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Flirty Conversation Starters: The Top 30 Ways to Get Something Going

Flirty conversation starters can kick things off on the right page, that is, if you know any and how to use them. So, let’s get you started.

Best Flirty Conversation Starters

Whether you’re approaching someone at a bar or messaging them on a dating app, having the perfect flirty conversation starters at your fingertips can lay the groundwork for every future conversation.

You want to make sure to catch their attention but in a subtle way. You don’t want to be too over the top or too timid.

Offering a good level of funny, flattery, and even cheesiness is key when it comes to starting a flirty conversation.

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Do you need flirty conversation starters?

Sure, some people can start a conversation with “Do you have the time?” and end up married with three kids five years later. But, that is the exception, not the rule.

The way you open a conversation sets the tone for the rest of the night, day, or whenever, plus, potentially, the rest of your relationship. I am not saying you must have the perfect flirty conversation starter to have a chance, but it certainly won’t hurt.

I don’t mean to put the pressure on, but saying the wrong thing right off the bat can really damage your chances.

Picking the right flirty conversation starter that shows your personality, your style, or even your interests is the best way to introduce yourself to someone because it is unique and shows intrigue. [Read: How to flirt with your crush and make them fall hard]

Flirty conversation starters

You now know why having a solid flirty conversation starter is beneficial when it comes to meeting people, but knowing isn’t all it takes. Nerves can prevent you from coming up with something creative on the spot.

And something that gets one person’s attention may not work on someone else. So it is always good to have a selection of flirty conversation starters on standby. This will give you options depending on the situation. And make you feel much more confident when going in for the kill.

1. “I was having a bad day, but when I saw your smile it perked me up”

This could be a flirty conversation starter either in person or online. It isn’t over the top or creepy. In fact, it is simple and sweet. It shows your interest in this person on a basic physical level and doesn’t go too far.

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2. “I was trying to think of the perfect word to describe your beauty, but I don’t think one has been invented yet”

The problem with a lot of pickup lines or flirty conversation starters is that they miss the mark. They are either subtle or way too intense and inappropriate.

This is just right. It is sweet and flattering but doesn’t seep into the sexual category.

3. “I’m supposed to be working right now, but I can’t stop thinking about you”

If you aren’t one who really pushes boundaries, you can keep it simple with something like this. You can start a new conversation with a crush or someone you’ve met once or twice by telling the truth.

This shows you’re thinking about them and instead of playing games, you’re being straightforward. [Read: How to flirt with your crush and make them fall hard for you]

4. “You look so familiar. I think I’ve seen you in my dreams.”

Another clever way to flatter someone at the top of a new conversation. This does lean a little bit into pickup line territory, but that isn’t always bad.

Pickup lines are known for being flirty, and that is exactly what this is. [Read: 30 foolproof pickup lines + the ones you should never ever use]

5. “I’m making the first move now so next time it’s your turn”

This type of flirty conversation starter introduces a level of banter into your correspondence. By teasing each other back and forth, you create a go-to vibe for your conversations, and that adds tension and chemistry to the mix.

6. “Hey, do you like girls/guys who make the first move?”

I stole this from my favorite show, Charmed, but it worked there, so it should work in the real world. So if you like someone or are even just interested, this is a great way just to put it all out there.

If they say yes, go for it, and see what happens. Making a move like this is the ultimate flirty conversation starter.

7. “I was going to play it cool and wait to message you, but something wouldn’t let me”

There are many different variations of this you could go with, but it is a go-to. It shows again you aren’t interested in playing dating games and just want to let them know you are interested. [Read: Texting your crush – a step-by-step guide to doing it right]

8. “Hi, I wanted to ask you out, so I thought I would start by introducing myself”

This is a great way to start a flirty conversation when you’re out. It isn’t creepy or awkward. It again is honest and simple. With all the crazy flirty conversation starters available, sometimes being classic is what people want.

9. “I need some advice. There’s this girl/guy I want to ask out, but I’m not sure how”

I personally love this one. It is adorable. Wait for their response and then use it on them. I find this to be so effective and endearing.

10. “I just realized I don’t know you. We should change that”

Whether you’re at a bar or a party, this is a great flirty way to mingle. It doesn’t say you’re more interested than you should be right off the bat but shows that your interest is there. [Read: 30 foolproof pickup lines you should use and 10 to avoid]

11. “My dog/cat is looking for a new mom/dad, and I think you’d make a great candidate”

Animal lovers unite! If you’re trying to meet someone with the same level of love for your kitty or pooch, this is a great flirty conversation starter to get your dealbreaker out into the world early on.

12. “I don’t know how you’re smiling like that when we haven’t even met yet?”

