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17 Funny Questions to Get to Know Your Partner Better

Tired of the same old get-to-know-you questions? Whether you’re on date 1 or 100, here are some funny questions you should be asking your partner.

questions to get to know your partner

Get-to-know-you questions can be such a bore. With a couple of stereotypical first date questions, you’ve found out her middle name, his favorite color, her absolute favorite food, and the name of his first pet. You feel like a robot reciting your questions, and soon, your conversation grows stale.

Fear not, for funny questions are on the way! What’s great about these fun games and even funnier questions is that they always manage to reveal new things about your partner, whether you’ve been with them for 2 months or 2 years. [Read: 60 unique and interesting get to know you questions for a new romance]

Questions to ask your partner for a hilarious conversation

Toss out your old standby of getting to know you partner, and dig deep with these hilarity-inducing get-to-know-you questions. Here are 17 questions to get to know your partner better!

Funny questions about life

Sometimes, life seems to play out just like your favorite sitcom – more fun to watch than to live, in some cases! Mishaps aside, these little tidbits life throws your way can lead to some pretty hilarious antics. What better way to get to know your partner than by getting to know more about their past?

#1 What’s been your most hilarious sex fumble? While you may not want to have your partner get too detailed on this one, sex fumbles are too funny to pass up, whether you’re dating that person or not! Get your partner to indulge you in some of their most hilarious sex blunders!

#2 Have you ever sworn at your parents? This question usually yields some funny results. Upon asking a friend if he’d ever dropped the F-bomb at his mother, he proudly touted: “Sure!” followed by his immense laughter, as he admitted, “I was so scared after, I ran right into the bathroom and locked the door!”

#3 What’s the worst cooking mishap you’ve ever had? Burned pancakes trying to please his girlfriend the morning after their first time? Burned turkey during your first family dinner? Get them to share their biggest cooking catastrophe with you!

#4 What’s the weirdest food or drink you’ve ever had? A surprising amount of people have eaten insects. Who knows what your partner has intentionally or accidentally eaten? [Read: 50 relationship questions to test your compatibility]

iPod library comparison questions

A fun and sometimes hilariously embarrassing game to play with your partner is an iPod or iTunes comparison game. Go through each letter of the alphabet and read off the bands in your library with the corresponding letters. What says more about a person than their musical tastes?

This may not sound funny at first, but once you find out about your girlfriend’s still lively Hanson obsession, or your boyfriend’s secret desire to sing just like Prince, things can start to get interesting. Up the ante with this fun get-to-know-you game by pitting your bands up against one another and taking turns in deciding which guilty pleasure musical artist is more embarrassing.

Funny relationship questions

Has your mate ever been on a blind date worthy of its own news segment? Get to know your lover better by becoming acquainted with some of their comical relationship anecdotes from days gone by!

Remember, things now known can never been unheard – so the next time you bump into his ex on your college campus, you may not be able to think of her as anything but “Period Story Girl.” You’ve been warned!

#1 Funniest personality quirk that your ex had. I once learned my boyfriend’s ex had an unhealthy fear of earthworms, and would shake and cry if she saw one. Mean? Sure. Hilarious? Yes!

#2 Tell me about the funniest blind date/Tinder experience you’ve had. This one speaks for itself! Men and women alike have had some pretty interesting experiences on blind dates. Take turns sharing your worst dating adventures with each other.

#3 What was the worst kiss you’ve ever had? Too much tongue? Slobber in your mouth that made you want to gag? Nervous stories of first kisses? Not only are these tales usually super adorable, they can also be super funny.

#4 Would you rather only be able to watch elderly porn, or NO porn for the rest of your life? I hope they choose “no porn,” for the record.

#5 What’s the meanest/funniest way you’ve ever turned someone down? Alright, it’s mean to take pleasure in your mate turning someone down… but it’s also funny. Take guilty pleasure in hearing about their awkward un-relationship revelations.

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Silly questions

Some questions are designed to deepen your relationship, while others are just designed to bring out your silly side. Throw boring get-to-know-you staples to the wind, and engage your partner in some downright silly questions to get their mind whirling.

#1 Can you recite the alphabet backwards? Don’t just ask, put them to the test!

#2 What’s the funniest thing your parents would tell me about you from when you were little? Not only will this result in a great story, it’ll also save them the embarrassment of their parents telling you this tale first.

#3 Do you have any weird hidden talents? If they say yes, make them show it off!

#4 What’s the best prank or surprise you’ve ever pulled off? This is another one whose answer can either result in knee-slapping hilarity, or just plain adorableness.

Fun and sexy questions

Asking your partner sex questions doesn’t always have to involve them revealing a torrid sexual rendezvous or secret kink through a game of “would you rather.” Instead, focus on the funnier aspects of sexy questions, and you may just find yourself howling with laughter.

#1 Did your parents ever sit you down to have the sex talk? Who doesn’t love awkward stories about their mate’s parents? Having the birds and the bees explained to you by the ‘rents makes for a great conversation piece.

#2 Ever faked an orgasm? If so, why? The answers to this question can be quite funny, depending on the circumstance… More so if the one answering “yes” is a male!

#3 Have you ever walked in on your parents having sex or have they ever walked in on you? I have asked this question to all my past boyfriends, and they all said yes to either the first or second question. The stories, while I’m sure are absolutely horrifying at the time, are definitely comedy gold in the present day.

#4 Have you ever sent an inappropriate text to the wrong person? Sending a scantily clad picture of your new Victoria’s Secret bra to grandma by mistake? Priceless. Just one of the many reasons you should never, ever, sext questionable photos of yourself to anyone… especially not grandma! [Read: The right way to sext nude photos and get away with it!]

Some of these questions may be embarrassing to think about asking your partner, but the answers may have you giggling for weeks. Don’t take yourself or your partner so seriously!

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Learning to laugh at these silly questions and their answers will not only help you get to know your partner better, but it will open an improved line of communication in the future. 

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