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Being Single Vs. In a Relationship: 18 Pros, Cons & Things You MUST Know

How to choose between being single vs in a relationship? Is the grass really greener on the other side? Here’s what to consider.

being single vs. in a relationship

The lifelong question: is it better to be single vs being in a relationship? There are times in life when we feel we could have more fun if we were single… or if we were in love. We are all faced with the same question: what is better, being single or in a relationship?

Why does the other side always seem to be having so much more fun? Is it just that the grass is always greener on the other side? Or is it truly better to be happily coupled than to be single, or vice versa?

Some are born to jump into relationships, like the little boy who had a girlfriend at the age of seven. And some others want to stay single until they’re thirty-three. It doesn’t matter if you’re single vs in a relationship as long as you’re happy being you.

But for some people, being in a healthy relationship is much better than being single. Read on to learn which is better for you: being single vs in a relationship.

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The difference between being single and being in a relationship

There are a lot of things only single people can enjoy. They have the freedom to do whatever they want, date whoever they want, and are blessed with many opportunities to meet new people and make many different connections.

That is not possible when you are in a relationship. A relationship limits you in certain aspects. However, if you are in a healthy relationship, you’ll have respect, trust, true love, and a partner in crime, which many singles long for.

So how do you know whichever is better for you?

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Is it better to be single or in a relationship?

What is better? Being single vs being in a relationship? The truth of the matter is that the grass is greener where you water it. So whatever you choose, be sure that you make the best of it and try to have a positive attitude.

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The honest pros of being single

When you’re single, all your friends talk to you about how good it is to be coupled up. But being single comes with a crazy amount of perks. Let’s find out what they are!

1. You have total control of your time

Being in a relationship is wonderful, but a good relationship is based on compromise. From how you spend your holidays to what to eat for dinner, having a partner means always taking someone else’s opinion into consideration.

When you are single, none of that matters. All of your time is your own, and you don’t ever have to worry about someone else’s schedule.

If you are in medical school, a busy executive, or otherwise strapped for time, then you will not have an easy time making a relationship work. Better to wait until you have the time to dedicate to the relationship.

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2. You get to explore your interests freely

Being single means you have more liberty to be yourself or find yourself. You can travel alone, take risks, meet new people, develop new skills, and make guilt-free decisions without the fear of losing someone in the process.

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3. More time to enjoy being alone

Some people crave alone time like oxygen. If that sounds like you, maybe you are the kind of person who is better off single. [Read: Introvert vs. Extrovert – Why it’s fluid & what splits them apart]

There’s no rule that says you have to be married by thirty or change your life just because your friends tell you so. Nor do you have to give up the dreams in your head if you’re committed to a relationship.

Just like some people aren’t meant to be parents, some people are not meant to be partners. There is nothing wrong with this, everyone is different.

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4. Focus more on your personal and professional goals

When you’re single, you have no distractions, so now you can focus on your personal and professional goals to achieve your personal best. You may also be exploring your passions, and there’s no one to take your time and attention away from the other meaningful things in your life. [Read: 34 VERY desirable traits men want, like & find attractive in a woman]

5. The pleasure of seeing whoever you want when you want

Do you want to go see your ex-girlfriend? Want to spend a week at your family’s place, or go out with your cute new coworker? Being single instead of being in a relationship means that you can see anyone you like, whenever you please.

You’ll also get to meet so many different people and make meaningful memories and gain lessons from your experience. There is, of course, also the obvious perk of sexual freedom that comes from being single. You can keep it casual and don’t have to stress out about them not responding to your texts, no expectations, no anything.

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The must-know pros of being in a relationship

When weighing being single vs being in a relationship, it is not hard to find points for being on the relationship side. In fact, it is human nature to want to couple up. We are social creatures, after all. Being in a relationship is supposed to mean companionship, help, and, of course, love.

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1. You have a source of inspiration

When you’re in a healthy relationship, your partner will be a source of inspiration for you. They can build your confidence and help you become a better person or motivate you to change. The right partner will help you realize your true worth.

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2. A best friend and a partner in one

Your partner should be your best friend. You can talk to them about anything, and they always have your back. You’ll have a hand to hold through thick and thin. It’s great to be independent in life, but it’s even better to have someone to turn to when you get tired sometimes.

