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20 Signs of a Committed Relationship You Should Hold Onto Forever

Want to know if you’re with the right person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life? Check out one of the signs of a committed relationship here!

signs of a committed relationship

Being in a new relationship can be tricky. You really like the person, and you figure they want you too, but you’re not sure how much. We’ve all been there before. While this insecurity can be annoying, keeping an eye out for the signs of a committed relationship can help immensely.

Asking your partner directly to see these signs can be a good way, too. But some tend to feel awkward or just won’t find the answers they want to hear. Nobody can read minds. Well, hopefully, nobody can read minds, anyway.

That being said, you still want to know what your partner is thinking and how they truly feel about you. Are they really committed to you, or are they just saying that? [Read: How to know if someone is right for you: 23 signs you found the one]

Why is a committed relationship meaningful?

Being the person your partner needs every day is one of the best signs of a committed relationship. If you have to be the strong one, do so. If your lover is being needy, don’t be afraid to come up and help them out.

Be somebody your partner can depend on to maintain their end of the bargain. It seems to be uncomplicated, but you know it can be pretty challenging at times. We don’t always find our relationships to be beautiful. Some of them may be downright unlikable. When it comes to this, commitment is everything.

Finding someone you want to be committed and dedicated to is the most beautiful experience in the world. Commitment means that no matter what happens, they’re the person you choose to be by your side. It means for better or for worse, you choose to love them against all odds.

So it’s meaningful to be in one because this is the person you venture through everything in life with – both good and bad. Compare this with jumping from one person to the next, a committed relationship can never compare with that. [Read: What Is commitment in a relationship & how to know if you have it?]

Being insecure and unsure is toxic for your relationship

While it’s natural to feel a little unsure at first, a continuation of those feelings can lead to significant insecurity issues, trust problems, and jealousy. All of those are incredibly unhealthy for your relationship.

But sometimes, you just can’t help them when your relationship is just getting started. When things are new, it’s hard to find security without asking. But you never want to ask because you don’t want them to think you don’t trust them. It’s normal to doubt, but this is why it’s essential to look for the signs.

This helps you get some form of assurance in your relationship that you’re not the only one invested, or you’re not the only one taking a big lap of faith. After all, why settle for someone not committed like you are. right?

So what do you do? If you’re eager to look for signs of a committed relationship or partner, don’t miss any bit of this article. [Read: 10 types of toxic relationships to watch out for]

All the signs of a committed relationship to put your mind at ease

If you really want to know if you should hold onto your partner forever, these are definitely the signs to confirm as much. They’ll help you feel a bit more secure in your relationship and let you know that your lover isn’t going anywhere.

1. There’s talk of the future

If someone wants to be with you for a long time, they’ll talk about the future with you. Bringing up plans far in advance as if you’ll be there is a perfect way to tell if they’re committed. The more they make plans with you, the more sure they are that you’ll be together at that time. Have you been sharing big plans with your partner lately? If so, then you have passed one of the signs of a committed relationship! [Read: 25 best relationship topics to talk about if you want to be happy]

2. They express their feelings regularly

Someone who truly cares about you and wants to be with you is going to let you know. They’ll talk about how much they like you or how happy they are with you. The more they express their feelings for you, the more secure you can feel knowing they genuinely care. Expressing your love for them regularly through words or actions is one of the most beautiful signs of a committed relationship. Do not ever miss this. [Read: 11 sweet and intimate ways someone shows they care]

3. They show you they care

Instead of just telling you, they actively show you every day. They do the little things that most people may not think of, like bringing you coffee in the morning or picking up your favorite snack while they are out. The more they show it, the more it should make you feel at ease. Giving you a tight and long hug when horrors attack you is also one way to show that your partner really cares for you. [Read: 15 signs of a healthy relationship that keep couples happy & in love]

4. They appreciate the little things

No matter what you do, even if it’s as simple as bringing them a plate of food, they go overboard with appreciation. Okay, maybe not OVERBOARD, but they still show how incredibly grateful they are for the nice things you do. These little things can be a text message asking if you got home safely or simply, you came across their minds and wondered if you’re doing fine.

Any sort of appreciation will be one of those clear signs of a committed relationship. People who aren’t really in it for the long haul wouldn’t put up a stink because you did something sweet.

5. They’re very thoughtful

When someone is fully committed, they think about you a lot. That means they’re just thoughtful in general. They’ll bring home medicine when you’re not feeling good or pick up your favorite chips while grocery shopping. It’s the little things that’ll show their commitment. [Read: 25 of the sweetest and most thoughtful gestures for everyday life]

6. You’ve met their family or have plans to

Depending on how long you’ve been together, your family members have probably come into play. Unless you live really far away from them, someone who is fully committed will want you to interact with their family. So if they’re making plans or have already had you meet them, they’re serious. Perhaps, this is one of the most prominent signs of a committed relationship there is, and if you happened to meet their family, there’s a good chance you’ll become a part of it in the future.

7. They can talk to you easily

This can be about anything. In fact, it’s even more of a great sign when you can talk to each other about basically nothing but chat for hours. It indeed shows just how much you two enjoy each other’s company. What subjects do you like talking about with your partner on a late phone call? Do you not run out of topics to talk about? [Read: A guide on effective communication in a relationship]

8. You ask each other for advice

The more they ask you for advice, the more they feel comfortable with you. And that comfort level has a lot to do with how committed they are to you.

