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16 Casual First Date Ideas that are Perfect for a Dreamy Fun Date

First dates are often loaded with anxiety and awkwardness. To make it a success, here are all the casual first date ideas to ensure you both have fun.

casual first date ideas

Just thinking about a first date can make you nervous. The pressure of the location, your outfit, your personality, it all piles up. Instead of putting all the attention on your nerves, try out these casual first date ideas that will ensure you both have fun.

Even in the most casual of circumstances, first dates are rarely easy. Of course, you can always go for drinks or coffee, but that leaves you open to awkward silences, word vomit, and if you drink too much, actual vomit.

Think of your own casual first date ideas

You are probably thinking, DUH. That is why you came here in the first place to get ideas. And don’t worry, I have some. But, before I recommend this date or that date, think of what you want to do. What do you like doing? Is there something you can teach your date? Is there something that always breaks the ice for you?

Is there a sport you love or a favorite park you love to walk through? Think about what you would enjoy doing before considering outside ideas. When you look at it that way, you may come up with something perfect. [Read: 20 fun and unconventional date ideas that’ll impress your date]

If you are already doing something you love to do, your date will feed off of that energy. If you are doing something you are comfortable doing, your nerves will calm. If you can teach your date something new, you are breaking the ice and showing off all at once.

If you create a casual first date idea based on your specific preferences, you are already halfway there.

Casual first date ideas

If finding something you’re interested in isn’t working or you don’t think your date is up for dirt biking or rock climbing, here are some more casual first date ideas to consider.

#1 Go for a walk. This may seem super boring, but it gives you a chance to talk without awkwardness. When you go for a walk, there is always something to pull your attention or to talk about. You do not have to dive into your past to have a decent conversation.

You can talk about nature, animals, and just enjoy the day. Being outside also offers tranquility and calmness to a first date that cannot be replicated anywhere else. [Read: How to plan a date to knock the socks off anyone]

#2 Go to an animal shelter. If you are both animal lovers *who isn’t* heading to an animal shelter can be a wonderful first date. Cuddle with puppies and kittens. Spend time with these animals that crave love and affection.

Seeing how someone treats animals is also a good sign as to how they treat people.

#3 Go on a factory tour. There is a reason factory tours are popular field trip destinations for kids. They are both fun and educational. You can search online to find a factory tour near you. They are often free or have very low entry fees.

You can find breweries, button factories, chocolate factories, there is something for everyone. [Read: How long should a first date last? Your guide to timing it right]

#4 Take a class. Learning something new together is a great way to get to know each other. You can find chemistry and just see if you work well together. You can go for a cooking class, an art class, or really test trust with a dance class.

#5 Go to an amusement park or arcade. Become a kid again. Feed off of the adrenaline. This gives you ample time to chat while waiting in line and massive amounts of fun when riding a roller coaster. If rides aren’t your thing, try an arcade.

You can have a little friendly competition playing air hockey. Win your date a cheaply made teddy bear in a claw machine and try not to embarrass yourself with that infamously hard basketball game. [Read: First date moves that will guarantee a second]

#6 Check out a museum. At first thought, museums may sound boring. They can be. But there are tons of different museums to visit. History, art, science, even the botanical gardens are exciting.

This is essentially like going for a walk but with lots of conversation starters.

#7 Try out bowling or mini-golf. Competition is a great way to break the ice and test your boundaries together. Bowling and mini golf are both relatively easy and low energy games. You can poke fun at your date’s lack of aim or show off your wicked skills. [Read: 18 things you HAVE to avoid doing on your first date]

#8 Solve a problem. I do not mean unclogging your bathroom sink. I mean head to an escape room. You will be matched up with one or two other couples and have to solve clues and riddles to get out.

This is not only an ideal way to live out your Da Vinci Code fantasy, but it also gives you a great way to hang out without relying on your ability to think of conversation topics.

#9 Teach them something. Are you a killer ice skater? Are you amazing at baseball? Introduce your date to something new and teach them something you are awesome at. Take them to the batting cages or help them balance on skates.

This shows off your talents without seeming too showy, but also allows your date to see how patient you are. [Read: Fun first date ideas to leave them wanting more]

#10 Let them teach you something. If you aren’t the best teacher, let your date teach you something they are great at. Let them take you to a skate park and teach you a simple trick.

This will show your ability to let go of control and show you how patient and comforting they can be.

#11 Go to the mall. Unsure of what sort of casual first date is right for you? Head to the mall. This will take you back to those good old middle school dates. You can get a smoothie, snag some free samples from the food court, and do some window shopping.

Have a laugh in Spencers, check out the latest technology at Brookstone, and split a soft pretzel.

#12 Try karaoke. Whether you have a great singing voice or not, karaoke is an amazing first date idea. You are not forced to talk too much, but you do get to see if you are comfortable around this person.

Singing is a very vulnerable thing and singing with or in front of someone new shows your chemistry as well as your taste in music.

#13 Laugh. Lighten up and let go of those first date jitters. If you’re looking for casual first date ideas that are fun and a good laugh, head to a local comedy club and crack up. Again, this means you do not need to find a bunch of great topics to chat about. You can laugh together and get an idea of each other’s senses of humor and then react later on in the night. [Read: 15 first date rules everyone should follow for a memorable night]

#14 Volunteer. Be a good Samaritan and have a great first date. Helping the less fortunate not only makes you feel great but also lets you and your date bond. Head to a soup kitchen, go toy shopping and donate to a shelter, or visit the elderly.

These things are needed in all communities, and this a great way to enjoy it even more.

#15 Go to a game. Sports are not for everyone, but going to a national game or a local one can be loads of fun. Enjoy a hot dog, beer, and cheer on your favorite team.

This is a fun and low-key date that gives you a buffer but also gives you time to talk. [Read: How to perfect your first date conversation]

#16 See a psychic. This is definitely something that is personal to many people, but it can also be loads of fun. I do not recommend doling out hundreds on a medium during a first date. Instead, get your palms read at a local shop for about $20.

It may not offer loads of insight into your future, but it can be anywhere from weird to hilarious. It is definitely something unique to do with a first date.

[Read: Signs that point to a great first date]

I hope at least a few of these casual first date ideas caught your eye and will make their way into your next first date itinerary.

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