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Ready for Some Tears? 20 Movies That Will Make You Cry

Sometimes, we all just need to sit and cry. The best way to do so is to watch one of these tear-jerkers. Grab your tissues, and get ready to sob.

movies to make your cry

Do you ever get in the mood to just cry your eyes out? While it may seem like no one ever wants to cry, you’d be surprised by how many people really do find crying therapeutic.

You may be wondering why anyone would purposely want to make themselves cry. Well, it turns out that crying is actually highly beneficial for your health. It reduces stress, fosters creativity, flushes toxins from your body, and may help you solve tough issues—even if the crying is unrelated to those issues.

See why people might want to cry?

20 best tear-jerker movies

If you’re in the mood for a serious night of crying, but just can’t seem to find a reason to cry, your best option is to hunker down in your PJs, pile a load of blankets on yourself, and watch one of these great movies that are sure to have your eyes welling up with tears in no time. [Try: 66 really depressing songs to make you cry and heal you]

#1 Hard Ball. When a gambler suffering from a heavy debt that must be paid takes a gig as a little league coach for less-than-fortunate kids in one of the toughest parts of Chicago, his life is forever changed. He soon finds himself attached to the children he’s coaching and becomes a big part of their lives—the good and the tragic.

#2 Titanic. Two young people in love, people trying to keep them apart, the largest ship ever made *at that point* and one tragic event? Enter: Titanic. Rose and Jack have just found happiness in each other. Unfortunately, their happiness is short-lived when the ship’s fate takes a tragic turn.

#3 The Notebook. Nicholas Sparks has done it again. Another romance unfolds with two people who fall for each other but are just not meant to be. Will their life paths keep them apart? Or will it be the mother of a wealthy, prestigious young gal? This one is a tear-jerker everyone should see at least once. [Check out: Good cry – 15 sad romantic movies that are a must-watch]

#4 The Best of Me. Oh, Nicholas Sparks. Will he ever not make us bawl our eyes out? Amanda and Dawson were fortunate enough to have found love in their high school years, but one tragic event changed their lives’ course. When a mutual old friend passes away, they’re reunited. But will it last this time? This one is a movie that I personally can’t help but cry to—no matter how many times I’ve seen it.

#5 Pay it Forward. When an average Social Studies teacher assigns an assignment to his junior high students, he never expected it to have a lasting impact. When one student goes above and beyond the call of duty and creates a plan to “pay it forward,” he causes a wave of kindness that is everlasting.

#6 Marley and Me. If you’re a big dog lover, this movie is one that will have you crying your eyes out. This movie is one that even makes the toughest of men cry. When two newlyweds decide to add a new member to the family, they never thought a dog could change their lives—for better or worse. [Try: 9 tips for couples who are planning to get a pet]

#7 Old Yeller. Be prepared, yet again, for the waterworks. When this family comes across a dog damaging one of their fields, they never expect to take a liking to the animal. As the family grows closer to the cute pup, concerns over a rabies outbreak grow, as well.

#8 Dead Poet’s Society. When a high-standards, all-boys preparatory school hires a new English teacher, they get more than they bargained for. His unorthodox methods become a concern for the parents’ of these eager students. With his help, students come out of their shells and learn to seize the day!

#9 My Girl. One of the first times I’ve ever cried over a movie was with this one. One girl labeled as a freak—due to her mother’s death during her birth and her father’s job operating a funeral service out of their home—has a complicated adolescence. Things get made harder by her love for her English teacher and a tragic accident. [Read: What is unrequited love and how to deal with it]

#10 Blindside. When a wealthy, typical southern mom takes in a homeless teenager, she is faced with criticism and a life-changing moment. Michael Oher isn’t just some homeless young man. He is protective, kind, and damn good at playing football.

#11 Freedom Writers. I recently watched this movie for the first time and couldn’t hold the tears back. A dedicated teacher takes a position at a Los Angeles school full of at-risk teenagers in the midst of racial turmoil. When her effort to teach the students, supposedly “incapable of learning,” does more than anyone expected, the whole world is surprised.

#12 The Pursuit of Happyness. Being a single father, evicted from his home, and raising a young boy by himself with nowhere to go, Chris finds his life more than a struggle. But when he lands a job as an intern at a prestigious brokerage firm that pays him no money, his life could be changed forever. [Check it out: 9 things you can’t overlook when you date a single parent]

#13 The Fault in Our Stars. One in remission, the other accompanied by an oxygen tank everywhere she goes. They have a lot more in common than they originally thought. They find love, despite their hardships. But will their love be enough to last?

#14 Keith. This lesser-known indie film really tore on my heartstrings. A young girl thinks she has it all figured out… until she meets a guy who could change her life. She is drawn to him, but he keeps holding back, unable to open up to her. What is he hiding? [Try: How to take care of a sick girlfriend without losing it]

#15 Remember the Titans. Not many people are happy about the fact that this Virginia high school has to integrate an all-black school with an all-white school. And in a town where football is celebrated more than Christmas, it seems to be an even bigger problem… because the football teams have to integrate, too.

#16 My Dog Skip. I, for one, already know that a dog can be your best friend. But for Willie Morris, he had no idea this was possible until his birthday present comes in the form of a talented terrier named Skip. Soon, his struggle with bullies comes to an end and he even gets the affection of the prettiest girl in school. But none of this happens without hardship.

#17 12 Years a Slave. In the years leading up to the Civil War, a free black man from New York is kidnapped and sold into slavery down south. He is met with a malevolent owner, a kind owner, and a continuous struggle to survive with dignity. [Check out: 10 simple ways to be a more socially conscious person]

#18 The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. In the midst of WW II, an 8-year-old is swept away with his family to live near a concentration camp, where his father has become commandant. He eventually wanders out near the camp and befriends a Jewish boy. Their naïve nature and kindness bring them more trouble than they deserve.

#19 Up. Although this movie is animated, it’ll make you feel. When a 78-year-old man tries to fulfill his lifelong dream of tying thousands of balloons to his house to fly to the South American wilderness, he is struck with the realization that a little boy was a stowaway on his porch the whole time.

#20 A Walk to Remember. When a troublemaking high schooler unintentionally falls in love with a religious young woman—who he and his friends used to make fun of—his life is flipped upside down. They discover love, truth, and life as they spend their time together, but a tragedy threatens their love.

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You may have heard of all of these before and you may have even seen them already. But each of these tear-jerking movies are well worth re-watching. Grab your tissues, bundle yourself up, and get ready to let loose the waterworks.

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