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Whatever the occasion, and especially if there isn’t one, put a smile on her face with this perfectly curated list of flirty texts for her. Use them well, and you’ll definitely leave her wanting more of you in no time!

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