No one likes someone who is too cocky, but a little extra confidence can spark someone’s interest easily. A flirty conversation starter like this is bound to make someone smile or giggle at the very least.

13. “Seeing as its wedding season, do you happen to require a family-friendly wedding date?”

I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked this. Although it may not be the most original flirty conversation starter, it shows you’re down for whatever, and many people are looking for that. [Read: Signs you’re high on wedding fever]

14. “There’s a Harry Potter marathon this weekend. Any interest in binging the whole lot with me?”

I had to add at least one Harry Potter related line into the mix. It can be risky to start a conversation with a flirty line that shows your neediness, but it is very endearing for fellow nerds.

15. “Is this seat taken or do you mind if I Slytherin?”

Sorry, but I had to do another. This Harry Potter pun is just too good not to use. Don’t you think?

If you read this and thought, if someone said that to me I’d be interested, try it out.

16. “I told myself I’d swipe one more time and delete this app if I wasn’t interested, but you popped up. So now I’m sticking around as long as it takes to go out with you.”

Sure, this sort of sounds like a line. It is also pretty flattering. Flirting with compliments may be the most effective way to flirt. This is the ultimate dating app compliment because everyone secretly wants to delete the app. [Read: What every online dater should avoid doing]

17. “I know there is no way you’re single, but my friends wouldn’t let me leave without introducing myself”

There a few aspects of this flirty conversation starter that makes it work. One, you are complimenting them. Two, you clearly have a group of friends that encourage you to take risks. Both of those are good things in my book.

18. “I just want to let you know right now that I sleep with socks on. I know it’s a deal breaker for a lot of people”

Whether this is true or not, and I really hope it’s not, it is hilarious. You are comically offering something personal right in the beginning. When they respond with, “really?” You can say, “No, but you answered when you thought it was true, so I’d say we’re off to a good start.” [Read: 25 most common dealbreakers to avoid]

19. “I may not be a scientist, but I think we’re going to have pretty good chemistry”

You can use this as your introduction or start a new conversation with someone you’ve already been talking to. This is a great and flirty way to get a good flirty conversation going.

20 “It has been a long day, but I have a feeling that talking to you will make it better”

This puts the littlest bit of pressure on them to step up their game and try to impress you. But, it also gives them an opening to ask about why you had a rough day. With one sentence, you helped them help you.

21. “There’s a spider in my room. Any chance you could come over and kill it for me?”

This can start a serious conversation about not killing spiders instead of trapping them and releasing them out in the wild, or it can be a great invitation.

22. “What’s your current favorite meme?”

Ahh… memes. I swear you can have a whole conversation through memes, and they are a great way to start a conversation too. This will give you an idea of what their sense of humor is like and if it meshes well with yours. [Read: Modern dating terms to help you master the dating game]

23. “What’s the best or worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?”

Let’s just hope they don’t say this one because that would sting. But, this could be the perfect flirty conversation starter to get things going if they don’t.

24. “Is Netflix and chill still a thing? If so, want to?”

This may age you a bit, but so what? You don’t need to jump into plans, but just talking about the whole premise of Netflix and chill can be a fun way to start flirting. [Read: How to Netflix and chill the right way]

25. “Tell me about the worst date you’ve ever been on and I promise I’ll be better than that”

The bar may be a little low, but I, for one, am a big advocate of talking about past dates with someone new. It is fun to complain and bond over things that didn’t work out, especially if this is working.

26. “This will never work if our TV show opinions don’t line up. Top three favorites… Go!”

TV is a big part of our lives. Most of us binge at least one series a month. So finding out if you click on that level is a great way to start an in-depth conversation about your tastes.

27. “Do you ever wish you were back in high school? Because I don’t. Then I wouldn’t be talking to you right now”

Getting into a chat about high school can be a lot of fun. whether you hated it or loved it, reminiscing with someone you just met about the old days is a blast. [Read: Why you probably won’t stay with your first love]

28. “Who is the best actor/actress of all time? The pressure is on.”

You can have a seriously flirty conversation or even argument about the best actor or actress of our generation. Odds are you won’t agree, and some friendly banter is always welcome.

29. “What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Let’s top it.”

This is a spontaneous and flirty conversation starter. Invite them to do something nuts. If the craziest thing they’ve ever done is drive without a destination, your goal won’t be too hard to meet. [Read: 18 ways to be more spontaneous]

30. “I’m having trouble coming up with a flirty conversation starter. Any advice?”

Turn the tables on them.

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Flirty conversation starters are the best way to ensure your conversation doesn’t end anytime soon. These are some of the best. Now, take them out into the real world and give them a go.

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