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How to Get a Nerd to Like You & Win Over the Intellectual Badass

Has a nerd caught your attention? If you are wondering how to get a nerd to like you, these 10 tips will help you navigate and woo a nerd.

how to get a nerd to like you

Nerds are still human beings. They develop crushes and fall in love. And over the past decade, they have become the new brand of sexy. But being smarter and passionate about all things intellectual, it would take a person of similar par  to catch their attention. This gives a sapiosexual non-nerd a challenging task. So, how to get a nerd to like you might be a question you’re asking yourself.

When we speak of nerds, the usual images come to mind: glasses-wearing people stuck in books and post-graduate studies, somewhat awkward, unsociable, a problematic sense of fashion, and most of the time, devoted to unusual hobbies. While most are just stereotypes, we have to admit that nerds fall into a category that makes them different from the rest of society. [Read: 13 traits that make someone a lover of wit]

Why date a nerd?

Nerds are far more than the previous decade’s stereotypes about them. While they may have their quirks and may be a little socially inept, nerds are the ones that drive society into the future. Their hard work and curiosity continue to bring new technology and discoveries that advance civilization. But aside from this, nerds are the perfect life partner in many different ways.

Like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg, nerds dominate the job market and land very respectable and profitable positions in society making them financially stable. On the personal level, their know-how makes them highly adaptable to any problems that come their way. Because who knows when you will need someone to fix your laptop. Lastly, their wide knowledge makes for a long list of conversation topics, making them interesting companions.

How to get a nerd to like you

#1 Avoid “smart-shaming” statements. Smart-shaming is a typical comeback by less-intelligent people when presented by facts. As such, it is a big turn-off for nerds. If a nerd graces you with a scientific fact and you respond with something like “you know too much for your own good” and other similar statements that demean intelligence, kiss your chances with the nerdy lady/gentleman goodbye. Facts, after all, are true whether you believe it or not. [Read: 11 reasons you should definitely date a nerdy guy]

#2 Don’t try to act like a “nerd” just for show. At this point we all know that nerds are smarter than the average person. One thing a nerd hates more than ignorance is feigning intelligence just to get into their good graces. They see right through the act and you only end up embarrassing yourself. If you’re wondering how to get a nerd to like you, your chances on acceptance are greater if you admit to things that you don’t know than put up a farce just to be someone you’re not. [Read: 15 highs and lows of dating someone who’s way smarter than you]

#3 Feel free to show your own quirky side. Nerds are known for their adorable quirks and are amicable to people who understand their idiosyncrasies. Often bullied and teased, they will be quick to accept people who are not afraid to genuinely show and express their quirky side.

#4 Ask them for advice or information. Nerds are a fountain of information. If there’s one thing they love the most, it would be enlightening the people around them with information they learned with their innate curiosity. So if you want a nerd to like you, ask them anything.

From theoretical physics, political science, history, and very practical stuff like rebooting your smart phone, being someone interested in knowing stuff is a nerd’s next favorite person. [Read: The 18 pros and cons of dating a nerdy girl]

#5 Learn their language: Show your intellectual side. While not all people got straight A’s during school or are currently pursuing a PhD, we all have one field that we’re very passionate and curious about. After all, being a nerd is about being perpetually curious and passionate in the pursuit of knowledge. Show your nerdy side by sharing your passions and the things that make you curious even if it is as simple as candle-making.

#6 Compliment them on their intelligence. Nerds are smart and they know it. That one other thing that makes them like people is if they acknowledge their intellect. After all, it is the best they offer. So if you want a nerdy person to like you, make it a point that you genuinely admire the beauty and usefulness of their intelligence. [Read: 25 compliments for guys they’ll never forget]

#7 Show genuine interest in their nerdy interests. By default, nerds often befriend similar-minded people because their interests are a bit nerdy and an acquired taste. Given this fact, you easily get along with them if you show genuine interest in their nerdy interests instead of getting weirded out.

Want to know the quickest hack to understanding how to get a nerd to like you? Try joining them once in their Dungeons and Dragons sessions, DIY mystery hunts, renaissance fair excursions, and who knows, you may find a new hobby in addition to scoring points with the nerdy lady or gentleman.

#8 Be straightforward with your intentions and feelings. A nerd’s mind is governed by facts and logic and has no room for fidgeting around. That kind of attitude makes them look like unfeeling computers, but if you like them and want to take it further, a side of romance is fine. For most of the time, try to be direct and straightforward with your feelings. They would appreciate it.

#9 Take them on nerdy dates. We’ve already discussed how appealing to their interests is a way for a nerd to like you. One perfect way to put this to action is by taking them on nerdy dates. Sure, nerds also enjoy normal human dates such as coffee, dinner, and movie dates.

But taking them on a date that gets them excited will make them like you more. It is important to know the things that your nerd crush likes first. Then, research places or events that cater to that interest. There’s a lot of options to choose from: science conventions, museums, comic cons, lectures, etc. [Read: 30 fun, sexy, and free dating ideas to try]

#10 Allow them to experience non-nerdy stuff that you enjoy. While you may not be a nerd and have different interests from your nerd crush, you have a potential to show them a different side of life less nerdy but also equally enjoyable in the form of a new experience.

The trick here is to know the things your nerd crush hasn’t experienced or attempted yet. Invite them to try that out and they may get a chance to discover something new thanks to you.

[Read: What is interpersonal attraction and why we like some people and hate others]

Nerds may know more, speak a complicated language, and have unusual interests but they are also humans who feel and fall in love. And figuring out how to get a nerd to like you is accomplished by treating them right, appealing to your own nerdiness, and just by showing them a good time.

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