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How to Pick the Perfect Restaurant for a Date

Do you want to impress your date by taking them to a great restaurant for a candlelight dinner or an afternoon by the pool? Here’s a complete guide to picking the best restaurant to go out on a date.

How to Pick the Perfect Restaurant for a Date

Have you been restaurant-hopping all the time trying to find that perfect date restaurant? You may not have actually figured out what exactly you wanted in a restaurant, but with this guide, all you need to do is just walk into a restaurant to know if it’s worth your date’s attention!

Mood music in the restaurant?

Have you used signboards to communicate on a date? Or was there a Manson look-alike band throwing people around? To enjoy a good date, you need to be able to communicate easily. Even the slight bit of yelling out to each other over the music or speaking loud is unacceptable. They can be a distraction.

Pick a restaurant that has soft music, even if not mushy mood music. The best options are Jazz and Lounge textures. Romantic music can be good, but corny and too sweet when overdone. The swinging seventies too can be a bit aggressive for a good date. When you talk, let the soft notes accentuate your conversations, instead of blot it.  Good, soft music will always accentuate the romance in the air!

How’s the service?

As soon as you walk into a restaurant, is there someone to greet you with a warm smile, and escort you to your table? Good. But not good enough.

If you have to pick a date restaurant, the service has to be extremely warm, prompt and efficient. And don’t forget, waiters don’t just waltz near your table and stand idle in a good restaurant, not unless you’ve called them. And they don’t slide.

How to know if the service is good at a restaurant? Waiters and maà®tre’ dames don’t bother you all the time. Service should be impeccable, and they should help you make the right choices. Hold a cigarette in your lip for three seconds. If a waiter doesn’t zip up to you and light it by then, you’re in the wrong restaurant!

Do you like the lighting?

Everyone likes good lighting. Good lighting makes both of you look good.  A dentist’s torchlight can be great in his clinic, but not at a restaurant. You don’t want to sit down under the scorching lights of a brightly lit room, waiting to pick flaws in each other. Choose a restaurant with mellow, soft lights that look great on your skin. You should be able to see your food well too.

If you’ve noticed in any good romantic movie, the lighting’s always dim and mellow when the couple is having an intimate dinner. A restaurant illuminated with lots of candles is the best bet. Not only will it be romantic, the soft, warm glow of a candle can be a great turn on. If you don’t like that very much and find it gloomy, then opt for any restaurant which has cozy lighting. And if you’re having lunch, then nothing beats a poolside restaurant or a Santorini rooftop experience.

Which is the most romantic food?

Sushi anyone? Or sick on the floor? Not everyone prefers your… whatwasit… ‘your passion for interesting food’? So think twice before heading out to surprise your date-mate with chopsticks and Takoyaki, which is burnt octopus (balls?).

Most romantic restaurants serve good food, and excellent cuisines. Our pick for romantic food is definitely Italian or Mediterranean, and a glass of divine wine.

If you’re not into eating spaghetti off the same plate, pick any restaurant where the food is easy on the palate, and very easy to eat. No crabs, fried chicken, big burgers and stuff like that. You need your date to focus on you while the food goes right in without any interruption. Great food is excellent, but great food that needs attention is bad for a date.

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