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Chick Magnet: What Is It & 30 Secrets to Be the Guy All Girls are Drawn To

Why do some guys have all the luck? Why are some of them a chick magnet and others aren’t? Find out how you can be one too and be irresistible to women.

chick magnet

Some guys just get lucky when it comes to being able to attract girls like a chick magnet. They might not even be that attractive, yet they still seem to get all the ladies, leaving other guys to question how in the hell he does it.

Does he have a magic potion? Or is there some other crazy reason why girls would flock to someone who doesn’t really seem like the type who knows how to please the ladies?

What is a chick magnet?

If you’re struggling to comprehend exactly what a chick magnet is, allow us to shed some light on this. A chick magnet is someone who seems to attract girls at a ridiculous rate. They can make even the pickiest girls want to be around them.

Sometimes, these people are the best-looking people you know, and other times, they’re the type of person you think girls would never even want to talk to. But somehow, they have the charisma needed to lure in the ladies and make them want to stay.

How to be a chick magnet

If you’re wondering how to be a chick magnet, there are some surefire signs that can determine if you are or not. If you exhibit any of these qualities, prepare to have girls flocking to you a lot.

1. Smell delicious

Women really appreciate men who put on cologne that smells like it was designed by Greek gods themselves. These men have power over women that they don’t even realize, and it’s all because of a smell-good product in a bottle.

When a guy smells good, it makes all girls what to continue being around him. They will follow him around because it’s simply that enticing. If you smell amazing all the time, you can be a chick magnet. [Read: Do pheromones work like a love potion, or is it all hype?]

2. Be hilarious

Every man who is less fortunate in the looks department can land any girl he wants if he’s funny. Girls love to laugh and also love a guy who is witty enough to keep them on their toes and keep them having fun.

A chick magnet pretty much always has girls laughing no matter what he says. Hilarity is a trait that can be really contagious, and girls will want to be around a guy who makes them have a good time. [Read: How to be funny and make people love your company]

3. Be kind of a dick

As funny as a guy is, you can also be kind of an asshole to the ladies. You’d think that girls would only want to hang around someone who is nice to them and who treats them kindly, but the truth is that girls love guys who are a tad bit mean.

Hey, maybe there’s something to that bad boy stereotype that’s still alive and well. And a bad boy is usually a chick magnet. [Read: Good vs. bad: What kind of guys do girls like?]

4. Be very sensitive

If there’s one thing a girl loves about a guy, it’s that he’s sensitive. He has the ability to be empathetic and actually mean it. Girls are pretty good at telling if a guy is faking his sensitivity or if he actually means it. But when they sense a guy’s genuine soft side, he instantly becomes a chick magnet.

It’s okay to cry or get upset by things that would normally not affect a “manly” guy. If you do, then you could be a total chick magnet and not even realize it. [Read: Sensitive sides: Should men embrace male femininity?]

5. Ask a lot of deep questions

Most people would agree that a lot of girls love to talk, especially about themselves. That’s why when there’s a guy around who will ask girls all sorts of things about their lives, they tend to stick by them all the time.

If you ask everyone deep personal questions, it could mean that you could be a chick magnet. Girls will follow you around like crazy for the opportunity to talk about themselves.

6. Talk about your life and family

Girls hate trying to pry into the life of a guy. We like when someone tells us about themselves without having to force them to.

This means that if you have a knack for telling people about yourself and your family, then you could be a chick magnet. Girls love a guy who cares deeply for his family, and they will likely want him all the more for it.

7. You can make just about any girl blush

Flattery is a powerful tool in the hands of a man. It’s even more powerful if a guy can make a girl blush without even trying to. If you can sincerely compliment her in such a subtle way that he barely realizes he’s doing it, then you’re a definite chick magnet. [Read: How to compliment a girl and make her blush]

8. Be a great conversationalist

As we mentioned before, girls typically love to talk. So, if you can hold a conversation with virtually anyone and make it a great one at that, you could be a chick magnet.

Girls like men who can keep them talking and interested. So if you are really chatty with everyone, you may need to watch out! [Read: How to keep a conversation going with the opposite sex]

9. Smile all the time

When people smile, they’re basically telling everyone in the vicinity that they’re not a threat. Humans throughout the ages have used smiling as a means to display peace and trust. This has followed humans through evolution and still instills a sense of trust when we see people smiling often.

10. Be confident as all hell

Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities there is. No matter how good-looking a guy is, if he has confidence and girls realize it, they’re going to be all over him. If this sounds like you, then you are going to be a total chick magnet. [Read: Cold feet on a date: 12 ways to gain confidence]

11. Be emotionally available

Girls love to connect and talk about their emotions. So, they don’t want a guy who can’t open up to them. You need to be in touch with your emotions and be willing to talk about them and share them with women.

