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The Best Flirty Lines to Spark Anyone’s Interest in One Sentence

Are you on the hunt for the best flirty lines to capture your crush’s interest? Perfect, I have the flirty tutorial just for you.

best flirty lines

Whether you are nervous and your mind goes blank or you just can’t think of a good pickup line, you may be in need of some flirty lines to get things started.

I am sure you have heard some bad lines before. And trying a new line can be risky. You don’t want your crush to look at you the way you looked at that last person who used to rearrange the alphabet line on you.

How to start using flirty lines

Have flirty lines failed you in the past? Or perhaps you are new to the whole introducing yourself to a complete stranger thing?

Have no fear, although rejection is always possible, without taking a little risk, you’ll never be able to get the reward. Be that a nice conversation, a night on the town, or a full-on relationship. [Read: The scientific secrets to get someone to fall for you]

Where to use flirty lines

Flirty lines have the best outcome when you use them in the appropriate place. That means not at work, not at a funeral, and not to someone in a relationship.

Instead, focus your flirty lines at places like a bar, a mixer, and even dating apps. Flirty lines are ways to break the ice, make someone laugh, and show your interest in a laidback way. Keep things light and go in with confidence and know that this is just one person talking to another person. Everything will be just fine.

Flirty lines to avoid

There are some lines that move away from flirting and head towards creepy or just unoriginal and cheesy. So although I’ll offer you plenty of good ones, here are some to steer clear from just to be safe.

#1 Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven. Because with a face like that you’ve got to be an angel. This is a pickup line everyone and their mother and aunt and grandma have heard. This is boring, unoriginal, and just overused. There are much better options. [Read: You’d be crazy to use these bad pickup lines in real life]

#2 If I could rearrange the letters in the alphabet I’d put U & I together. Another one that is just so blah. Flirting does not mean using a classic yet dull line and hoping it works out. You actually have to interact with the person you’re making the moves on and say something relating to them.

All this line will do is make them roll their eyes like I did when writing it. [Read: 30 foolproof pick up lines and 10 you should never ever use]

#3 I put the STD in STUD and all I need is U. Do I really have to explain why this is a no-no? Even if you are into self-deprecating humor, this is not the way to go about it.

#4 Anything too intense. Telling someone you love them, asking if they believe in love at first sight, or anything along those lines is just too much during the flirting stage. Keep it light and fun and try to avoid scaring off your crush.

#5 Anything too sexual. Again, no matter your sexuality or gender identity, steer clear of the purely sexual lines. This not only can make someone feel violated and uncomfortable, but it just isn’t the best way to start things out.

The best flirty lines

Now that you know what sorts of flirty lines to avoid, here are some that work more often than not. They will get you into the beginning of an actual conversation. They could get you a phone number or even a date. [Read: 15 tips you absolutely need to know when you’re approaching anyone]

So stick to these and you’ll be golden with your talent for using flirty lines.

#1 Tequila… good choice. Instead of going straight into complimenting someone’s looks, compliment their taste. Whether that is their choice of drink, dinner, or even their phone, if that’s your thing.

This shows you are more in tune with this person than just with their appearance. You took the time to pay attention and introduce yourself with a genuine comment.

#2 Red is your color. Again, try to avoid “you’re pretty” or “you’re handsome.” Complimenting their style choice is a more unique way to flirt. It also gives you an in to a conversation instead of just a thank you.

Tell them that their shirt looks great on them or that hairstyle is killer. [Read: 15 easy conversation starters you can use on a guy you like]

#3 You’re rooting for New York? How has that worked out for you so far? Teasing has been a go-to way to flirt for ages. It does not have to be defensive or turn into a fight, just keep it light. Comment on the team they are watching on the bar’s TV, the book they’re reading, or even their drink choice, while recommending another. [Read: The strongest signs of mutual attraction between a man and a woman]

#4 Are you a makeup artist? Your makeup is flawless. Obviously, some people choose a natural makeup look, but for those that clearly want you to know they are wearing makeup because they have mad skills, compliment that. Anyone that took the time to apply their makeup so precisely loves to hear that.

#5 Do I know you? I know, I know this is such a line. But, even if you may not know each other, you can bring up somewhere you have been lately that can start a conversation. Were you are the Beyonce concert last weekend? Did I see you at the Women’s March?

#6 What would you recommend? Again this may not be the most groundbreaking, but it works. Ask what drink or meal they would recommend because you’ve never been there before. Even ask for recommendations for a good restaurant or date spot nearby. Who knows? They could be the one that goes on that date with you. [Read: How to start a conversation with a crush and woo them instantly]

#7 Who sings this? No matter where you are: a store, a bar, a club, etc., there will be music playing. And since everyone loves music, that is a great opening. Ask if they know who sings the song or what it’s called. You can have a whole chat about music. You may even decide to go to a show together.

#8 Did you see that? There is not always an opening for this one, but when there is, it connects you to your crush and opens the door for some flirting. Did someone walk by reeking of too much drugstore cologne? Did someone have toilet paper on their shoe? If anything notable or funny happened, connect with this attractive stranger.

#9 You dog/cat is adorable, but I think mine just might be cuter. Animals have a way of bringing us together. And fighting over whose dog or cat or iguana is cutest is a never-ending battle that can lead you to show each other photos or actually meeting up for a pet play date. [Read: How to make your crush fall hard for you]

#10 Hi, my name is… Just go right in. Flirting does not have to be full of compliments or teasing jokes. You can go right in with confidence, there is nothing more attractive than that. Say you noticed them and wanted to introduce yourself and see what happens.

There is something about not having a line or something clever to say that draws people in. Just going in with nothing planned screams confidence and is widely attractive.

[Read: 40 flirty questions to ask someone and subtly flirt with them]

Flirty lines are great to have on standby when a situation needs one. Pick the one that suits your personality best and go in with confidence.

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