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31 Secrets to Make Someone Fall in Love With You & Why This Works!

You can’t force anyone to love you, but you can try and encourage them! Learn how to make someone fall in love with you with relative ease. 

how to make someone fall in love with you

We’ve all been there – you know, when you are totally heart-pounding, stomach-churning breathtakingly in love with someone, and yet they don’t feel the same way – or simply don’t even know you exist. Well, knowing how to make someone fall in love with you might solve your problems.

You can’t control what people feel for you, but you can turn things in your favor. Maybe you’re a complete stranger to them or they don’t know you well enough to have feelings for you. Whatever it is, there’s nothing wrong with trying to learn how to make someone fall in love with you. [Read: The scientific secrets to catching their eye and getting someone to like you]

What you want versus what you get

Love can be such a powerful drug. When you like someone, we mean really like them, you want to know how to get someone to fall in love with you. But it’s easier said than done. There aren’t specific steps to make someone fall for you because love doesn’t work that way.

There’s no magic potion to attract someone to you. but there are things you can do to help them notice you more. You’ve probably never been so happy to hear about the topic of science.

Well, science has found a way to have whoever you want to fall in love with you. Not too shabby, right? 

But, before we talk about how to make someone fall in love with you, know that the results may or may not turn your way. You can’t force it! [Read: How to be sexy and own your unique attractiveness]

How do people fall in love with you?

There’s a reason why love is often believed to be mysterious. There isn’t a single reason why people get drawn to you and fall for you – they just do. Maybe certain factors can help, such as your personality or heart, but it’s a combination of who you are that makes people fall for you.

They fall for you because you have the character and traits of their dream person, or maybe they fall for you because you share chemistry and compatibility. This is why love is based on emotion rather than logic – because it can’t be explained by a reason why or how people fall for you.

You just wake up one day and realize you’re head-over-heels for this person without any logical explanation – that’s love. [Read: Signs of falling in love: 25 sure-fire signs to watch out for]

How to make someone fall in love with you

While we may not have a magic potion *if only!*, the good news is there are things you can do that hugely increase your chances of making the person that you can’t get out of your mind start to feel the same way about you.

Maybe they just need to get a sense of how amazing you really are, and that’ll get them to notice you more. So, next time you’re daydreaming about a wonderful, long, and happy life together with your love, why not make that dream a reality?

Follow these tips for how to make someone fall in love with you, and you’ll see how effortless *and fun* all of this can be! [Read: 19 sure signs of falling in love to watch out for]

1. Take good care of yourself

The number one tip for how to make someone fall in love with you is to love yourself first! This is why most relationship advice tells you to focus on yourself first before investing in someone else. Without confidence and self-esteem, you’ll always be second-guessing yourself.

Confidence is the most attractive trait you can have, so own who you are! You don’t have to be arrogant or boastful, but start taking care of yourself both mentally and physically. [Read: How to look really fabulous and interesting while trying to get attention]

2. Be noticeable

If the person you love is someone you don’t know well enough or someone you’re too afraid to approach, then you need to do something to capture their attention.

The reason they’re not falling for you is that they don’t know you well enough to have feelings for you. Well, by being more noticeable, you’ll definitely grab their attention and might even change their minds.

You can be noticeable in lots of ways that are attractive – be the life and soul of the party, wear something unusual and eye-catching, do something attention-grabbing and interesting – or simply go up to them and say hello! [Read: How to get your crush to notice you and like you back]

3. Do something exciting

If you want to know how to make someone fall in love with you, focus on yourself and better yourself. This also means going on brand new adventures and trying new things to get out of your comfort zone.

It might not be the easiest thing to do, but it’ll definitely get them to notice you more.

Adventurous, exciting, passionate people are far more likely to end up with the partners they want because they’re more attractive. There’s just something about spontaneity and adventure that makes you far more interesting than sticking to what you’re used to. [Read: How to get anyone to like you instantly in the very first conversation]

4. Be a good person

This is an important one, so pay close attention. People fall for you because of the goodness of your soul. While you can attract them with physical appearance alone, it’s not enough.