12. Be giving

No one likes a person who is selfish. And girls are no different. Many women tend to be the ones who clean the house, do the laundry, and cook the meals. And a lot of guys just sit around and let them do it while playing video games. So, don’t be selfish. Give as much as you take.

13. Pay attention to details

Many times, people forget the things that others tell them. But if you work on remembering details about girls, you will be a chick magnet. Even if you just notice details about them such as their earrings or shoes, they will be very impressed with you.

14. Be outgoing

Now, this is not something you can change easily. But let’s face it, most girls like a guy who is charming and sociable. They like someone who can talk to people easily and is comfortable in social situations. [Read: How to be charming – 15 adorable habits of really likeable people]

15. Dress up

Sure, you might be a lot more comfortable in your concert t-shirt, flannel shirt, and your ripped dirty jeans, but that’s not going to win any girls over. You have to have a good sense of style. Don’t look like a slob. Girls don’t like slobs. Put a little effort into how you dress.

16. Buy a nice car

Okay, yes, cars are expensive. But you don’t have to be a millionaire to have a nice-looking car. You can buy a used one for a lot cheaper. It doesn’t have to be a Ferrari or a Mercedes, but you should have a car that shows that you care about what you drive. 

17. Have a clean house

As we just mentioned, girls don’t like guys who are slobs. It grosses them out. So, if you want to be a chick magnet, you have to keep your house clean. Do the dishes and clean your toilets, showers, and sinks. Don’t let grime build up because it’s just gross.

18. Be a good listener

A lot of men are terrible listeners for a variety of reasons. It could be that they think what the other person is talking about is uninteresting or maybe they are trying to watch a basketball game. So, if you are a good listener, girls will be impressed with you. [Read: 19 Ways on how to be a better listener in a relationship]

19. Get a puppy

You know how girls like cute things. They flock to little babies and to puppies. And since getting a baby is not very probable, then get a puppy. Walk it in the park and see how many girls flock over to you to pet it and talk to you.

20. Groom yourself

A lot of guys like beards – and long beards. But many women don’t find that sexy at all. In fact, it is a turn-off for a lot of them because it looks dirty and scraggy. So, shave your face and keep your hair short and groomed too. If you have a beard, keep it trimmed and looking good.

21. Be approachable

Some girls can be intimidated by guys, especially if they are tall and look like they are tough. So, if that’s you, be aware of your body language. Don’t close your body up by crossing your arms. Have a smile and make it look like you are approachable. [Read: How to flirt by touch and use subtle body language to seduce anyone]

22. Be chivalrous

Believe it or not, chivalry is not dead but it’s rare. And women love it! They love it because it is rare. So, open doors for girls and help them put their coats on. Pay for dinner on a date. Do all the things that the men in the 1950s used to do for women in order to be respectful to them.

23. Be mature

If a girl wanted to date a teenager, she would *if it was legal*. But you get the point. Women don’t want to date a little boy, they want a mature man. So, don’t act like you’re 12. You need to be responsible and mature in order to be a chick magnet. [Read: When does a man emotionally mature? 19 signs of maturity in a guy]

24. Don’t be vulgar

When you’re with your guy friends, it’s perfectly acceptable and even expected to use cuss words and vulgar language. But girls don’t really like that when you are with them. You won’t appear like you are a mature gentleman. You’ll just be a little boy.

25. Don’t brag

You might be proud of your accomplishments, but no one likes it when someone brags. You might think that girls would like that because it tells them that you make a lot of money, and have a great car and a big house. But it’s not a flattering trait to have.

26. Be positive

No one likes to be around a person who is negative and complains a lot. They want to be around someone who is positive, happy, and fun! So, if you tend to be more of a pessimist than an optimist, you might want to change that ASAP. [Read: Positive vibes – 17 ways to welcome positive energy into your life]

27. Have life goals

Women like it when men are ambitious and they are going places in life. They don’t want a loser who doesn’t have a job or is content to work minimum wage jobs for the rest of his life. Have some goals.

28. Get in shape

You probably like a woman who takes care of herself and is in shape. So, why wouldn’t girls like that too? If you have a beer belly or could stand to lose a few pounds, then do it or else you won’t be a chick magnet.

29. Take charge

Women like it when a man is in charge. Make reservations for dinner or take charge in bed. They like to know that they can be protected by their man. Try to be the alpha male once in a while.

30. Be romantic

You know women like romance, right? If not, then you should! Buy women flowers and don’t forget Valentine’s Day. Write girls little notes and say nice things to them. They will love you for it.

[Read: 67 Sweet yet small romantic gestures that show love in the biggest way]

When you become a chick magnet, you will always have to ward off women. But of course, you won’t do that because that’s the point, right? Once you develop these qualities, you can have any woman you want.

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