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31 Very Cute, Flirty, Sexy Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend & Make His Day

We all love to feel special and cared for, and nothing beats a good surprise! Here are the best cute, flirty, and sexy ways to surprise your boyfriend! 

ways to surprise your boyfriend

 Are you looking for the best ways to surprise your boyfriend? If you’re looking for cute, flirty, or the sexiest ways to make your man’s day, you don’t have to look any further than this!

Why do we love surprises?

In theory, relationships are pretty simple. Two people who love each other, keep loving one another. Though love can be simple, relationships take work. It takes time and careful thought to continue coming up with new ways to show your partner how much you care about them and just how special they really are to you.

One of the best ways to show love is by surprise!

As it turns out, the element of surprise activates the brain. When surprised by a romantic partner, our brain will tell us to listen carefully, because this moment is going to be special. The element of surprise is so special, in fact, that researchers have been studying the benefits of it for a while now!

[Read: How to be a good girlfriend – 27 ways to make him feel like the luckiest guy alive!]

What makes a good surprise?

A good surprise can be cute, flirty, or sexy! It’s nice to keep a surprise personal, though. The key is to really think about what your boyfriend values most, and surprise him with it.

This is thoughtful, caring, and genuine.

How will a surprise make my boyfriend feel?

Doing something for your boyfriend really reminds him of the love you share. It can be a romantic and sweet surprise, or even something a little sexy. Regardless of what you choose to do, a romantic gesture tells him that you’ve been thinking of him all day long.

The 31 best ways to surprise your boyfriend

Putting thought into a surprise can make him feel loved by letting him know just how much he means to you. With this in mind, we came up with 31 ways to surprise your boyfriend.

Some are cute, for the cutie pie in you. Others are flirty, for when you’re in a playful kind of mood. We also came up with a few sexy ways to surprise your boyfriend for when you’re feeling just a little naughty.

From the showstoppers that take time to plan, to the little gestures that you can do tonight, we’ve got you covered here.

CUTE ways to surprise your boyfriend

Looking for a cute way to surprise your boyfriend? Want to leave him smiling and thinking of you fondly? Try these surprises!

1. Wake him up to sunshine

If you know your boyfriend has a busy day coming, help him wake up with the scent of fresh coffee. This will ease him into the morning, rather than being jolted awake suddenly. Alongside the coffee, you can slowly open the blinds so the sunrise can just barely peek in. 

The scent of coffee feels comforting and, with the warm sunshine, he’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. By helping him wake up, you’ve also become a duo. It’s no longer just him getting ready for his busy day. He’s got you by his side! By giving him coffee and sunshine, you’re making his morning that much better. [Read: 13 small but very powerful gestures that show love in the biggest way]

2. Change his alarm to something cute

Waking up to a loud alarm clock can put anyone in a drowsy mood. The interruption in sleep can shock his body. If your boyfriend needs to get up early, we’re sure he’d much rather wake up to you. Try changing his alarm to your voice! It could be a specially recorded message for a super romantic morning or something silly and funny for a little goofy fun.

This cute morning reminder of you will put a smile on his face that he’ll be wearing for the rest of the day! [Read: The 80 best cute texts and messages to make him miss you more]

3. Make a romantic breakfast 

Early in the morning, while he’s still asleep, go to the kitchen and lay out all the ingredients needed for his favorite breakfast: chocolate chip pancakes or omelets with chives!

When he comes out of the room, he’ll be so surprised to see he gets a romantic morning with you, while enjoying his favorite breakfast. This is such a sweet surprise because you’re getting to spend quality time together. While the two of you make breakfast, you can talk, listen to music, dance, or just play around!

This is ideal for a lazy Sunday morning in.

4. Give him little ‘I love you’ notes

The next time you’re at home alone, write ‘I love you’ on cute little sticky notes. These can then be placed all around your apartment: the kitchen table, the bedroom door, the picture by his bedside, and on top of his pillow.

He’ll come home surrounded by love on all sides!

Your love notes will make him feel like he’s at a welcome home celebration! It’s a reminder to him that he’s on your mind, that he’s special to you, and that you love him. For an extra playful gesture, add a spritz of your perfume to the notes. This will really make him smile! [Read: 40 gestures that’ll make your boyfriend feel lucky to date you]

5. Bake him a sweet, yummy treat 

If you’re looking for yummy ways to surprise your boyfriend, bake him a treat to come home to that’s as sweet as you are. This will pull at his heartstrings!

The way to a man’s heart is cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. This surprise lasts a while, as the house will smell like sugar for hours afterward. Though, he may find you to be the sweetest treat of all!

