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15 Tinder Openers & Lines to Catch Anyone’s Eye & Make Them Text Back

When it comes to finding that special person online, you’ll need some powerful Tinder openers to get them interested ASAP. These will help.

Tinder Openers

Tinder is becoming less and less reliable for finding love. Most people just use it to get laid or find someone to talk to for the night. If you actually want to make someone interested in you, you’ll need some great Tinder openers to help with that.

Because you need so much more than a “hello” to make someone interested in you. You need to stand out from the crowd and sometimes that’s a lot harder than you think. The good news is that they already like you. They swiped right. You matched. Now the hard part begins.

It’s harder to get someone to like you online than it is in person

Some say online dating is easier but I’ll argue it’s more difficult and that’s mostly because of the need to draw someone in online. Sure, there are more people to potentially meet but it’s less likely for someone to like you online versus meeting them in person.

That’s because there’s no actual chemistry. You never know what someone sounds like or if you’ll actually have a connection with them online. There’s a huge difference between finding someone attractive online and finding them attractive in person. Someone may like you a lot in person but if they never get to that point, you may lose out. [Read: 10 annoyingly common misconceptions about online dating]

Tinder openers that’ll help you get them interested

You need to get someone’s attention in a new way when you connect with them online. Just saying hi might work in person but online, it’s not enough. They need to see that you’re different from everyone else. They need to remember you. Here are some Tinder openers that are sure to gain their attention right away.

#1 “I like your sense of adventure! What’s the coolest place you’ve traveled to?” This obviously only works if they put down in their bio that they like to travel and have some pretty adventurous photos. But if they do, not using this Tinder opener would be a mistake.

It not only compliments them on something other than their looks but it also gets them talking about something they’re passionate about. So make sure to pay attention and ask something like this!

#2 “Favorite dish to cook? Go!” A lot of people talk about how they love to cook on their bios. If that’s true, they should be able to back it up with their favorite food dish. Not only are you asking them about something they enjoy, you’re doing it in a fun way that’s also a little urgent. [Read: 10 ideas to make cooking with your partner more fun]

#3 “Tell me one cool thing about you that you left out of your already impressive bio.” This is one of the best Tinder openers you can use. You’re basically telling them that yes, you find their bio – and them – to be impressive but you’d like to know more.

This will pique their interest and you’ll get to talking about something a little deeper than what they’ve already revealed. Plus, most people probably won’t ask about something that’s not already in their bio.

#4 “Your dog is adorable! What’s its name?” It might not even be their dog but it doesn’t matter. It breaks the ice and gets them talking about something they like – dogs. If they liked the picture enough to put it on their dating profile, they’re happy to talk about it. And everyone loves when people compliment their dog. [Read: 30 foolproof pick-up lines and 10 you should never use]

#5 “Is that ________ in your picture? I love that place!” If you recognize the place a picture was taken, say so! Not only does this establish a connection immediately, but they’re more likely to respond when you’re already familiar with the same places. It’ll basically plant the question of, “What else could we have in common?” in their brains.

#6 “I see you love pizza. As a pizza connoisseur, I must know your favorite kind.” This not only establishes a connection right away, but you’re also asking a question that they’ll want to answer. Again, this only works if they talk about how much they love pizza in their bio. But really, this can work with any food or activity, too.

#7 “You love wine, too? Have you ever thought about making your own?” There are lots of wine-lovers all over Tinder. Using this as an opening line will immediately peak their interest. Obviously, this only works if you also like wine.

However, saying this will make them realize that you already have a connection and it might not be anything they ever thought of before. Making someone think is a great way to start a conversation with them. [Read: What to say on Tinder – 27 conversation tips to make you stand out]

#8 “That photo looks like you took an awesome vacation! Where’d you go?” If they took a really cool vacation photo, ask them about it. Most likely, it was a great vacation and they might even have a few good stories to tell you. And everyone loves reliving vacation time.

#9 “I can’t help but notice you’re into ________. How’d you get into it?” If the person has a really unique hobby or skill they mention, ask about it! When it ends up on their bio, it’s most likely because they’re passionate about it. It can be anything from playing guitar to tap-dancing. Sometimes they have interesting stories and starting off your conversation with a story is a great way to go.

#10 “Okay, I have to know the story behind that photo.” This really works best if the person has a crazy and silly photo on their profile. However, if they do, this will almost always work out in your favor.

Not only did you take the time to notice this silly photo, but they’ll be excited to talk about a fun time they had. This also opens the door to learn more about them right off the bat. [Read: 15 signs a girl totally likes you on Tinder]

Tips for closing the deal on Tinder

Obviously, a great opening line will earn you extra points but that’s not always enough. Sometimes you need a few more tricks up your sleeve to secure a date with someone on Tinder.

#1 Just be yourself. This is cheesy, but it’s true. You’re looking for someone to spend your life with. You can’t build a relationship that’ll be long-lasting if you aren’t honest about who you are. Don’t try to play it cool or be someone else. Just be you.

#2 Don’t lie. Lying about your interests just to get someone’s attention will always backfire. They’ll eventually find out you actually hate wine even though you pretended to love it and that’ll piss them off. Understandably so, too. [Read: How to spot the liars on an online dating app]

#3 Let the conversation carry itself. Meaning, don’t try to change the subject if you don’t have to. It’s tempting to ask a bunch of questions in order to get to know someone better but that’ll actually be worse. Letting the conversation naturally progress and carry on makes you seem like you have a stronger connection than if you just ask questions to force connections.

#4 Avoid dirty and inappropriate jokes. This really just makes you look like you want sex and nothing more. It’s okay if you have a naughty sense of humor – a lot of people do. It becomes a problem when you lead with that right off the bat. You can make jokes and have fun with someone, just avoid using naughty jokes until you know their personality, too. [Read: 40 funny conversation starts to make them laugh]

#5 Have fun with it. There’s no big rush in finding someone you want to be with. The point is to get to know people and see who you have a real connection with. It should be fun. So let it be.

[Read: 21 more Tinder conversation starters that’ll intrigue them instantly]

Knowing just what to say when it comes to finding love online can help immensely. These Tinder openers are the first step toward falling in love with a lifelong partner.

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