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30 Fun First Date Ideas That Will Leave Them Wanting So Much More

Your first time out with someone is always the most important. Here are the best fun first date ideas that’ll make them want to have many more.

fun first date ideas

Nerves run high. You can’t seem to get your words to come out right. The person you really like is sitting there without a damn thing to do. If that’s how your first dates usually go, then you definitely need to think about using some of these fun first date ideas instead.

Being out with someone for the first time is always a little nerve-racking. You want to make a great first impression but sometimes you end up ruining it with a boring, dull date. To remedy this, making sure you take someone on a really fun date can help balance out the nerves and ensure they have a good time.

Why the dinner and a movie date should be over

The most classic first date is going to a dinner and a movie. I think it’s about damn time this date be abolished. Sure, movies are entertaining and dinner is always great, but it’s boring. It’s overdone. It’s not unique.

Not only are you showing someone right away that you don’t even want to put effort into thinking of something interesting to do, you’re also setting yourself up for failure. Yes, you can discuss the movie over dinner, but for the first half of the date you’re sitting in silence and for the second half, you’re stuffing your mouth. [Read: 14 ways to charm her on your first date]

Fun first date ideas that will set you apart from the rest

In order to make an impression on someone, you need to give them a fun time. The more fun they have, the more likely it is they’ll want to go out with you again. Why? Because people enjoy laughing and joking and genuinely enjoying themselves.

Not only that, but if you’re the person to ensure they have good time, they’ll keep coming back to you. It’s addicting. If you’re not exactly the type who can think outside the box when it comes to fun first date ideas, don’t worry. We have what you need. [Read: 18 signs your date really likes you on a first date]

#1 Rollerblading or ice-skating. These may also be a classic dates, but it’s not used nearly enough for how fun it is. Depending on if either of you can actually roller blade or ice skate, this is a really fun first date. You’ll be able to talk, laugh, and help each other stay balanced. It’s great for getting to know each other.

#2 Laser tag. If you tend to be really nervous on dates, then choose this. It’ll give you time to separate yourself and breathe, but it’ll also allow you to work off all the nerves that can harm your chances with them.

#3 Go to a bookstore. Do they love books and reading? Then the best of these fun first date ideas would be to take them to a bookstore. You can even buy them a book they want instead of dinner. Trust me when I say it’s appreciated more than food. [Read: 15 reasons you’ll want to date a smart and sexy girl]

#4 Explore the city and stop at little boutiques and coffee shops. Small shops are always cute, cozy, and even romantic. Visiting a number of them will allow you to get to know them while having fun.

#5 Go to the park with your dog. Do you both have dogs? Then bring them together at a park and go for a walk. Bonus points if you can share an ice cream together as you walk.

#6 Shop for goofy outfits to wear for the night. Before you even take them on the date, bring them to a thrift store and put together the craziest outfits – for each other. The deal is that you both have to wear what the other picks out for the rest of the date. [Read: 20 fun and unconventional date ideas that’ll impress your date]

#7 Search local live music joints. Live music is all over the place and it’s really fun to sit and listen to. Hit up a few spots where you know there will be some and enjoy the tunes together.

#8 Visit an arcade and play games all night long. Games are always fun. You can even raise the stakes and make the winner buy drinks after.

#9 Go to a cooking class. There are many free cooking classes out there and they’re all fun. Plus, you get to make the meal you eat, which is way more entertaining than just buying it.

#10 Go to a local shelter and play with the animals. Animal shelters are always looking for volunteers to have fun with their animals. Take your date there and they’ll have the time of their life. They’ll also get to see how adorable you are with animals – something everyone loves. [Read: 20 things girls find attractive on the first date]

#11 Take a brewery or distillery tour. If you’re both fans of beer or liquor, hit up a local tour and drink the night away. It’ll be fun and it’ll take the edge off.

#12 Visit a farmers market. You can never predict just what will be at a farmers market and for that reason, taking a date there is always fun and spontaneous.

#13 Play mini golf. Another one of the best fun first date ideas for you to take someone on is a trip to a mini golf course. See who’s better and enjoy yourself!

#14 Go hiking together and have a picnic. If they’re the outdoorsy type, then this is an obvious choice for a fun first date that’s affordable and also really romantic.

#15 Check out a local museum. Going to a museum allows you to talk, get to know them, and learn something new in the process.

#16 Go to a comedy club. Giving them the chance to laugh their butt off is always great for winning them over. Comedy clubs are always fun and they’ll have a great time. [Read: 20 ways to perfect your first date conversation]

#17 Head to a busy park and people watch – with ice cream. People watching can be more fun than you think. You can even make up the conversations others are having and laugh together.

#18 Get crafty together. If you know they’re the crafty type, set up a bracelet making station and create something beautiful together. You can then gift it to them when you’re done.

#19 Have a board game night. Who says board games are for kids? Not me! They’re really fun and can bring back all of those joyous childhood memories.

#20 Take a long walk without knowing where you’re going. Just walk anywhere. If all goes well, you’ll spend the night chatting and sightseeing.

#21 Rent a tandem bike and go for a ride. There’s really not much more fun than taking a tandem bike ride. You’ll have the chance to talk to them, but you’ll also be having fun at the same time. [Read: Cozy date ideas when going outdoors is not an option]

#22 Go play trivia at a local bar. See just how smart they are by playing against them in trivia. Loser pays for the drinks and appetizers!

#23 Rent kayaks or canoes and have some fun on the water. Being outdoors and being active has a way of making someone feel good. Going kayaking or canoeing will definitely help your chances for a second date.

#24 Visit a zoo or aquarium. Zoos aren’t just for kids anymore. They’re really fun for adults to visit and reminisce about all the great times they had as a kid, too.

#25 Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows. If you’re looking for a more romantic fun date idea, this is it. Get a fire roaring, grab a bottle of wine, and make some s’mores.

#26 Have an appetizer at each of your favorite restaurants. First, you’ll go to theirs and have a delicious appetizer. When you’re done, you’ll go to yours and have another. It’s a full meal, but you’re learning more about them and switching up the environment at the same time. [Read: 15 trendy dinner date ideas for food lovers]

#27 Visit a local festival or fair. This is easily a great time where you can get to know someone better while having fun.

#28 Set up a scavenger hunt separately and find things. Each of you creates a scavenger hunt and sends the other to complete it. Whoever takes the longest to complete it has to buy dinner.

#29 Go to a painting class. There are tons of painting classes out there where you can get together and attempt to paint the same thing. You can even laugh at how good or bad they are. [Read: How to get lucky on the first date – 15 secrets to get laid]

#30 Go sing karaoke together. This is one for the brave. If you’re ballsy enough, go sing some karaoke and laugh at how horrible you are.

[Read: 15 secrets to make your first kiss really memorable]

First dates are crucial in landing a second and even a third. That’s why you need some fun first date ideas that’ll leave them wanting more from you.

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