Be kind to other people, have empathy, and do good deeds. They’ll fall for the beauty of your heart and soul more than anything else.

5. Be vulnerable

No one wants to go out with someone who wants to appear perfect and plastic all the time. If you can’t show your flaws, then you’ll seem too good to be true.

You need to be willing to wear your heart on your sleeve and be vulnerable in finding love. Hardening your heart isn’t going to get you anywhere, we guarantee you that.

People crave intimacy, and so showing someone your less-than-perfect side can actually make them fall in love with you more. [Read: How to talk to your crush and make them fall for you]

6. Care

This tip on how to make someone fall in love with you is easier said than done. When we say care, this means actually caring about them and letting them know how much they mean to you. Being heartless isn’t an option when finding love.

If you act like you can’t be bothered, you are only going to drive them away, and then you’ll just feel like a fool. Let people in and in the same sense, also be there for them when they need you.

7. Exchange lots of eye contact

Eye contact shows someone not only that they have your full attention, but that you are completely captivated by what they are saying. It shows complete intimacy and they’ll focus when they’re talking to you.

Of course, don’t keep looking at them in a creepy and stalkerish way. But you do need to give them eye contact, especially in a heartfelt conversation. It’ll make them connect with you more. [Read: Subtle but powerful eye contact flirting moves that work like magic]

8. Touch them

Obviously, if your crush doesn’t know you exist, don’t start grabbing them for no apparent reason!

However, if you are in the friends or talking stage, and you want to make your feelings known, then be more affectionate and tactile.

Breaking the touch barrier can help them build a connection with you. Honestly, touching them can even make them realize there’s a spark! That’s what you’re going for, right? [Read: The subtle art of flirting by touch, without making it obvious at all]

9. Leave the past in the past

Everyone has a dark or difficult past. However, you can’t bring your past into your present.

Bringing old emotional baggage into a new relationship is very off-putting, so make sure you’ve made peace with anything that has happened to you before, and that you’re completely ready to accept this person for who they are.

It’s hard, but hold on to the belief that they’re not your ex and they’re not your relationship fears.

10. Get to know them really well

The key to knowing how to make someone fall in love with you is to know them really well. Ask them a lot of questions and show them your interest. Getting to know someone inside out and sharing your life with them is all part of falling in love.

Relationships and dating are all about mutual connection, so it isn’t just them getting to know you, but this also works the other way around. [Read: How to get to know someone – 18 ways to open up, and learn more about each other]

11. Share hobbies and passions

If you want to know how to make someone fall in love with you, then you need to love the things that they love. It’s important to share a common ground as it also increases the chances of them feeling a connection with you.

This is why you get attracted more to people who share the same interests as you. However, it is important not to fake your interest in these things – they’ll see right through you, and this can be very off-putting indeed!

12. Make them know they can trust you

Trust is hugely important in relationships, and without it, love quickly breaks down. If you want to know how to make someone fall in love with you, make sure they know they can trust you.

Do your best to match your actions with your words, show integrity in your actions, don’t be flaky, and keep their secrets! [Read: How to win someone’s trust, and their love]

13. Be alive

If you want to know how to make someone fall in love with you, be dynamic and alive. This means having a fun and vibrant personality rather than a dull one. You wouldn’t want to date a boring person, would you?

Don’t shy away from showing your vibrance and being your most authentic self. Be energetic and active in the things you’re passionate about, even when talking to them.

Be funny, sarcastic, loud, and excited in the best way possible. In other words, become the exact opposite of someone mundane and dull. [Read: How to not be boring and get people excited to be with you]

14. Have deep conversations

There’s nothing that can make them connect with you better than deep conversations. Go ahead and ask them meaningful questions, and don’t just settle for small talk. Be willing to go deep within their minds and connect in a way they never have with anyone.

