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His and Her Guide to the Perfect Offbeat Date

In the world of romance, ideas over what constitutes the perfect date can vary quite considerably – and nowhere more so than between the genders.

offbeat date ideas

There is no right answer to the question, “What is the perfect date?” One of the issues with being a human being is that we have been gifted, or cursed depending upon personal perspective, with the ability of free thought.

Unfortunately though, free thought leads as much to disagreement and contention as it does to the more readily associated quality of harmony, and nowhere more so than with the whole question of dating. What one person considers an exciting, adventurous and interesting date idea, another will see as inappropriate, thoughtless, and downright inconsiderate.

Venus and Mars in the dating world

One of the main reasons for disagreements on the dating issue is down to gender. Of course, it would be wrong to entirely stereotype both halves of this biological divide, with a large number of men displaying the kind of traits that are more readily associated with feminine behavior and vice versa. However, the traditional approach of each of the genders to the dating game does display some notably different characteristics.

The female, for instance, tends to isolate the date as a thing in itself, to be treated with kid gloves and wrapped up in an arcane network of specific rites and rituals. The guy, on the other hand, often just sees it as another night out, an opportunity to have fun, and in fact, an opportunity to excel at having fun in order to impress.

He does understand the fact that there are certain expectations from the female’s side that he has to fulfill, which is why he tends to fall back on the universally accepted meal out, a tried and tested fail-safe option. However, left to his own devices, the results would be very different.

Unique date ideas and why you should try them

Here follows a list of ten dating tips – advice on date ideas that men love but women hate. How you choose to use this advice depends very much upon who you are. If you’re a man thinking of inviting a woman on a date, then treat this list very much as a caveat, a list of what not to do. If the opposite is the case however, and you are a woman looking for a male-centric approach to the ideal date, a certain unexpected special something for the loved one in your life, then look no further. We have the answer.

#1 Go-karting/quadding

Him – Really not her idea of a fun-filled date. Look at it this way: she arrives dolled up to the nines, ready for a night of romance, wine and wonderment, and ends up with grazes and a spray tan formed from the car in front’s wheel spin in a pool of mud. Far from ideal, to say the least!

Her – Such good fun. Guys love machines and speed, and if you’re willing to sacrifice the glam for a bit of muck and frolicking around, then he’s bound to appreciate the effort. [Read: 20 fun and unconventional date ideas to try]

#2 Paint-balling

Him – Again, this is not going to ring her bell. She wants to be wined and dined, and has probably just spent a day’s pay on getting her hair done, money poorly spent when the protective visor forces it into disorder. Plus, paint balling can be quite painful if you get hit in the wrong place. She wants to wake up with fond memories in the morning – not bruises and a significant dry-cleaning bill.

Her – All guys like to think they’re Clint Eastwood on their days off from doing the accounts or whatever other mundane task occupies their working lives. This date is sure to be a winner.

#3 Hunting

Him – Seriously? Did you grow up on an island entirely inhabited by men? If it needs to be pointed out why slaughtering innocent creatures on a date is a no-no *almost certainly her perspective on the whole thing*, then perhaps some sort of sensitivity transplant is in order.

Her – If you think this is the kind of thing he’d go for, then why not? It is a date, though, so only go along with it if you have the stomach for it yourself. [Read: 10 fun and romantic summer date ideas]

#4 The sports bar

Him – In the immortal words of Homer Simpson… D’OH! Such a schoolboy error to make. You’re supposed to be having a conversation with her, and you know that will never happen while your eyes are glued to tonight’s game. If it’s wining and dining you’re after, then take her somewhere with candle lights and soft music – not burgers, jukeboxes and hourly brawls.

Her – He’ll really appreciate this touch. You can still get in a bit of conversation and mutual admiration, but he’ll also avoid missing that game he’s been waiting all week to watch. He’s a lucky man.

#5 A sports stadium

Him – You may have a love affair with your local team, and might not be able to imagine anything more meaningful than sharing this with someone, but unless you’re certain she’s as interested as you, then all you’re going to evoke is a scowl and an early goodnight.

Her – To some guys, their local team is their life. Take him to a game and show how much you appreciate those things that mean so much to him. A sure-fire home run every time.

#6 Water sports

Him – As previously pointed out, women spend a lot of time and money getting hair, make up and clothes all perfectly arranged for their dates. What they don’t want is a surprise trip to the local jetty for a spot of water skiing and ending up looking like a drowned rat!

Her – Most real men are into outdoor activities, and water sports especially are very popular. Just make sure he can swim first, or it might look like you’re trying to bump him off!

#7 A boxing match

Him – I can see your logic. Front row at a title fight, hob-nobbing with the rich and famous. She’s bound to be impressed. Well… Yes… Right up until the moment when a ferocious right cross sprays blood all over her new Versace dress. See what I’m saying?

Her – You need to check that he’s into this kind of thing first, but most guys are, and doing something so off-the-wall is bound to get you more than a few brownie points.

#8 A buffet

Him – You can’t go wrong with a meal, right? WRONG. A woman wants to be waited upon hand and foot at some swanky joint where she gets to wear her best threads, not somewhere where she ends up jostling alongside half a dozen porkers, in order to get to the best stuff before it runs out. Not romantic in any way whatsoever.

Her – The difference between men and women when they go to a restaurant is that women want an experience, but men just want food. Take him to an all-you-can-eat buffet and let him pig out to his heart’s content. [Read: 13 very romantic dinner date ideas for two]

#9 A strip club

Him – You really do need to go back to charm school if you try this one. Some things are meant for you and your buddies alone and women shouldn’t – and don’t want to be – part of them.

Her – How cool would that be, for a woman to take a guy on a surprise date to a strip club? He’d be the envy of all his friends for months to come. This isn’t a date. It’s unparalleled kudos.

#10 A horror movie

Him – Great idea. Give her nightmares for the next week. For a second time… D’OH!

Her – Show your acceptance of his more manly proclivities. He’ll be so relieved he doesn’t have to sit through a rom-com that you’ll be able to get your demands met, without question, for weeks. [Read: Movie date ideas for a successful date]

Depending upon your personal perspective, and of course, your gender, either avoid or utilize the 10 ideas above to ensure the smoothest path to dating bliss. Guys, make sure it’s the ladies who are initiating this date. And ladies, though these date ideas might not be what you’re used to, you’ll definitely get his admiration if you give them a try.

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