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14 Reasons Why He’s MIA and Not Replying to Your Texts

There are few things more frustrating than waiting for a text from the guy you like. So how come he hasn’t sent you a text in days?

Meeting a guy whom you are interested in can be incredibly exciting. However, it can also be incredibly frustrating, if you start texting him but he isn’t texting you back.

If he isn’t responding to your messages, how are you supposed to know if he likes you or not? It would seem that if he’s not texting you then he might not like you. However, he hasn’t said that, so you don’t know for sure.

This uncertainty can be a major headache. It can be one of the most frustrating parts of dating life. So how can you avoid it?

Why hasn’t he contacted you again?

Luckily, there are some general reasons why he may not be texting you back. Once you know these, you can apply them to your situation to see which one fits best. Then you can solve your texting mystery!

#1 He lost his phone. This is perhaps the most basic reason, but one that hardly ever happens. The lack of a response may simply mean that he has misplaced his phone. He may have actually really liked you, and he has been meaning to text you, but he can’t remember for the life of him where he put his phone. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do, if this is indeed the reason he hasn’t replied to you.

#2 You accidentally gave him the wrong number. There’s no way that he can text you back if you gave him the wrong number. As an unexpected bonus, you might have made a random woman’s day when she started receiving flirty texts from the guy you gave your number to. For future reference, ask him to dial your number and wait for your phone to ring. This ensures that you gave him the right number.

#3 He met someone else right after you. If you were talking to the guy and flirting with him, and it was going really well, he may have really liked you. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you were the only person he was talking to. Sometimes, there can be a lot of competition, especially if the guy in question happens to be a hit with the ladies.

#4 He forgot to text you back. If he is someone who is a really forgetful person, it may have simply slipped his mind to text you back. Word to the wise – you may want to write your number on his arm with a pen next time. This way he will be much less likely to forget.

Also, it may scare away some of the competition. If this is the case, you can send him a short flirty text to remind him about the fun you two had the last time you were together. [Read: 11 steps to start a sexy text conversation with the guy you like]

#5 You had no reception when he texted you. This may often be the case if you’re a fan of heading out into the wild where there’s no reception. He may have been texting you all this time, but since you can’t even get any service anywhere near your favorite hike trail, you may be missing out on his messages.

#6 He may have been drunk when he got your number. The level of his inebriation is definitely relevant in this equation. If he was seven beers deep when he got your number, he could have easily not remembered the next day that the incident had happened. Four years later he may still be wondering who “Bombshell Beth” is in his phone.

#7 One of his friends may like you. Once in a while this sort of situation can happen. The guy may actually like you, but one of his friends may have asked him to back off because he likes you. It may be frustrating, but who knows, you may be about to get a lot more attention from one of his handsome friends. Score!

#8 He may be fresh out of a relationship. If he is fresh out of a relationship, he may not want to start texting you immediately. He could still be feeling raw and emotional about his breakup. However, that doesn’t mean he won’t text you a little way down the road! Give him a couple of days to sort out what he wants, and who knows, you two might then start texting each other 24/7! [Read: 13 sneaky signs he’s not over his ex]

#9 He may not be into texting. Perhaps he simply is the type of guy who would rather call you on the phone or speak to you in person. If he tends to be an old fashioned kind of guy, this could be the case. To find out, you can send him a message and ask him if he’d like to call you up so you can finally start getting the ball rolling.

#10 He may have started dating someone else recently. There is a chance that when you gave him your number, he was already a little bit invested in someone else. He may not have given her his commitment yet, and that could be why he still got your number. But now, he may actually be dating her for real.

#11 He may not have been that into you. Hopefully this isn’t the case, but it is possible. Just because he asked for your number doesn’t mean that he is into you. Sometimes, guys just ask for women’s numbers, because it seems like the natural things to do, and it’s an easy way to end a conversation and walk away. Dating and flirting both involve risk. It’s par for the course, and sometimes it doesn’t work out. But don’t worry, that happens to everyone! [Read: 20 reasons a guy may not like you as much as you like him]

#12 He may think you are out of his league. This is the flip side of him not being into you. He may be so into you that he is worried that he is not good enough for you. He could be on the other side of that phone sweating, typing a sweet, short text and then deleting it, because he knows you won’t respond.

Some men just suffer from a lot of anxiety when it comes to making the first move with women. If you’re fine with being the one to text first, then go right ahead and calm his nerves!

#13 Maybe he is a bad texter. Perhaps he isn’t that witty and he is insecure about his ability to make you giggle via short messages. If this is the case, he may be waiting until he runs into you in person, where he has more time to try and work his charm.

#14 He may be trying to wait for the right time. Guys often worry about seeming too eager. They don’t want to scare away a girl by being too enthusiastic too soon. Some would argue that a few hours after your date is the best time to text, while others would say they should wait for a few days. There really is no right answer!

Take a few deep breaths, distract yourself with something, and wait a couple more days. Your phone may start to blow up like a volcano after that.

It really can be helpful to find ways to distract yourself during those first few days of waiting after you give a guy your phone number. Whatever you fill your time with during these days, it is likely that it won’t be anywhere near as frustrating as it is to stare at your phone for hours on end.

[Read: 20 sexy questions to text a guy to seduce him]

Whenever your phone’s awfully quiet because of a lack of his texts, think on these possible reasons. If he comes around, great! If he doesn’t, tough luck. Just let him go and move on.

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