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Sapiosexual Types and their 16 Clearly Defined Fantasies

Do you identify as a sapiosexual? If so, what type of people are you most attracted to? Maybe it’s one of these most common sapiosexual fantasies.


Are you a sapiosexual?

People who identify as sapiosexual admit that they’re highly attracted to people who are intelligent, well read, and allegedly possess an extraordinarily high IQ. Even without proof, just hearing the numbers will probably make a sapiosexual swoon.

What does this mean exactly? Well, the simplest way to define a sapiosexual is any person who claims they’re attracted to another person’s intelligence more than anything else. According to a sapiosexual, a person’s Intelligence plays the biggest part in the attraction, and everything else, well, they claim that’s secondary.

There are a variety of reasons, but it seems that it’s mostly related to how you perceive intelligence. Some are looking for extremely intelligent people who have careers in one of the many scientific fields, while some like people who are simply well read, eloquent, and highly artistic.

Others, however, seem like they don’t care as long as they know someone’s smart. That’s mostly a vague appropriation of how smart they think a person is, but sometimes they’re actually just looking for someone who has common sense.

There is also a less obvious group that won’t readily admit that they just want someone who is smarter than they are. They won’t admit this because doing so would mean that they know that they are dumber than their dream girl or guy. [Read: 15 highs and lows of dating someone smarter than you]

What are the types of sapiosexuals?

If you are indeed a sapiosexual, there’s still the matter of what type of smart person you’re attracted to. But there’s no way to gauge a person’s intelligence or what they’re knowledgeable about unless you get to know them better.

The funny thing, however, is that people who say they like smart people still tend to judge the appearance of a person first. Whether it’s online or offline, intelligence still comes second or even third.

Ironic, yes—but it’s for that very reason we’ve compiled a list of stereotypical smart people who are most likely the stars of many sapiosexuals’ fantasies.

The 8 Most Common Sapiosexual Fantasies For Women

Really, any guy with a pair of thick-rimmed glasses and a well-thumbed copy of To Kill A Mockingbird might fulfill your sapiosexual fantasies—but here are 8 sapiosexual “types” that will get you hot under the collar.

#1 The Bill Gates. He’s the guy wearing glasses under a mop of unruly hair that looks uncombed but is probably clean enough to run your hands through. He may or may not be a computer genius, but just by looking at his horn-rimmed glasses, you know he is definitely the man you’re going to make smart babies with.

#2 The Mark Zuckerberg. This is the Bill Gates that wears the same-colored shirt every day.

#3 The Reincarnation of Plato. Oh, the existentialism of it all. This guy is one of the many men who can quote philosophers *sometimes erroneously* and can make you feel as if he’s the smartest person in the room, even though he just said a whole lot of bullshit that you will never understand *with or without a dictionary*.

#4 The Artist. These people are said to have very high IQs. Yes, they’re just as eloquent as the Plato guys and yes, they wear the same-colored shirt most of the time like The Mark Zuckerbergs. Still, nobody’s really collected standardized IQ test results of artists, so we can’t prove anything—but does this matter? Society has already generalized, so they are probably all smart, and some of them can also be really big smart-asses. [Read: The 12 types of guys you’ll meet in every college]

#5 The Doctor. They’re the most prized catch for late twenty-somethings, but unfortunately, the only available ones you’ll find are either married to their college sweethearts or are too old to carry you over a threshold. Some are still bachelors, but they prefer to be that way because of all the pain and suffering they’ve seen inside the ER. Kind of a buzz kill. [Read: The 10 sexiest male jobs that impress women easily]

#6 The Scientist. They have the ability to save the world using only a microscope and a petri dish. They’re rarely available because of their hectic schedules and their relocation to Zimbabwe, but you still find time to Google them up just to see if they’re still alive. Thank goodness, the Nobel Prize committee continues to update you on their status. [Read: 11 reasons you should definitely date a nerdy guy]

#7 The Activist. One of the markers of their intelligence is their ability to recite the constitution. It’s totally sexy, especially when they express it with ire or passion. Their hobbies include watching out for and lobbying hundreds of laws to be passed and they rejoice passionately when a politician finally puts up a stop sign in a danger zone. Their favorite outfits include hemp-made fabrics, statement shirts with ironic, erm, statements—or a print of their favorite activist/politician.

#8 The Guy Who Can Change a Lightbulb. This guy could be any guy.

The 8 Most Common Sapiosexual Fantasies For Men

Is your preferred sapiosexual fantasy one of those girls with messy hair and glasses that always slip off her nose as she grabs another falling book, or one of those well-put-together philosophy tutors that always looks in control? Chances are that your ideal smart girl falls into one of these categories.

#1 The Tina Fey. This woman is so quirky that you can’t even her. She can wear anything she wants and still looks glamorous. Age is never a factor as long as she can whip out a witticism at a moment’s notice and make you look really bad because of your idiotic thought. But this just only makes you want her more.

#2 The Hipster Geek. She’s insanely attractive with proportionate vital statistics. She’s a gamer, cosplayer, bibliophile, cinephile, and foodie all rolled into one—with bonus points for having huge tattoos all over her body. The marker of their intelligence stems from their sarcasm and ironic remarks to anything that is deemed mainstream. They read a lot of books/comic books/articles; ergo, they’re smart. [Read: How to date a book lover like you’re in a romance novel]

#3 The Golden Girl. Every school, workplace and hobby location has one. This girl is the prettiest, nicest, most levelheaded girl you will ever see. You can’t help but admire her overall effect because every one of your 50 colleagues/classmates/gym buddies pales in comparison. She is probably the smartest as well, just because it’s the only thing you haven’t thought to describe her with.

#4 The Amy Farrah Fowler. She’s so awkward, but she’s so smart. At first, you really don’t want to like her because she looks like she’s wearing everything that your great grandmother left in a box in the attic. But when you get to know her better, you’ll see that she is indeed smarter than you and can actually do so much better. That’s why they prefer Sheldon Coopers.

#5 The Asian Girl. It’s a stereotype, but guys who like these girls are expecting them to be incredibly smart and incredibly submissive. You’re hoping that she’ll take a break from her books to cook you dinner and even give you a nice shoulder rub before convincing you to take her to bed. You might find that the stereotype is far from reality, however. A smart girl is unlikely to ever let herself be a doormat. [Read: 10 ways to make a guy laugh without dumbing down]

#6 The Angelina Jolie. She’s too hot for words, is passionate about charity, follows ancient new wave traditions and wants to have as many babies as possible without stretching out her womb too much. This is the worldliest woman you will ever find. The only problem is that it’s so expensive to date this kind of woman because she keeps jetting off to third world countries. Frequent flyer miles, anyone?

#7 The Megan Fox. She may look like she’s not that smart, but you’re really, really hoping that she is. She’s incredibly hot, so it’s not too much to ask that she be an undercover Amy Farrah Fowler, right? But she’s so mysterious that you can never know. All you can base it on is her slightly witty, sardonic answers when you ask her a stupid question like, “What do you do to stay fit?”

#8 The Perfect Girl. She’s better than the Golden Girl because she doesn’t need to be in an isolated community in order to shine brightly. She’s witty, she’s classy, and she has such a wide range of interests that there’s no way you can stereotype her at all. Unfortunately for you, a thousand other guys are lining up to date her.

Kidding aside, every one of these fantasies exist, but they don’t take kindly to people who assume the best or even the worst of them. They have their own identities that do not revolve around intelligence alone.

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If you’re really into smart people, start having awesome conversations with the people you meet. And stop focusing on how smart they are. If you find out that they’re not, you might miss out on being with a good person who has the common sense to see how amazing you are.

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