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10 Harsh Dating Tips to Make Dating Work for You!

Want to make dating really work for you? Here are 10 dating tips that can make you a better person and a much better dating potential in no time!

dating tips

Dating tips can be rather complicated at times.

Someone says you need to act cocky, while another says you need to act coy.

But does that mean one of them is wrong?

No, at least not all the time.

Unless you’re taking advice from a rock or someone whose only intention is to sell something to you, then most dating tips and advice are almost always helpful.

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Tips to know before you use a dating tip

When you try to become a better you and attract more attention from the opposite sex, you need to have an open mind.

At times, you may believe in something so much that you can’t open your eyes to any other possibilities.

And to use any tips on dating successfully, you need to visualize the situation and be aware of who you are as an individual.

Can you really pull that dating tip off?

Do you like that approach?

Do you think that advice would actually make you more desirable and sexy?

Sometimes, the easiest way to make a dating tip work for you is by relating it to your own life and making little improvisations to the advice you hear so it can make you a better dater and a better person.

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10 dating tips to make dating work for you

A few dating tips work better for a few people, while others make relationships worse. And all of it depends on what makes you feel comfortable. If you read a dating tip and feel like it could work for you, chances are, those ideas connected better with your personality and made you feel more confident about yourself.

If you’ve always felt like no dating suggestions ever work in your favor, here are 10 dating tips that explain why, and what you need to do to make dating work in your favor. [Read: 12 dating rules classy men and women always follow]

#1 Dating tips are a buffet. Almost all the time, the tips you come across do work. But don’t expect everything to work for you. Choose what works for you but learn from the other tips too. The tips you come across are like the daily horoscope you read in the papers. It’s not written specifically for you, keeping your life in mind. But by relating the present circumstances in your own life to the horoscope you read, you can interpret the horoscope in a manner that makes most sense to you.

After all, how you see the problem will help you pick the solution to it in a manner that seems best to you. [Read: The real reason behind why you’re having a hard time finding true love]

#2 Are you really that good already? This is brutal to hear. But it’s truer than you think. Almost every single person you meet or see on the street think they’re hot stuff. But reality is another story. What if you’re one of those people who are too full of themselves and have an exaggerated sense of their own capabilities? Start slow and build your confidence instead of trying something the wrong way and giving up on dating entirely. [Read: The secret behind attracting men in a way they can’t resist]

#3 You have expectations from your partner. But you don’t meet any of them yourself. You may want to date a celebrity or the hottest person in your office or college. And every time you try, you may end up failing or getting walked all over. Does that mean the dating advice you received from your friend was wrong?

You have to remember that, just like you, the person you like has expectations too. It’s extremely biased of you to want the best lover when you can’t offer the best qualities that they want in return. [Read: 23 secret things girls wish guys knew about a girl’s mind]

#4 You’re prejudiced. Some men and women fit perfectly in this zone. They have strong opinions about everything in life. And they just can’t let go of those opinions.

Do you think men have to be in control of the relationship? Do you think women are the weaker sex? Or do you think it’s only the man’s responsibility to keep a woman happy or earn for the family? Sometimes, such pressures and prejudiced expectations can do more harm than good to a new relationship. [Read: New relationship advice for a perfect start to love]

#5 Change is inevitable. But that doesn’t mean you can mold a person into your perfect definition of a partner. When two people start dating each other, both of them have to change for each other. But it doesn’t always happen.

At the same time, you can’t choose to stay the same and expect your partner to become a whole new person to fit your wants and requirements. If you don’t like someone for their behavior, don’t date them unless you can accept their personality.

#6 Great expectations. Changes don’t happen overnight. Relationships are matters of the heart, and they take a while to heal or get better. You may read a few dating tips and understand them. But that won’t make you a better person or help you experience a better romance. What’ll make you better is the initiative you take to genuinely follow the tips and learn from them. [Read: 15 obvious flirting signs between the sexes]

#7 You don’t have what it takes. We change for the better all the time. Sometimes, a few great tips and advice on dating can help you change your life in a million ways. But it does take time and patience. If you’re still not able to attract the one you like, perhaps you’re still a work in progress and need time to be the best you can be. [Read: 13 oh-so-awesome ways to impress any guy!]

#8 You’re not trying hard enough. Reading dating tips and experiences is easy. Making a move and meeting someone interesting in real life is the hard part. You can read all the tips you want, but unless you do something about it and implement it in your life, it won’t do you any good.

Try and make the effort to go out there and meet people. Most of the times, we moan about how unfair life is. But in reality, you may not be trying hard enough. If you’re going to give up on something easily even without putting in the effort, can you really expect even the best of dating tips to help you? [Read: How to make a girl want you and desire you sexually]

#9 You accept failure without even trying. Have you ever tried a friend’s suggestion and secretly hoped your friend’s idea would fail just to prove your friend wrong? Our minds are hardwired to certain beliefs and we don’t ever want to prove those beliefs wrong. Really, isn’t it easier to use a tip halfheartedly just to fail so you can convince yourself just how evil and unfair the world is to you? [Read: 25 memorable life lessons to perfect your life]

#10 You’re not learning from your mistakes. Every failure is an experience only if you learn something from it. You could meet a lot of potential dates, but unless you correct your flaws, how can you expect to make dating work for you?

I’m going to be harsh to get this point across here. If you learn to flirt better than anyone you know, and yet every date you like rejects you and says you’re a bad dresser, is it justifiable to complain that flirting doesn’t work and is a waste of time? Do you need to work on flirting better or do you need tips to dress better and look more appealing? [Read: 15 really important things to keep in mind for a great first date]

Dating is easy. But to actually make it work for you, you need to use these tips to become a better dater, and learn from your mistakes. And as long as you understand these tips and better yourself, you’ll definitely get better in the dating game.

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Sometimes, you do need to use a few tips about dating to make even the best of dating tips work in your favor. And for starters, these 10 tips are just what you need to understand dating and get a lot better at it!

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