Plus, when they ask you for advice, they care about your opinion on the matter, and it means they include you in their life choices. This is probably one of the most significant signs of a committed relationship. [Read: 8 ways to build a stronger emotional connection]

9. You talk about big purchases

Even if your relationship isn’t ancient, talking about making a significant purchasing decision is a huge deal. Your finances may not be combined at this point, but they still want to get your thoughts on how they spend their money.

When they want your input on purchasing a car or even taking home a dog, it’s because they really care about what you have to say. It means they respect your opinion and they’re fully committed. In that case, you’ve found again one of the biggest signs of a committed relationship that you want to keep.

10. You have full access to each other’s homes

Do you have a key to everything in their place? If you do, they’re definitely wholly committed to you and vice versa if you’ve given them a key. This has a lot to do with trust and comfort and the fact that they want you to feel at home at their place. Most people look for this as one of the signs of a committed relationship to know if they’re going somewhere.

11. You feel comfortable at their home alone

Can you go on over, open the place with your own key, and kick back while munching on their food? If so, you’re in a very healthy, committed relationship. If they made you feel uncomfortable about all of those things, it would be a red flag. But if they’re fine with it, they’re committed to you. [Read: 14 signs you’re getting too comfortable with each other]

12. You go on vacation together

Even if you’re new to the relationship, making plans to go on holiday together can even be a considerable sign things are going great. And if you’ve already been away today, that’s even better! Going away together and having that time to bond is crucial and means you’re both committed. Going on a trip together is an intimate thing that only committed couples do. So if you’re already making plans, you should be happy with this! [Read: 10 vacation ideas for couples to feel closer instantly]

13. You’re comfortable talking about bodily functions

Again, this might depend on how long you’ve been together, but if it’s been a couple of months, you should be comfortable enough to talk about this stuff. If you’re not bonding enough to get there, it could be an issue.

It’s all about how comfortable you are. The more you spend time together and bond, the closer you become. And this bond is how you commit to each other more and more. How do you go through these kinds of topics with your partner? Do you feel weird or not? If not, then this could be one of the signs of a committed relationship. [Read: 10 communication techniques to finally get them to open up to you]

14. You have a “routine” together

This might sound weird, but after a few months, couples who are committed to each other usually settle into some sort of routine. They have breakfast together before work and have dinner together when they can.

So if you’re in a committed relationship, your life will have settled into a comfortable sort of routine that you’re both happy with. This means date nights, regularly scheduled TV show-watching nights, and you’ll form habits based on each other.

It’s not that your relationship is becoming boring, but you’re settling into a life with one another. That’s true love. [Read: 11 quick and easy morning routines to jumpstart a successful day]

15. They always reassure you instead of getting defensive

Whenever you feel insecure, your partner will reassure you calmly and confidently. That’s how you know they’re committed. They don’t get defensive or call you crazy.

They simply tell you they’re in it for good, and that’s it. You don’t want to be in a relationship where you get all defensive all the time, right? Once you get this feeling that your partner doesn’t reassure you at times of insecurity, sad to say, but this doesn’t belong on one of the signs of a committed relationship. [Read: Jealous type: How to reassure and win over a super jealous lover]

16. They want to be there for your big moments

Your significant other may tend to go all out when anything occurs in your personal life. As long as you’ve got a good reason to celebrate, your partner will be right there with you.

One of the best signs of a committed relationship is having a good partner who can cheer for you as you go through life and make sure you know how great you are.

17. They consistently make actual plans with you

If a person isn’t interested in you, their goals will show it. Committed people don’t just state they’ll meet each other soon. They develop a specific plan to do it. Consistency is one of the most crucial signs of a committed relationship since it shows that the person cares about you.

18. They share their intimate thoughts with you

You can tell if the person you’re with is comfortable and confident around you when they speak up to you about their aims, desires, and anxieties.

In an interview with HuffPost, Dr. Gross said, “He wants to be with you night and day and reveal the deepest aspects of himself.” Make it clear to them that they can confide in you and be open and honest with you. [Read: 13 weird, unique ways to build intimacy with your partner]

19. They aren’t afraid to be themselves around you

If someone is willing to share their inner thoughts with you, chances are they are also ready to be themselves in your presence. If both of you can connect on a deeper level, this could be one of the most beautiful signs of a committed relationship to hold on to forever.

20. They work on your relationship in a positive and healthy way

When you have a problem, do they try to work things out? Will they express how they feel and what they wish to improve? When you’re in a committed relationship, you can count on the other person to keep going even when things get tough.

[Read: How to have a good relationship that gets better with each day]

Have you found the signs of a committed relationship you’re looking for?

Commitment in a relationship boils down to maintaining your end of the bargain. Don’t give up even when the going gets tough, even if you don’t want to. As a person who has vowed to be there for someone else, you must take that commitment very seriously. [Read: 12 signs he wants to be exclusive and committed to only you]

Knowing the signs of a committed relationship can really help you feel secure and relaxed in your new relationship. This will help you find assurance that your partner is just as invested as you are. 

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