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13 Blind Dating Tips for a Happy Blind Date

Are you preparing yourself for a blind date with someone you haven’t met before? Use these 13 blind date tips to have a perfect blind dating experience.

blind dating

Blind dates are an exciting thought, but yet, it’s something that doesn’t always turn out right.

On one hand, you’re meeting someone you don’t really know and that thought seems daring.

On the other hand, if your date turns out to be an obnoxious loser, your hands are tied and you’ll have to endure them for the rest of the evening.

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But all said and done, all of us should experience at least one blind date in our lives.

After all, it’s an adventurous experience that may just work in your favor. You could end the date with a new lover, or a good friend.

Blind dating and basic etiquette

You know what blind dating is, don’t you?

To sum it up in a sentence, the typical blind date is a date where you don’t know the person you’re going to meet on the date.

You haven’t seen them, nor have you spoken to them or met them earlier.

So the most important aspect you need to remember about blind dates is that it’s completely awkward for both the involved people.

Imagine walking up to someone you’ve never met in your life and having to force a smile and share a happy conversation with them.

So if you want to ensure that you have a great time on your blind date, remember this basic etiquette tip. Learn to be genuinely warm the very second you meet your date for the first time. [Read: 12 important dating rules for classy men and women]

When you warm up to your date, your date will feel more comfortable around you. And that would leave both of you feeling relaxed and happy to be with each other within a few seconds of meeting each other.

How do blind dates work?

Almost always, a mutual friend may have set both of you up, or you may have met someone interesting on a dating website. In today’s world, there is no real blind date anymore unless your date is living under a rock. All you need to do is google your date’s name to find out everything about them that they’ve shared in the public domain.

But yet, the charm of blind dating can still linger in the air, because both of you still haven’t exchanged any words with each other in person.

13 blind date tips to experience a perfect blind date

If you’re preparing yourself to meet a special someone on a blind date, follow all the typical rules of dating. [Read: Things to know to be a really good date every time]

And along with the typical dating tips, keep these 13 blind date tips in mind, to ensure that the date goes smoothly and leaves both of you with a positively happy experience.

#1 Be flexible in your expectations. Now I can’t tell you not to have any expectations at all, but instead, all I can suggest is to avoid having very high or low expectations from the date. Head to the date with an open mind, and try to think of it as if you were going to meet a friend.

If the chemistry clicks and both of you get smitten by each other, that’s good for you. Even otherwise, you won’t feel disappointed walking away from the date after meeting a potential friend. [Read: 20 signs of attraction in the first conversation]

#2 Bug your matchmaker. Try to get to know as much as you can about your date from your matchmaker if it’s a friend who’s setting both of you up. Even if your friend’s trying to build the suspense by hushing all details, ask your friend to tell you more about their personality so you know what to talk about during the date.

#3 Standing a date up. If you can’t make it to the date on time, make sure you let your date know about it at least a few hours before the date. And do apologize profusely for it too.

And never ever walk away from a date after taking a quick peek at your date from outside the restaurant. Even if your blind date isn’t to your liking, don’t walk away. Instead, meet your date and try to finish the date early. Standing someone up on a date is bad karma, and it’s not something you should ever do. [Confession: He stood me up on the date!]

#4 Have a nice time. When it comes to a blind date, the surprise is part of the package. Sometimes, it may be a pleasant surprise, and at other times, it may be a less-than-pleasant experience. But nevertheless, plaster a smile on your face and try to have the best time you can with each other.

You never know, just when you think your date is the last person you’d want to go out with, you may start to see a few charming shared interests that may bring both of you really close in no time.

#5 Don’t be rude. Your date has taken a lot of time off from their life to spend it with you. Respect that thought and your date. Even if you find your date boring or someone who’s on the opposite end of your perfect definition of a lover, don’t treat them with disrespect. Be pleasant and finish the date with a happy memory, even if it wasn’t a perfect fairytale ending.

#6 Don’t walk away. If you think you can’t tolerate your date or find your date extremely obnoxious, tell them you don’t like their behavior. Don’t just get up and walk away in the middle of the date. Not all of us are built in pairs to be perfect for each other. At times, you have to kiss a few frogs to find prince charming. But that doesn’t mean you should walk over all the frogs that didn’t turn into a prince! [Read: Perfect ways to end a good, bad or ugly date]

#7 Be open to conversations. To help your date feel at ease immediately, talk about yourself, your likes and your dislikes. In a blind date, both of you may have no idea about each other, so help each other open up by asking the right questions. Just so you know, work or leisure activities are always a good start for happy conversations. [Read: 40 first date questions to have a happy conversation on a date]

#8 Dress smart and casual. Blind dates are tricky affairs when it comes to dressing up. If you’ve been set up on a date with someone you don’t know, don’t make your blind date feel awkward or uncomfortable because you’ve underdressed or overdressed for the blind date. Dress casually, but let your date see that you’ve made the effort to look presentable and attractive.

#9 Don’t be fake. Don’t be a liar and a fake just to impress your blind date. If you get fascinated by your date and want to make sure that your date likes you, be warm and interesting. But don’t ever lie blatantly just to win them over. After all, even if things do work out perfectly on the blind date, your lies may eventually end any chance of a possible romantic relationship.

#10 Don’t get overly sexual. Just because it’s a blind date doesn’t mean you should treat the date lightly or disrespectfully, or think that the night would end with sex. Most guys and girls assume that people who indulge in blind dates are desperate or miserable. But it’s not always the case. Almost always a mutual friend may be convinced that her two friends are perfect for each other and may set them up as a potential couple.

So if you’re meeting someone on a blind date, remember this isn’t an arrangement to have quick sex. Respect your date and play it slow. If things do go the sexual way, well, good for you. If it doesn’t, well, dating isn’t all about sex, is it? [Read: 15 obvious flirting signs that your date is sexually attracted to you]

#11 The perfect place to meet. If you’re unsure about your blind date or don’t want to be stuck having a seven course dinner with someone you may not eventually date, it’s better to meet your date at someplace where you can walk away within thirty minutes if you’re certain the date won’t work out.

The perfect blind date location is a coffee shop. If both of you like each other and hit it off immediately, you can make plans to take the date forward to dinner or lunch at a nearby restaurant. If you’re not comfortable on the date, walk away as soon as you finish your coffee.

#12 Be cautious. Even if the person who set both of you up is a good friend, learn to be cautious. Don’t give away too much information about yourself, or let your guard down and invite them home. Remember, you don’t know this person yet. Finish your date and go your own way.

If things do work out in love’s favor, both of you can stay connected over phone and plan the next date if you feel comfortable with the idea.

#13 Speak your mind at the end of the date. This is the most important blind date tip you need to keep in mind. Always speak your mind by the end of the date. Don’t leave your blind date hanging by a thread wondering what you felt about them. [Read: Conversation examples to end a date the right way]

If you enjoyed the date and would love to meet your date again, make sure you express that idea. But if you don’t think both of you are compatible for each other, then express that thought very clearly in a friendly manner. This is very important because it will help both of you understand each other’s opinions about the date immediately and prevent any confusion in the future.

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Blind dating is a fun experience that’s worth having at least once in our lives. Keep these 13 blind date tips in mind to experience a perfect blind date with someone the next time your friend sets you up, and big chances are, you may end up having a lot of fun.

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