6. Buy him tickets to a sports game

By buying your boyfriend tickets to go see something he enjoys, you’re telling him that you notice and pay attention to what he likes. The tickets could be for a band he likes that’s touring in the area or to a sports game he just has to see.

Bringing him tickets is sure to put a smile on his face because it’s fun! Having fun is so important in a relationship. It keeps life playful and exciting!

This is a cute way to show him just how much you care by giving him the chance to do something he really loves.

7. Create a cute treasure hunt for him

“It’s the thought that counts.” Surprises don’t need to cost much money, if any at all! Doing something for your boyfriend that requires a lot of thought can make his little heart glow.

A playful way to surprise your boyfriend is to come up with a cute paper treasure hunt with clues for him to follow. What he finds at the end could be anything: his favorite candy, a sweet note, or you lying in bed waiting for him. Try to personalize this for your relationship. Make it something you know he’ll love.

Use your imagination and see what you come up with! [Read: 25 amazing 6 month anniversary date ideas and 100+ romantic dates you can plan]

8. Make him a playful packed lunch

If he is used to buying his lunch, maybe you could pack him a sack lunch one day. This is a sweet and nurturing gesture. You’re putting time into doing something meaningful for him. You’ll make him feel taken care of, which he’ll appreciate so much. And, he’ll get a little of you during the day. 

To make him laugh, you could try making his favourite lunch as a kid, even with a brownie and apple juice. You could put a cute note in there, as well! 

9. Help him with a stressful project

If he’s nervous or stressed out about an upcoming work project, help him in any way you can. Even a little task that may seem small, like writing up his notes, could help him immensely. 

This is because, you being there by his side is so comforting. It’s reassuring to have someone you love next to you when you’re feeling out of sorts. You’ll make him feel supported by letting him know he can lean on you. Helping him out can also help clear his mind so he can feel calmer. [Read: 14 really quick stress busters to recharge your mind instantly]

10. Gift him a picture of the two of you

Find a cute photo of the two of you together. It could be a picture taken recently, or maybe even one taken when you first met! Then, go out and get it printed and put it into a frame. You can give this to him as a surprise gift so he can always see you smiling into the camera. 

By giving him a picture, you’re letting him display the two of you, as well. You’re letting him be proud and you’re letting him always be reminded of what a sweet couple the two of you are. [Read: Cute relationship – 30 signs you two make people go awww…]

11. Let him have a little alone time

Some men really value their quiet time alone. It’s a time for him to read, watch sports, talk to his buddies, or even just take a nap. When it comes to moving in with their significant others, a lot of men feel nervous to give up their alone time at home. 

Show him that, with you, he’ll still be able to have his alone time. Surprise your boyfriend by giving it to him, even when he may not know he needs it. Tell him you’re going out for a day trip to the beach or for a long drive. 

The time apart can actually help your relationship! It keeps a certain kind of mystery, and makes him miss you even more than he already does. [Read: The very obvious hints guys give when they need more space]

12. Scent his pillow like you

Next time you’re away for the night, spritz a little of your perfume on his pillow. You only need a tiny amount to get a nostalgic, romantic effect. This will remind him of you at night while he’s sleeping alone. He’ll think of you and miss you being next to him. 

At the same time, your sweet scent will feel comforting to him. It’s important to keep him feeling safe and nurtured, and a gentle reminder of your love will do just that. Who knows what he’ll dream about. You’re sure to be in them with this cute gesture, though!

FLIRTY ways to surprise your boyfriend

Wondering how to surprse your boyfriend with something naughty, and just a hint of sexy? Here are all the flirty ways to surprise your boyfriend that he’ll absolutely love!

13. Give him some a little classic romance

The idea of men not caring for romance in the same way as women isn’t always true. There are many guys who find classic, old-fashioned romance as sweet as we do. It’s whimsical, it’s romantic, and it can be just the thing to get his heart pounding in a whole new way.

Think about how nice it feels to be given flowers or have a warm bath with soothing candles waiting for us when we come home. Consider showing these same kind of gestures to your man. Although this list is about ways to surprise your boyfriend, you’ll likely find yourself surprised, too, by how much he loves it! [Read: The 25 sweetest romantic gestures for everyday life]

14. Send him flirty messages throughout the day

If you’re looking to spice things up a little, send a flirty text to your man during the day. You can keep it cute by telling him you’re thinking about him, or get his mind wandering by telling him what you want to do to him when he gets back home. This is all about being playful by keeping the curiosity in your relationship. It’s exciting knowing someone is thinking about you.

Whether it’s cute and sweet, or flirty and sexy, a little message goes a long way. He’ll be thinking about you all day, so get ready for a wild night in! [Read: 30 sexy things to text your boyfriend and leave him craving for you]

15. Write a steamy note in the mirror

Sneak into the bathroom while he’s showering and write something flirty on the steamy mirror. Try an inside joke, a simple “I love you,” or a silly smily face.