With the right partner, you can still be yourself and do the things you do, and they’ll be there to cheer you on.

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3. Can reduce your stress level

After a rough day at work, instead of going back to an empty apartment and eating dinner alone, you can go on a date with your partner.

When you’re sad and anxious, you can vent with them and ask for their advice. They can also distract you from the other things in your life that are causing you stress.

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4. Visualizing a family in the future becomes clearer

So you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and now you have a clear idea of your future.

Your future family together can be the motivation for the two of you to work harder. You can start saving with your partner to buy your own house and even have children or pets. It’s great to have something that pulls you forward, is it not?

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5. You learn what true love really is

The only reason people get into relationships is to find true love. True love is when two people are willing to put aside their personal desires for each other. It means to love someone enough to stay by their side through their loss, failures, laughter, and successes. No matter what, your true love will always choose you.

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Things to consider before you choose between being single vs in a relationship

If you are single, you would probably scoff at all the lovey-dovey couples and tell the whole world about how much more fun you can have being single. But no one can ever really tell if one life is worse or better than the other.

It all depends on who you are and what matters to you. If you want to know if you would be happier single, or in a relationship, read on for some questions to ask yourself.

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1. Would I be happier single?

It sounds counterintuitive, but one of the best indicators of you being happy in a relationship is being happy single. If you are confident in who you are and comfortable in your skin, you will draw people to you. After all, a relationship just adds to a happy life, it doesn’t create it.

So if you are in a relationship, ask yourself honestly if you would be happier single. This can be a difficult question because even a toxic relationship has its perks. But if your relationship is less satisfying than being single, you should probably consider the single life.

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2. Am I really ready for a relationship?

While a relationship might look rosy from the outside, the reality is that all relationships are hard work. A relationship doesn’t make your life perfect. It just adds a wonderful element to your already good life.

If you are looking for a relationship to fix something within yourself, such as insecurity, then you are probably not ready for a relationship and should stay single to work on yourself. [Read: 42 signs you’re not ready for a serious relationship & how to let them know]

3. How often am I in a relationship?

Are you a “serial monogamist,” aka a person who jumps from serious relationship to serious relationship?

If you are, you might want to examine this behavior. After all, how can you know if you like being single vs being in a relationship if you have never tried it? [Read: What is polyamory: How it works & is it something worth trying?]

4. Do I understand the importance of communication?

Relationships can be a lot of work. But they don’t feel that way if you communicate properly. If you are the type of person who can concisely express their feelings, you are probably a good candidate for being in a relationship vs being single.

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5. Am I looking for a relationship to “complete” myself?

If you are unhappy single, you will probably be unhappy in a relationship as well. That’s because the problem is in you, and not external. Until that is fixed, no one can fill that hole for you.

6. Am I beholden to a relationship checklist?

Ah yes, the controversial checklist. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting certain things from your future partner, as long as those things are reasonable. This can include traits such as “adventurous and active” or “has a good, reliable job.” [Read: Dating Checklist – How to make one & why it can benefit your life]

However, where people get in trouble with checklists is they become obsessive and shallow. When you are single vs in a relationship, your mind can become warped to believe that you deserve a certain type of partner– one with six-pack abs, or a perfect hip-to-waist ratio. A perfect ten out of ten.

Not only is this behavior gross, it almost guarantees a lack of success with dating. This is especially true if your “checklist” adds up to a person who is much more attractive than you are.

It’s harsh, but perfect tens usually only date each other. If that isn’t you, you might want to consider throwing out your list and setting your sights on someone more realistic.

7. Am I hung up on an ex?

It may seem obvious, but if you are hung up on an ex, you are not ready to date again. That space in your mind and heart is still occupied. [Read: The subtle signs an ex is confused about their wants and feelings & what to do]

8. Are you ready to open your heart up and excited to date?

Only you know when you are ready to enter a relationship again. But if you have met someone new, are excited to date, and open your heart up to a new person, then you have found the answer! [Read: How many dates should you go before a relationship becomes official?]

Life offers many issues and confusion between being single vs in a relationship, but eventually, you will have to pick a side. It’s in your own hands to make your future a happy place.

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