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20 Perfectly Romantic Winter Dates and Breaks

There’s no excuse for hibernating through the winter months. Give your love life a seasonal boost with any of these romantic date and break ideas.

winter date ideas

There is something about the winter months that makes many people just want to huddle up under the covers until it’s over. But there really is no excuse for neglecting your love life. In fact, winter is a great time for the pursuit of all things romantic, with a whole host of activities available that provide a delightful respite from the status quo.

Obviously, not every winter is the same; a cold wet Irish winter, for example, is very different from a three month Alaskan blizzard! Hence, although snow features prominently in many of the ideas below, there are usually alternatives for those who live in parts of the world where the weather is a little less white.

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#1 Carrots and coals. It’s fun, it’s silly, and it sums up everything bright and light-hearted about winter. We are, of course, talking about building a snowman. Don’t just limit yourself to the usual form, though; get creative, get artsy, have some fun with it, and see what you can come up with together.

#2 A winter warmer. Build up the woodpile and burn yourself a nice winter bonfire—marshmallows and all. Bonfires are uniquely romantic seasonal dating events with a cozy out-in-the-open fire feel.

#3 An Inuit picnic. If snow is no issue, try the Inuit picnic. Essentially, this involves building an igloo and laying the picnic inside, ready for the appreciation of your loved one. A surefire winner, if you can master the art of building a fire inside one then it doesn’t have to be a chilly endeavor, either.

#4 Chestnuts roasting on an open fire? This is the timeless classic of romantic winter dates. Requiring a cottage or log cabin, fierce weather outside, a large roaring fire, and the love of your life, a fireplace provides instant romantic charm.

#5 Photo synthesis. If you and your partner are of an artistic inclination, winter provides some beautiful opportunities to do a bit of photography. Make a date of it, whilst enjoying a mutual interest. [Read: 33 really romantic date ideas every couple should definitely try]

#6 Snowball fight. For the couple who likes a bit of romantic rough and tumble, a fun snowball fight is a great option. No high velocity ice-bullets, though, please!

#7 Culture vultures. Museums and galleries are well heated, provide an interesting distraction, and are likely to be almost deserted during the winter months, giving you both privacy and the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed and unrushed manner.

#8 On the piste. Skiing and snowboarding provide a great way to get out in the great outdoors together. As a bonus, there’s always a nice warm cabin and few drinks to return to at the end of the day.

#9 On the down low. If you can’t afford a skiing or snowboarding holiday, try the next best thing: brush off the sled, and go find some hills. Sledding is a great opportunity for a roll in the snow together.

#10 A frosty ascent. Even for the serious pursuer of outdoor activities, ice climbing can be highly difficult. However, what a great way to spend time together, showing your trust in each other to an absolute degree.

#11 Ice art. There are all kinds of ice sculpture exhibitions going on during the winter months. Go and have a look at this outdoor version of an art gallery, or take a class together, learning how to do it yourselves. [Read: 20 fun and unconventional date ideas to try with your lover]

#12 A walk in the woods. The woodlands in winter are very romantic places—magically still and enticing—the perfect time to enjoy a romantic stroll.

#13 Charitable pursuits. Feeling the glow of human kindness? If so, there all kinds of charitable activities that are specifically needed in winter, from feeding starving animals to taking clothing and warm food to the homeless. Not typically romantic, but a sure way to win the heart of someone who appreciates altruistic tendencies.

#14 In the kitchen. Get in the kitchen together and cook up some nice, warm winter food in a collaborative effort. It keeps you warm, is fun, and facilitates conversation—not to mention, it is incredibly romantic, when comes to eating the fruits of your hard work at a candle-lit table.

#15 Winter woolens. Learning to knit together might not sound like everyone’s idea of romance, but in addition to providing you with some much-needed woolen sweaters, by diverting your concentration elsewhere, it will force you to relax so that the conversation can flow a little more naturally.

#16 Getting steamy. Hot springs are a great place to strip off and get intimate with your other half whilst the snow is thick on the ground all around you. If there aren’t any of those within driving distance, try a hot tub or sauna for exactly the same effect. [Read: How to skinny dip and the guide to convincing others to join you]

#17 Hot chocolate. A well-situated bench with a beautiful view of the countryside, a flask of hot chocolate, and man or woman of your dreams at your side sounds like heaven. What could constitute a more romantic winter date?

#18 Get your skates on. Ice skating is a wonderful way to spend a few hours with a loved one—especially if one of you isn’t that skilled, and requires a constant supply of personal contact to keep you upright!

#19 Face off. A mild variation on the previous suggestion, specifically for the more sporty couples, how about a game of ice hockey? Not only will it keep you warm but, if you’re lucky, you’ll also end up in a few tangles together.

#20 Jet off and get off. Winter’s not for everyone, and if the idea of spending a few hours in the snow is about as appealing as shaving your nether regions with a rusty spoon, then the answer is simple: ring up the travel agent and head off for tropical climes as quickly as you can!

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This winter, instead of miserably huddling up on the sofa, give your love life a boost and get out! There are just as many fun, romantic things you can do when the snow starts coming down as there are at any other time of the year—with the additional perk of needing to huddle in close and get personal.

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