He may not want to get dressed afterwards!

Speaking of not getting dressed, you could even write a little note telling him to come to the bedroom. Maybe he’ll find you cuddled under the sheets for an added surprise!

16. Plan a cozy date night in 

Is there a new movie he’s dying to see? This is your chance to give him a cute surprise by planning a romantic date night at home.

A few days before, ask your boyfriend if there are any movies he’d been wanting to see lately and when he’s gone, set up an at-home movie theater with comfy blankets and soft pillows on the couch. You can also make some popcorn for the two of you to share, and maybe his favorite candy and drinks to go with it, as well.

He’ll feel cared for with the thought you put into this sweet gesture and he’ll feel even more surprised when he asks what movie you’ll be watching!

17. Watch sports games with him

One thing to know about men is just how different they really are from us. And, for some guys, the simple act of getting to sit back, relax, and watch sports can be a real treat.

As a girlfriend, it’s sweet when the little things your boyfriend enjoys get taken into consideration. By watching sports with him, you’re really ‘spending time with him.’ If sports are meaningful to him, this will make him so happy. You’re showing him he can be himself around you, which is an important building block in a healthy relationship.

18. Bring him a flirty breakfast in bed

Make his favourite morning breakfast, then bring it to him in bed for the two of you to enjoy. By bringing him breakfast while still getting to snuggle up in bed, you’re letting him stay in and relax a little while longer. This will lead to a calm and relaxing day, perfect for long naps and naked cuddles.

Your boyfriend will love how you went out of your way to start the morning with a sweet surprise. [Read: 15 reasons to have a fun, dirty sex marathon all weekend]

19. Give him a special compliment 

For a flirty surprise, give your boyfriend an unexpected compliment! There’s something so heartwarming about really feeling noticed by someone you love.

Think of something small and special that you just love about him. Is there a cute dance move he does every now and then that makes you giggle each time? Or, do you love that cute laugh he does when he finds something just too funny?

Tell him! You’ll get him blushing and wanting to kiss you all day long! [Read: 25 unique compliments for guys they’ll never ever forget]

20. Make him feel loved with encouragement 

Encouragement and support are such important aspects of relationships. To having someone there to hold your hand, encourage you when you’re feeling less than you are, and support you when you need it, is so special.

There are a lot of ways to surprise your boyfriend with encouragement and support. Is he feeling nervous about anything? For a cute surprise, you can leave him a sweet note telling him he’s going to be great! If you’re feeling a little flirty, encourage him with playful kisses, all over!

This will get him feeling confident again.

The idea is to let him know how proud you are of him by showing him that you know he can do it. Going out of your way to express your support and encouragement will can him feel seen, loved, and appreciated. [Read: How to stroke the male ego and uncover his manly side when he’s down]

21. Ask him to share his secret fantasies with you

By asking a man to share his fantasies with you, you’re asking him to be vulnerable with you. You’re telling him that he can trust you with his secrets and that you’re open and excited to learn more about him. This is so important in a relationship because, by sharing secrets and making a true effort to understand one another, you’re building trust.

And, it’s fun and flirty! You’ll be able to see his mind wander as he tells you about all his secret fantasies. Who knows where this conversation may lead! [Read: The top 50 kinky sex ideas worth trying at least once in your lifetime]

SEXY ways to surprise your boyfriend

And finally, we’re on to the sexiest ways to surprise your boyfriend! Looking for something naughty and sexy? Here’s all you need!

22. Dress up for him in bed

While not all ways to surprise your boyfriend need to be sexy, it can be exciting and sultry to surprise him in the bedroom from time to time.

There are lots of ways to do this. The trick is to do something out of the ordinary for you two! For a fun night, try dressing up in a pretty set in lingerie, one that makes you feel sexy. Then walk into the dimly lit room and watch his eyes widen. Along the lines of dress up, you could also try role playing! Put on something that helps you get into character and show him your inner actress! He’ll love seeing you let loose. [Read: The sexual roleplay guide for beginners]

Brownie points if you dress up in a flirty costume!

23. Let him act out his fantasies with you

Do you remember how he opened up earlier, when you asked him to tell you his fantasies? Here’s your chance to make his dreams come true by letting him act out his wildest fantasies with you.

Even though this can get wild, it can be quite intimate, as well. You’re showing him that you trust him and letting him know that he can trust you, too. The gentle vulnerability he felt by opening up to you about his fantasies will be even more precious now that he knows he can be even his wildest self around you. [Read: 60 dirty and sexy things to say to your boyfriend + the art of dirty talk]

24. Take control for the night

A lot of men love being in control in the bedroom. It’s sexy! It can also be fun to change it up from time to time, though.

