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How to Start Dating Again: 13 Signs You’re Ready to Get Back in the Game

Have you been single for a long time? Do you want to get back into the exciting world of finally finding that special someone? Here are our tips!

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Sometimes, if you go for long enough without dating, beginning the process again can seem overwhelming. Trying to find people you like, going on dates, facing rejection, doing it all again if it doesn’t work out, and whatever else in between can be daunting to even think of.

However, even though beginning to date again after a long absence from it can be difficult, it can also be absolutely worth it. Finding a great partner can be a truly wonderful thing, even if it takes a little bit of effort.

The good news is that there are tips that you can use to help make the process of dating easier. These tips can help to eliminate some of the stress of dating. Once some of the stress is cut out of the process, it can be a lot more inviting. [Read: 19 signs you’re ready for a serious relationship]

How to start dating again – 9 steps to get your groove back

So, what can be done to help get you back into the dating world after being single for so long?

#1 Make good use of technology. The world of dating is constantly changing, and this is largely because of technology. With apps like Tinder and Zoosk, it is now easier than ever to browse potential dating candidates.

It is also easier than ever before to put yourself out there to be seen by potential dating partners. The fact that the process of dating has become a lot more efficient due to technology should help to bolster some of your enthusiasm about giving it another shot.

Who knows, since you can view so many more people now, perhaps you will find the best partner you have ever had! [Read: 14 dos and don’ts of online dating]

#2 Get your friends to fix you up. Getting your friends to fix you up can take away a lot of the stress of trying to find someone for yourself. Most likely your friends know you extremely well, so there is a good chance that they could choose a compatible partner for you.

Having them choose takes a lot of the pressure off of you. After all, if it doesn’t work out, you can just blame it on them! It also saves you a lot of time and worry. You can just show up at the date, see how it goes, and then be on your merry way. [Read: 20 ways to perfect your first date conversation]

#3 Just go to a bar and see what happens. Sometimes, just the mere act of being in a social environment can help to start the dating process. Here is a scenario: You go to the bar with your friends, you have some drinks, and then oh look, the group of guys across the way has come over to talk to you. Now you are getting a lot of attention.

In this situation, one of the people you meet may actually be someone who you could potentially see yourself dating. Just remember not to rely too much on your single interaction at a bar. It’s also important to see if you’d be compatible without all the pounding music and strobe lights. [Read: 14 surefire ways to keep it classy when you’re partying]

#4 Go to a speed dating session. Oftentimes local bars, or other businesses, will offer speed dating. This is just another great way to meet a bunch of people in a short amount of time to see if you click with anyone.

Speed dating is a great invention. You can test the waters in a safe environment where everyone is out there to do the same thing. So you are not going to be judged, and your nerves may even be much quieter, because so many people are trying to accomplish the same goal as you are.

#5 Be more social in general. You never know who you will meet while you are being social. Going to parties, and going out with your friends is a great way to see and be seen. The more people you meet, the more likely you are to find people who interest you romantically.

Once you find some whom you really like, you can start to pursue them one by one. Or, who knows, perhaps you will be pursued by the right kind of person too. Being social can really lead places. [Read: 12 ways to add more people to your social network]

#6 Go on double dates. The nice thing about double dates is that it doesn’t put all of the conversational pressure on you and your date. Perhaps you can go with some of your couple friends whom you like a lot. They may be able to set you up with one of their friends, and you can all go out as a double date.

If you do this, your friends can also help you decide whether or not the person is a good fit for you. A little extra feedback may be helpful.

#7 Watch romantic comedies. Romantic comedies can be great inspiration to get you back in the dating game. The reason is because they so often have happy endings. Sure the main character may fall in love, then face some challenge which threatens the love, but usually it always works out.

Although this doesn’t always happen in life, it often does. Romantic comedies can remind you of that fact, and hopefully can get you inspired to jump back into dating. [Read: 10 tips about romance from an 80’s teen movie]

#8 Get advice from your couple friends. If you have some friends who have been in a happy relationship for a long time, you can get some advice from them. This advice may be extremely useful when it comes to trying to find a solid partner. In addition to being practical, it can also be inspiring.

You will probably be more excited about getting back into dating if you know that you have picked up some useful insights from those who are already doing it successfully.

#9 Be opportunistic. There are times when a complete stranger may catch your eye at the grocery store or while crossing the street or while you’re out for your morning jog. If you are feeling a little bold, you can make the most of these opportunities by trying to strike up a conversation with these people. [Read: 10 exciting ways to find your missed connection]

Who knows, taking the time to do this could lead to something great. If the conversation goes well, you could get their number, and then the sky is the limit. Sometimes, you have to take risks in order to get what you want.

Getting back into dating can be a little bit intimidating at first. After all, the world of dating involves a lot of uncertainty and hard emotional work. If you meet someone you like, but then it doesn’t work out, it can be difficult to start all over again.

However, the dating world is also full of incredible opportunities. You can meet countless new people, and have many new experiences. You may even end up dating people you had no idea you would be compatible with. [Read: 10 harsh dating tips you need for a successful dating life]

So, when you start to get back into the world of dating, try to focus on the excitement, and try not to look too much at the stress of the process. If you do it correctly, you can drastically improve the amount of happiness in your life.

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