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Phone Dating: 13 Tips and Tricks to Have a Successful Romance

Not all dating is done in person. If you really want to make a phone dating relationship work, here’s what you need to know first.

Phone Dating

Technology has completely revolutionized the way people interact and even date. You don’t have to be in the same town, or even the same country, in order to be in a relationship with someone nowadays. You can be on opposite sides of the world and still have a healthy and happy relationship.

One thing people are doing now more than ever is phone dating. Instead of meeting someone nearby they can get together with, they’re finding potential life partners via online dating sites and maintaining a relationship that’s strictly over the phone. They may potentially meet in person someday, but the majority of their relationship is phone-based.

The drawbacks of phone dating

Aside from the obvious drawback of never being able to see their significant other in person and be close with them, there are many other things to consider. You have to be really secure with yourself because you never know what your significant other could be doing when you’re nowhere near them.

You have to be able to feel confident and not jealous. You’ll also have to trust your partner completely – more so than you would in any other relationship for the pure fact that you will never be able to know what they’re doing when you’re not around. [Read: 13 great relationship apps you need to get today]

How to make phone dating successful

Although those few things sound really difficult to get past, people do it all the time. They just know the secrets to making a phone relationship work that the rest of us are still clueless about… until now, that is.

If you’re looking to find a new way of dating, or your relationship has turned out to be only over the phone, this is everything you’ll want to know in order to make it work.

#1 Be clear with what you say. The biggest issues people face when dating is miscommunicating something. Now, if this is already an issue with people who date in real life, it’s an even bigger problem for those of you who are phone dating.

It’s really hard to imagine the way a person is saying something over text or picture messages, so it’s really important to make what you say clear enough. In fact, it needs to be more clear than you think it needs to be in order to avoid confusion. [Read: How to be a better listener in your relationship]

#2 Establish a baseline of things to call about and things to text. There are certain times for texting things and certain times for talking about them over the phone. Talk about a baseline with your significant other so you can both make it work.

Sometimes there are things far too long to text, and this will take a lot of their time, and it can be a little annoying. So, make sure you both understand which types of things to communicate at what times.

#3 Learn each other’s schedules. This is going to save you so much anxiety and worrying. If your partner isn’t responding in a decent amount of time, it can throw you into a frenzy of anxiety. So, either communicate your schedule in the morning or work to memorize each other’s day to day lives so you know the best times to reach out if you want a response. [Read: Long distance relationships – Everything you need to know to really make it work]

#4 Communicate changes in schedules or last-minute things. There’s really nothing worse than thinking your significant other is just completely ignoring you. When you know their schedule and they should be free, yet they aren’t responding to anything you’re sending them, it can be a little annoying.

Therefore, if you have a last-minute change to something that makes you unavailable, just send a quick text and let them know you’re busy and will explain later. It takes 30 seconds and will save a lot of angst.

#5  Video chat at LEAST once a week. You will probably do this more, but as a standard, you have to video chat at least once a week in order to keep that personal relationship vibe strong. Otherwise, you lose a really important connection that can make your relationship seem… like it’s not a relationship at all.

Set up a specific time to do this during the week and you can even coordinate “date nights.” This way, you’ll still feel like you’re connected to them in person even though it’s just over the phone. [Read: Long distance relationship boredom – How to spice it up again]

#6 Try new ways of sexting. We can’t ignore the fact that when you’re phone dating, you’re not having sex. I know it’s probably going to be a hard thing to get past in the relationship, but there are ways of doing it.

All you have to do is keep it fun, entertaining, and passionate. Always try new ways of texting and having phone sex so it doesn’t always feel like the same thing over and over again. [Read: Sexting ideas – 14 sexy tips to effortlessly sext like a real pro]

#7 Be understanding. If you’re in a phone dating relationship, you have to be an understanding person. That’s just a fact. There will be situations that may seem sketchy, or you won’t be able to talk to your significant other for much of the day, and you have to understand that sometimes in your phone dating life, that will happen.

#8 Talk about it when you’re feeling disconnected. Although you’re always connected via your phone, you may still have times where you feel disconnected from them emotionally. Be sure to speak up during those times so the two of you can solve the problem.

Let them know when they’re being distant or when they’re not giving you enough of their attention during your conversations. It’s easily fixable, but it must be communicated before it can be mended. [Read: Long distance pillows and other really cool LDR essentials]

#9 Give plenty of compliments and reassurance. This is crucial in maintaining trust and affection while phone dating. Your significant other doesn’t get to be there in person, and this can make them feel down on themselves a lot. So, make sure you reassure them how much you are attracted to them every single day. [Read: 10 things to never do in a long distance relationship]

#10 Never fight over text. This is the golden rule to making phone dating work. You can never fight over texting because there’s too much to be said, and most of it will be taken in the wrong context by the other person.

Pick up the phone and really talk it out. Hearing someone’s tone of voice in an argument can help you see if they’re being genuine and where their concern really lies.

#11 Let go of the little things. When you’re phone dating, there are little things that can be blown way out of proportion if left to stir too long. So, do you and your significant other a favor and let the little things go. Don’t make every little thing into a full-blown argument.

#12 Openly communicate your expectations. Your partner isn’t going to know just how much you want to be texted or called during the day or week. Make your expectations very clear early on so both of you know what you’re walking into. It’s the easiest way to avoid not communicating enough.

#13 Have fun and remember to put the phone away and enjoy your in-person life. Just because your relationship is over the phone doesn’t mean your whole life has to be.

You can survive a few hours with friends and away from your phone. It’s important to unplug from it once in a while so you can return to it fresh and ready for meaningful conversations.

[Read: 10 myths people believe about long distance relationships]

Many will think that phone dating will never work between people. But if you put these rules into effect, you can have a very successful and happy relationship just over the phone.

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