If he’s usually the one in control, tell him you’re going to be in the driver’s seat tonight. All he has to do is enjoy while you make him, and you, feel amazing. You can guide his hands to where you like to be touched and kiss him in all his favorite places. Just be you and he’ll love watching your sexy confident self on top of him!

25. Bring a little whipped cream to the bedroom

Sex with someone you love is romantic, sweet and intimate. It’s vulnerable and endearing, but it can also be playful, too! If you haven’t tried it before, consider bringing in some chocolate syrup or whipped cream to the bedroom.

You’ll love the kisses that follow!

This will let you both embrace your goofy sides by keeping sex fun. It’ll feel like the first time all over again and since it’s sexy and silly, it’s guaranteed to get you both giggling. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

This surprise will make you sweeter than ever.

26. Gift him with a sexy ‘you’ voucher

This is not just any kind of voucher. This is a ‘you’ voucher! The best kind.

On your ‘you’ voucher, write down anything you’d like to gift your man! You could list of some of the cute things we mentioned earlier, like breakfast in bed or a sweet homemade treat. Or, if you’re looking to be a little more flirty, you could write down some of the things we’ve listed here, like a little whipped cream dream or a fun role play.

If role playing, you could even list roles to play, that he gets to choose!

A ‘you’ voucher can be especially nice for women who are a little more shy in the bedroom. Are there things you’ve been wanting to try lately? Write them on your ‘you’ voucher. He’ll be the one to suggest it, and you can play along! [Read: How to make love to a man – 20 secrets you need to master]

27. Give him a sensual massage

There is nothing quite like a sweet, gentle massage and here’s why. It’s sensual. By giving him a massage, you’re showing him a certain kind of love that’s sexy and nurturing. Your boyfriend will feel so taken care of.

It’s the ultimate romantic surprise.

A massage is sure to delight him and help him unwind if he feels stressed out or tired. You can turn the lights down low and light some nice candles. This will likely lead to another kind of touch though, so be ready for a lot of ‘I love you’s’ tonight! [Read: 13 sensual massage techniques that’ll leave anyone wanting more]

28. Spend a romantic weekend at a spa

For a romantic adventure, consider planning a surprise spa weekend or day to surprise your boyfriend. By going to a new place and making memories together, you’re keeping things unpredictable and exciting! This adds a certain kind of novelty to your relationship, which men love.

You’ll be able to relax and be pampered next to one another while also getting to change things up in the bedroom later that night! And, this gift keeps giving because once you’re back home, sex in your bed will feel like the first time all over again.

29. Take a sexy bubble bath together

Want to surprise your boyfriend with something fresh and naughty? Before bed, run a nice warm bubble bath for the two of you to dip into. This will help him unwind while getting closer to you.

This is a cute surprise, with the bubble-filled kisses. It’s flirty with the warm water and constant touch. He can’t quite see you naked under the water but he can feel you there! And, it’s sexy, as it builds connection by bringing closeness to your relationship. 

A nice, warm bubble bath can also lead to some sexy foreplay before bed. You can then snuggle in under the sheets, warm and wet. 

30. Take a steamy shower with him 

For a sensual surprise for your boyfriend, step in with him next time he’s showering. This will make him smile right away! The closeness of showering together builds trust in couples. This increases intimacy, and the vulnerability also gets you both on a level to connect and just be with one another.

The cute thing about showering together is that it helps you both become more comfortable in your skin. You’ll notice things on each other’s bodies that you hadn’t before. You’ll see them in a new way!

For a little foreplay, push him against the wall, kiss him everywhere, and see what happens next! [Read: How to have sex in the shower and enjoy every second of it]

31. Wake him up to kisses 

If you’re looking for a sweet way to surprise your boyfriend, wake him up with naked kisses! Nestle under the sheets next to him and begin to kiss him all over, everywhere. Start at his ear, go down to his neck, his chest, his hips. This is sure to wake him up with a smile on his face. 

Then take his hand and let him touch you. You can even climb on top of him and let him lay back and watch you in the sleepy early morning hours. [Read: All the reasons why morning sex is so much easier than sex at night]

 And there you have it! The best ways to surprise your boyfriend

Whether you’re a cutie pie or a sultry vixen, there is guaranteed to be the perfect surprise for you and your boyfriend here.

These ways to surprise your boyfriend are cute, flirty, and sexy, and sure to make him appreciate you even more. So, if you’re looking for ways to show that special man in your life exactly how much you care, give one of these a try. He’s going to love it!

So what are you waiting for? Now that you know how to surprise your boyfriend is all the ways you possibly can, give a few of these a try and let him know how loved and lucky he is!

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