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How to get your Lover’s Friends to Like You?

Dating someone bring along with it an additional baggage of friends. So how do you get your boyfriend’s friends or your girlfriend’s posse to like you and get along with you? Find out here…

How to get your Partner's Friends to Like You?

Almost all the time, when you start seeing someone, one of the biggest hurdles will be to get your sweetheart’s friends to like you. The buddy time on your partner’s schedule is replaced by ‘lovey dovey’ time, and this would definitely have them screaming for your blood. Follow these simple pointers to cope with this problem.

Their Point of View

Try understanding that as much as you’re elated about falling in love, they have just lost out on the good times they’ve been having with your partner. They might even be jealous that you’re spending more time with this person than they are. If this is the case, have an occasional night off from each other so the both of you can catch up with your own friends.

Talk to Them

There’s a good chance that your partner’s friends like you and you’re just reading them wrong. Whatever the truth is, you may be able to be in the same room if you manage to clear the air.

Don’t put your Lover in the Middle

Whatever you do, resist the urge to ask your partner to choose between you and their friends. There may be times when you may have to give up, or armtwist your partner to go out with you. But don’t always ask them to give up their mates. It puts a lot of stress on your relationship, and can even break both of you apart. Instead, decide with each other about a day or two in a week when it can be just the both of you.

Don’t Blame Yourself

The dreaded friends may not like you but that doesn’t mean it’s your fault. Perhaps they really liked your partner’s ex and are just angry to know that someone else is trying to take the ex’s place. They may want all their mates single so they can have fun. They may be jealous. Remember it’s them not you, probably. Spend some time with them whenever possible. For all you know, they may actually start liking you.

If your partner likes you for who you are, chances are their friends will come around to that viewpoint, don’t change to please them.

But then again, don’t be stubborn. Put in a bit of effort to ease things up. After all, a little effort goes a long way.

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