Of course, this is reserved for after you’ve gotten to know each other a little bit better. Don’t just go into it after saying hello for the first time, or you’ll scare them off!

There’s a huge chance they’ll think of you differently after just one deep conversation, especially as it’s a very intimate thing to do with someone. [Read: The best deep conversation starters to impress anyone, anytime!]

15. Make them laugh

If you want to leave a lasting impression on them, making them laugh is the best way to go. This means using your sense of humor to bring out a laugh in them.

You know what they say – if you make them laugh, they might just fall in love with you. So, why not say your best jokes and use your best punch lines to make sure they have a good time around you? [Read: How to be funny and make people love your company]

16. Don’t be so serious and stiff

The last thing you should do in making someone fall for you is being too serious. Life is frustrating enough, and you don’t need to add to that seriousness.

People will fall harder for you if you appear light and easygoing rather than someone serious and high-maintenance. Learn to go with the flow rather than being so stiff. [Read: How to be more interesting and make everyone want to know you]

17. Dress to impress

While physical appearance isn’t the thing that gets them to fall for you, it can certainly help a lot! Don’t hesitate to wear your best clothes and dress to impress. There’s nothing wrong with looking good, after all.

The more you look good, the more the chances of getting someone attracted to you *especially if they see you as a stranger!*. Get a complete makeover and make people turn heads when you walk across a hallway.

18. Be mysterious

There’s something about the element of mystery that makes people fall for you. Open yourself up, but don’t spill all the details in that first conversation.

Make sure you leave some mystery in the room because otherwise, they’ll have no reason in asking you to hang out or for your phone number! In knowing how to make someone fall in love with you, keep the mystery alive. [Read: How to be mysterious without going completely overboard in the role]

19. Have integrity

We can’t stress this enough, but don’t compromise who you are for the sake of fitting in. There’s nothing attractive about that.

Hold on to your integrity and stick to your values and beliefs. There’s just something attractive about someone who knows what they believe in and sticks by it, even if others don’t share the same belief.

20. Be a listener

Everyone likes talking about themselves, what can we say, we’re humans. But listening is crucial, especially if you want a healthy relationship.

In a world where everyone constantly talks without hearing what the other person is actually saying, listening is an admirable quality.

So if you want to learn how to get someone to fall in love with you, don’t underestimate the power of listening to what they’re saying. We all love feeling acknowledged and heard, and that’s frankly the best way you can draw others to fall for you. [Read: Ways you can become a better listener]

21. Praise them

We’re humans, not complex animals. We all have egos and if you want someone to fall for you, stroke their ego. We know it sounds like a dick move, but it’s science! It’s the exact reason why compliments work so well in getting someone to feel good about themselves.

Every time you compliment someone, especially genuine ones and they don’t often hear, they’ll appreciate this wholeheartedly. Additionally, when they feel good, they associate this feel-good feeling with you! [Read: The best compliments for girls: 25 genuine lines she’ll love to hear]

22. Live close enough

Not next door, we mean, you can, but you don’t have to. If you want someone to fall for you, you need to live close by them. Why? Because you see them more often. It’s the reason why long-distance relationships are challenging and tricky.

We’re not saying they can’t work, but it’s tougher. It’s easier for someone to fall for you when you’re nearby since it’s pretty convenient to spend time with and see one another. [Read: Long distance relationships – How to make it work]

23. It’s all about adrenaline

Do you know what connects people? Adrenaline rushes. If you experience a potentially dangerous situation with someone, you immediately feel a closer bond with them. This doesn’t mean you need to jump out of a plane with them, but a roller coaster will do the trick!

Love is often associated with the feeling of being high, so learning how to get someone to fall in love with you is all about the element of the adrenaline rush. [Read: How to be a charming pussy tease who seduces women in slow motion]

24. Don’t be easy

You might’ve heard the saying that guys love a challenge. This doesn’t just apply to guys alone, but also to women.

We don’t mean you can’t have sex – you can. But you shouldn’t be handing it out like candy if you want this person to fall for you. Nope, you need them to work for it, and you need them to feel an intense desire for you.

If you sleep with them, the challenge and the chase are over. Being easy to get is the last thing you should do when you want to draw them towards you and attract them. Make them work for your attention and time, and keep the element of mystery alive. [Read: How to make a man chase you – 15 ways to get him to fall hard]

25. Be excited about their passions

We want to be with people who value us and are excited about our passions. You wouldn’t fall for someone who hates the fact that you love surfing. No way you’re going to fall for someone that also loves the sport or wants to learn how to surf because of you.

Passion and enthusiasm are both attractive looks on anyone. You don’t need to share their passions necessarily, but your passion alone for the things you love doing brings radiance and vibrance to your personality. There’s just something refreshing about a passionate person.

26. Smile

It’s not attractive for anyone when you’re always frowning as it’s associated with negativity and sadness. So if you want to know how to get someone to fall in love with you, then smile more often! This may sound silly but smiling is actually a huge factor when you want someone to fall for you.

Smiling can help you show not only that you’re comfortable, but you’re also more attractive to them. Of course, don’t give those fake smiles as it’s pretty obvious to tell when you’re genuine or not. [Read: How to flirt with your crush and make them fall hard]

27. Show your feelings

You don’t need to be announcing your deepest love for them, but if you like them, you should show your feelings. No one wants to make a move if they’re unsure of the other person’s feelings. Be flirtatious, be charming, and don’t be afraid to show how you feel.

Don’t be scared of showing your feelings if you want to know how to get someone to fall in love with you. For all you know, this is all they’re looking for to develop feelings for you. We’re all just a little scared of rejection, you know? [Read: 14 ways to show someone you like them and still be a tease]

28. Turn them on

This doesn’t automatically mean sexual turn-ons, but there are non-sexual ones too! If you want them to fall in love with you, they need to be sexually attracted to you.

Even something as simple as flirting or making them laugh will build the tension to get them to desire you more.

Once you get the tension building, their desire for you will continue to grow and grow. This is what makes turn ons so effective in attracting someone to you! [Read: How to build sexual tension to the point where it’s out of control]

29. Have goals

Nobody wants to fall for someone without goals and ambition. So if you want others to be drawn to you, then you need to know what you want and how you plan to achieve them.

Create goals and actively go after them. Others will admire you for your work ethic and confidence when you clearly have goals. Also, don’t just create career goals, but personal ones as well.

30. Don’t act heartless

People assume that being heartless is attractive because it means you’re strong and invincible. In reality, being heartless just makes you look like a selfish jerk.

When you want to know how to get someone to fall in love with you, this is the worst image you could portray to them. You want to show you care, not the other way around. So don’t be afraid to be open and vulnerable every now and then! [Read: How to be heartless – But it never gets you what you want]

31. Tell them!

There’s no getting around this, eventually, if you want someone to fall in love with you, you need to let them know you like them. You never know, this might change their feelings about you and see things differently.

They might have felt they loved you all along too, but were also just afraid to say it! Until you tell them, you can never know for sure what it is they feel for you, can you? [Read: Does your crush like you back? 15 things you HAVE to do next]

So, how to make someone fall in love with you?

You can’t force someone to love you, but there are things you can do to change their perspective of you.

Maybe you’re a stranger and it’s time to muster the courage to say hello and make a great first impression. Maybe they never noticed you before, but because of your vibrant personality, all of that changed.

Remember, love yourself and fall in love with yourself more with each day. If you love yourself, the world can’t help but fall in love with you too!

[Read: What is flirting? The science behind this common act]

Making someone fall in love with you is definitely not a piece of cake. However, if you try these steps for how to make someone fall in love with you, soon enough, you’ll find yourself in a perfect relationship with a perfect partner!

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